Geoff Coleman

Geoff Coleman

Original hard rock oriented music

Original hard rock oriented music. If you're looking for new and great music in the hard rock, metal genre, you have to check this place out! Incredible guitar work, wicked double bass drum grooves, progressive arangements, and outstanding writing. Plus, guitar lick of the week and guitar related links!

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Searching for Geoff Coleman

Anybody know anything about Geoff Coleman?

Geoff isn't on the internet???

Does anyone know what happened to Geoff?????

Google returns almost no results.
I only have three of his tracks and I'm considering posting them to YouTube just to see if anyone has any info.

Anyone? Geoff???

Here's the review from an old Yahoo Group

8 tracks, RT: 47:54
[ ]
[ LegacyProm@... ]
(No. It's not *that* Jeff Kollman, in case the spelling fooled you...)
I really should have written this long ago. I've had this disc since
someone posted about the artist on the AOR list months ago. (Caveat:
I'm going to use way too many comparisons to a couple other artists
herein, but these are to be used for guidelines only and are not
intended to imply plagiarism!!!!!) Consider a combination of John
Sykes, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Dann Huff, and maybe a few
other things I can't enunciate just now, and you'll have an idea of
the sound of this disc. Geoff Coleman has a sense of momentum, melody,
and texture, as well as production skills that actually make you ask
yourself, "what the [CENSORED] has happened to John Sykes and Dann
Huff since Blue Murder and Giant - TIME TO BURN, respectively." As a
matter of fact, I'm only writing this review because I think it's a
major tragedy that this man has not been signed by somebody yet. I
hope there are some important Detritus readers I don't know about yet,
because they need to get their butts over to MP3.COM and check this
schtuff out. The lead off track, "Sister Desire" is just an
unbelievable, up-tempo romp around the frets, filled with harmonic
squeals and a catchy hook that will leave your jaw on the floor,
making it very difficult for you to tell others how much you like it.
Perhaps you could say it's reminiscent of Blue Murder's "Black-
Hearted Woman" and Giant's "Thunder and Lightning." Perhaps... "Six
String Believer" is one of the Zakk-ish tracks. Next is the acoustic-
laden ballad, "Give Me Tonight." Nothing really to add to that; it's
just a strong ballad. "Michelle" is a *MONSTER* arena-rock stomper,
with the soaring pre-choruses and choruses. This one's another Giant-
esque tune. "Whiskey Thunder" takes you back over to the Sykes/Blue
Murder/"Black-Hearted Woman" camp. Back into a Dann Huff/"Stranger To
Me" frame of mind for track 6, "Elaina". "Bloodline" gets back into a
*heavy*, Zakk-like groove, and "Herod" closes the disc out with more
debut Blue Murer-esque tone. I can't get over how good this disc is,
both from a sound quality point of view and from an artistic and
totally subjective view. Geoff Coleman, along with Danny Danzi, has to
be one of the most exciting, promising, "out of nowhere" artists I've
come across since I entered this virtual world on-line. Give 'er a
spin; I can't imagine you'll regret it. - Paul Lackey

Geoff Coleman

I search from time to time for anything on Geoff. That was a brilliant write-up you did on Geoff. It`s clear that you are very knowledgeable, have passion for this genre, and have great taste. I would love to help Geoff in anyway possible to bring his talent to an otherwise, mostly boring and unoriginal stage. I hope he`s still alive. He probably doesn't know he has fans around the world. Those of us that can hear brilliance from the crap were blown away by this CD. Could you please contact me if you would like to assist in finding out where he is and if we can help this massive talent !!
Dan Verwest

Geoff Coleman

What happened to Geoff???
Where is he?

Geoff Coleman

Does any one know how to reach Geoff Coleman ? This is one seriously talented man. What has happened to Geoff ? I can`t find any information on him. THANKS.....


Might you have attended Berklee in '86?

Re: Todd

Dude! Was checking out info and ran across this. Did you go to Berklee? ;

Geoff Coleman

Hi,I was glad to find Geoff Coleman`s website! This is truly excellent music. My musical tastes are Frank Marino, Robin Trower,Hendrix and the like. Geoff has a powerful,rich heavy sound. I bought the CD off the internet. Can`t wait to cath a live show!!!

Re: Geoff Coleman



: Hi,I was glad to find Geoff Coleman`s website! This is truly excellent music. My musical tastes are Frank Marino, Robin Trower,Hendrix and the like. Geoff has a powerful,rich heavy sound. I bought the CD off the internet. Can`t wait to cath a live show!!!


I was sitting at my computer and just decided to type in your name in to see what would happen.This very impressive site came up and I couldn't believe it. I havn't tried to get the MP3 player just yet, I hope it will work. I tend to break electrical things. But I can't wait to hear your tunes!

Re: Impressive

Did you ever live in Coleraine?

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