Fender Flea Jazz Bass

Fender assimilated Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea into their roster, and they came up with the new Flea Jazz Bass.

Fender Flea Jazz Bass

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This signature instrument is based on Flea’s Shell Pink ’61 Jazz Bass, which he recently used to RHCP’s recent albums, recreating important aspects of his main instrument and making it more accessible for his fans and other bassists.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers would be dramatically different without Flea’s funk and jazz style bass lines. Instead of the usual supporting roles that bass players play, Flea was one who loved to take the spot light and do so tastefully, resulting in tracks that continue to influence bassists and musicians in general today. So it’s no surprise that big name manufacturers continue to court him into having his name stamped on their instruments.

Before this signature guitar, Flea have played a number of different bass guitars through the years, and he even started his own company called Fleabass back in 2009, which aimed to provide affordable quality instruments for musicians. It is said that Flea was not happy with the business side of things and decided to close the company off just a few years after launching.

Flea’s eccentric and aggressive bass playing requires a reliable and durable instrument, instead of going for unique looking instruments to match style, he is currently hooked with a Shell Pink ’61 Fender Jazz Bass. This is where Fender comes in with the new Flea Jazz Bass, which is a detailed reproduction of Flea’s current main axe.

Flea expounds, “The ’61 Fender Jazz Bass is magic. It’s truly the greatest bass I’ve ever played. Fender embodies everything I love about music and individuality. It reflects the soul of rock, punk, R&B and funk. It’s this bass that pushes me to give more each time I play. The Flea Jazz Bass is a true resurrection and possesses that wave of energy a bass should give you when it’s in your hands.”

Each Flea Jazz Bass features an offset double cutaway alder body with a road worn faded shell pink nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Even the playing wear on his actual instrument was replicated on the signature bass. The neck also matches the 20-fret “C” shaped profile of the ’61 Jazz Bass, crafted from maple with a 7.25″ rosewood fingerboard and 1.5″ nut width. Other features include two Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups, and a special 4-bolt neck plate with engraved artwork by Flea. This bass guitar is handcrafted at Fender’s facility in Ensenada, MX.

Fender VP for Electric Guitars and Basses Justin Norvell concludes, “‎Flea is a hugely influential and innovative musician and icon of the modern bass. We are honored to have such an incredible talent as part of the Fender Signature Series, and to capture and share his unique vision through this incredible bass.”

The new Fender Flea Jazz Bass is currently retailing for just under $1,200. Visit Fender for further details.

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