BC Rich Temple of Worship

BC Rich Temple of Worship

the ultimate guide to bc rich guitars past, present and future

Just a wee bit of background about myself I am
29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years .
Throughout the years I have had Gibsons, Fenders,
Rickies, Yamahas, Ibanez, Washburns etc... and was
generally very happy with what I had at that time. I
then discovered B.C. Rich guitars and was hooked.
They beat every competitor in every dep., build
quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support
was fantastic and so on. I then began to collect more
B.C. Rich's and haven't been disappointed with any of

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bc rich bass

I have a BC RICH bass with a arrow head, head stock. It has all gold keys nobs plats with a R at the tip of the arrow head,head stock the plate on the back is gold with 11007 stamped in it. Its a BC RICH plate.Its blue and has a 24 fret neck and select designe by EMG pick ups 1 across with two offset above it. the R logo at the tip is the older logo.I could not find anything with that head stock or serial numbers. Can anyone help me on finding out where its from and what year it was made? It has diamond shape pearl fret markers. Thank you PEACE OUT.

I don't know about guitars

I have this beautiful sunset pinkish guitar. It only says BC at the top of the strings. No other identifying markers. It was thrown away, completely abandoned. Its so beautiful, it makes me wonder if I could learn guitar. Can you help me identify this guitar?


I bought a B.C. Rich Dreadnought with spruce top and Brazilian rosewood body in 1976. The label inside just says BC Rich Los Angelis. The headstock looks like the NJ series. It's in great condition. I still play it weekly. I would like to know the value. I took it out to Pico Rivera in 82 because the neck had problems. Bernie was there. He put on a new fret board and I had it back in a week. Great tone from the box. Anyone have an idea of the value?




Im restoring a late 80s ironbirn, i removed the pickups to work paint on it and found the numbers 16,14 inlayed into the body. I cant find any info on what the numbers mean,does anyone have a idea?

hi , Answer Please

nice to meet you.
I would like to know other serial numbers.

BCRICH RICH Model: 52210674

The design is like the SSSBO signature model

The head is the head of Warlock, and the body has the body of RICH.

I want to know the year of production and the producer.

Answer please!

Mysterious Guitar

Hi all. I'm desperately searching for some info here. I have a BC Rich 12 String acoustic I bought from a guy in my home town a few months back. I cannot find ANY info on it. There is no serial number and the model # is BW2000-12. I have found information on 3000's 200-12's ect. But nothing on mine. I paid the guy $200 CAD for the guitar and hard shell case. Both in Excellent condition. The only thing I know is that he bought it in '92 for a "pretty penny". I'm going MAD trying to find information. If anyone can give me anything - year it was made, value.. Anything will help.



Need help identifying late 80s BC Rich

I have a BC Rich, according to the writing on the headstock,
that I purchased new in 1986 or 1987. It's a double cutaway,
strat style body. Bolt on neck. The neck is satin with what
appears to be an ebony fret board. Grover tuners, Floyd Rose
locking tremolo, two exposed humbucker pickups, 1-tone,
1-volume, 3-way toggle switch. All hardware is black. Vintage
type six on a side headstock with black overlay. Headstock
says BC Rich. There are no other marking on the headstock.
The truss rod cover is black with no markings. The neck plate
cover says BC Rich and serial number is B0133. Based on the
serial number and being a bolt on neck, it should be from 2000.
However, I'm positive I purchased the guitar in '86-'87.

Is this a real BC Rich? If so, what model and approximate year
of manufacture?

I put some picture here https://goo.gl/photos/2qdBSkbSe5qV6dqW7
and am happy to post more if needed.

BC Rich Widow 6-string Bass - exists or custom?

Hi All.

New to the guitar thing (learning) so totally lack much in the way of knowledge.
I have a BC Rich Virgo which I really like but want another model but with seriously deeper sound and without changing from 6 strings.
I like the feel of the BC Rich Widow and while there are the three models (guitar, 4-string bass and 5-string bass), is there such a thing as a 6-string bass? Would I be better off with the guitar version just change the strings and pick-ups to bass, in which case would the pick-ups accommodate 6 stings?


Thanks - Amukcanuk

Ironbird 80s Neck-Thru

I bought my Ironbird via eBay, long ago, the most recent NAMM explains current import neck throughs are really just set neck (like a Gibson LP is) and not a full neck through body construction with wings or stringers construction like a USA built guitar, my question is, has this always been true of the budget 'import' line? They are well made and could fool most people I have to say

how to wire a Seymour Duncan Invader humbucking pickup


1985 B.C. Rich Warlock, Handemade

Hello!, I notice a lot of questions about price's of various models. There needs to be more talk about how they make you play and sound better! Really! No matter what expensive or cheaper model! Just do it, bros!

new pickups for my beast

I have recently acquired a son of the beast in cherry red and black. I sent away for a set of pickups from china...what the heck...$12 why not. Well one pickup has a red wire and the other has a black. Since the black was already the color of the original pickup, I replaced it with the new black wired one...no sound...before I pull I all out and re solder in the red wired one...any advice? Been changing strings and playing for years but changing pickups...well that's a whole other beast.

BC Rich LA Series

I have an old L.A. Series ST-III. s/n BC2191

This guitar plays very nicely, except that I am not a good guitar player. I am familiar with B.C. Rich as they are currently with the majority of their stock being made throughout various parts of asia with relatively poor QC and low value. I was recently informed that they did not always have that reputation, and that BC Rich's of a certain vintage are actually a gold standard type of guitar.

I looked up mine and the combination of model and serial number do not seem to line up. The guitar is a humbucker and two single coils with the three switches, volume and tone. It has diamond-shaped pearl inlays for fret markers which I have not seen on any other pics of the ST-III's I've found online.

If you are still monitoring this board, I have seen you offer up wiring diagrams and information to others and would like your permission to send some pics and gain some information on this guitar. I have owned it since about 2002 and it was bought used and seemed quite old at the time. The pickups were not working and I had a friend wire the pickups into working condition. It has a licensed floyd rose trem with locking nut, (SFT-70A).

It is currently missing its middle pickup.

Thanks in advance, and I hope this site is still active. Been a few years since the most recent posts.

LA Series

James Lee, would you be interested in selling this guitar? I'd love to make you an offer! Email me at barrowsband@gmail.com

rare warlock ?

I have a red powdercoated Warlock with black inlay around guitar and headstock is same in back of guitar that sits in back ive looked all over all I have found is a glossy black. One made. I was told there was. Only 270 made how. Do I find Out and on 7 the fret. It has Pearl inlay of warlock headstock. That matches guitar headstock. And bottom of back headstock in guitar. Is it a warlock 2 ?

1989 Gunslinger

What is an all original 1989 Gunslinger worth in near perfect condition?

BC Rich Wave bolt on neck

I have a BC Rich Wave bass with a bolt on neck. It has the big R on the headstock and the neck plate states
BC Rich TM
LA California USA

I imagine that it is from the Class Axe era but I'm looking for more info on it.


Beast - Brass City Body Art design

I'm curious to what this might be worth. I've yet to see another one on sale in the UK (online anyway).

It's a 2003 Beast, Body Art Series with the Brass City design and not a mark on it, really is awesome condition, plays spot on, perfect set up etc.

Any ideas?

Virgin wiring schematic

I just bought a bright red Virgin for $150. it was love at first sight. But it has a major hum in it. The guy I bought it from must have had no clue on what he was doing. It has a single volume,single tone, a three position pick up switch and what looks like a single coil cut out switch. If anyone has a schematic or a place I could find one I would greatly appreciate it!
The other thing that sold me on it is it came in a Coffin Case with purple tuck and pleat..looks so cool lol
Thanks again if anyone can help.

Warlock rave

I just recently got a warlock rave. Its a darker red color with 2 knobs on the front. I know Im probably not sounding too technical. Sorry! Anyway I have done tons of research and cant get any actual info about it. Like year, what its worth so on and so forth. If you can help it would be great!

70's seagull

howdy, dunno if anybody is still apart of this forum. but i've just got an old 70's seagull and can't find any info on the serial number. the number is 503200. thanx for any help


Please send me pictures of your Seagull to


I can date it for you :-)


Send me pictures of the Seagull to



looks like a iron bird nj series but says LA california usa

so it's a mauve ish, color with a blue pearl under tone numbered B 3836 on the back plate I just really wanted to know the year and origin. it has two vol, one tone kahler flyer 24 fret dot inlays and EMG's play's like a dream and screams like a nightmare.. any info would be much appreciated. thanks...

value and year on virgin

OK I have a red platinum series virgin with a reverse headstock and gold colored hardware. It has a Floyd rose lisenced tremolo single locking kinda like a 80s model charvel ch-120 bridge, it has 2 knobs 3 way switch and mini switch. Its serial number is 25580. Has 22 fret neck

bc rich platinum series virgin

OK I have a red platinum series virgin it has a Floyd rose licensed tremolo just like the 80s model charvel ch-120 tremolos it has all gold colored hardware and the serial number is 25580 on the back of the neck plate I can't find the year it was made anywere . it also has a 22 fret maple neck and red reverse headstock with gold BC rich logo and says licensed by BC rich. I only paid a 100$ for it but I think I need a new neck too

Need info on a BC Rich "Exclusive" Bolt-on

I just picked up a BC Rich import model labeled 'Exclusive' on the truss rod cover, no markings on the back of the headstock (narrow 3+3), dual humbuckers, in the double cutaway, PRS archtop shape, 24 frets, large oval inlays, Grover sealed tuners, Gibson LP-style 2-piece bridge/tailpiece, Seven Digit serial number like "F9XXXXX", Trans blue, bound top... overall a really nice guitar. I cannot find anything referencing it except one site said it was likely a 1999 Japanese (?) model?? Any help would be appreciated.

Serial #

The Fxxxxxx serial number is a Cort produced model. 22 fret diamond inlay dual humbucker pickups and a licensed Floyd Rose floating tremlo. Awesome axe

Help with identifying my vintage bc rich warlock

I have had my warlock for 18 yrs (one of my first guitars) and am now looking to sell but i'm struggling to properly identify it.
It is a black bolt on, maple neck and maple finger board, 2 sets of double pickups, reverse pointed headstock. There is no writing on the headstock other than the BC Rich logo and the serial plate on the back has not been stamped with a number but there is g1966 etched into it.
I have scoured the net for a few days and the only thing close is the rave model which has a maple fingerboard but normal headstock.
Whats really throwing me is the non stamped, etched serial.
The serial g1966 leads me to think that perhaps it was a limited edition i.e. 1966 of 2000.
The plate also says BC Rich, LA, California, USA.
Any help would be appreciated.


Forgot to mention I bought it used 18yrs ago so its likely 20+ yrs old.

BC Rich Eagle special s/n 97044

Does anyone know where to find the blue book on this? I bought the 2013 price guide and it said they were not even made in 1997 and I cannot find a single picture that looks like it. Trans green, diamond shaped inlays, neck through, mahogany binding between the neck and body, dimarzio pickups, Grover tuners. I found a few pics of bitch models with the same fret board, but nothing else.

Please send pictures and the

Please send pictures and the serial number to


BC Rico Wave Bass

I own a BC Rico Wave Bass. It was my first Bass guitar and means the world to me ... I've been looking for info on this bass for quite some time. It's the standard black through body... Anyone have a guesstimate of what it may be worth

My BC Rico wave

I have a black BC Rico Wave Bass Neck through. Was my first bass. And first love. serial# R1678 . Anyone have any ideas as to what it may be worth? Thanks so much guys.

BC Rico Wave

I have all the info you need on the Wave if you are still interested, including the original promo flyer. Owned one of theses since it was new.
Shoot me an email at cb_palmer@hotmail.com

Please send pictures and the

Please send pictures and the serial number to


Help- possible 80's warlock body style -ID help please

Help identifying-
Bought used in 1991/1992 warlock body 1 pickup ,1 control on body"volume", licenses F.R, Grover tuners, neck plate says BO154
All black, headstock reversed "I think, excuse the non technical terms please"
Does say American made "no tm by it"
Any help ? I can email pics
Thank you!!!!!!

NJ Series Mockingbird

i have a serial # R 845750 without a bridge or pickups with some damage i was wondering about what year the mockingbird is and about how much it could possibly be worth as it is i have a few pictures on my computer and planing on taking some more sometime soon so send a email to thegreatmightypoo26@hotmail.com if your interested in the guitar i'm planning on selling it but wanted some more info on it first

BC Rich Beast

I have a BC Rich Beast American Made . The 1st year edition , it is also signed by Bernie . I guess he signs all the American Made ones , Well then he passed like 6mos after I got my Guitar rip Bernie , anyway I want a Harley I found one for the right price . Im sure you dont care .How much do you estimate my Guitar is worth maybe a Trade or sale involved . Thanks If you know the awnser to my question . Sweet site good job keep it up who know maybe they will catch wind of it and send ya something sweet .

Price of your rich beast

I just bought "the offical vintage guitar price guide 2013" to determine the value of my USA Rich Eagle Special, but the model is not shown. I know it is from the custom shop and purchased it new, but think it must have been a custom order. I looked up your guitar. All beast custom shop models from 1999-present are priced at $1,050 to $1,325.

Incorrect sadly. The beast

Incorrect sadly.

The beast pricing that is.

just wondering if ...........

Hey man, I bought a B C Rich neck thru about 20 years ago. It's a NJ Series and i was told there were only 100 made. If this is possible I'll dig it out and send you the serial number. If not, I'll turn it into firewood. A simple yes or no will do. tks for your time.


Per the 2013 price guide, it is worth $1,000 min for an early 80's mech thru. The right piece of Koa could even be above $5,000. Don't burn it!!!! Spend the 20 bucks on amazon for a vintage guitar price guide of 2013 and learn the value. It was worth it for me instead of getting screwed by guitar center.

Platinum Warlock fine tuners

Hi all, I have 2 questions:

1. I recently purchased an old MIK Warlock Platinum (bolt on, std harpoon tip headstock - nothng special - or so I thought). Something about the white knobs on the white body grabbed me (oh there was also the price). It's got the EMG pups and a very different spin on a licensed (?) Floyd Copy - I'm guessing maybe a Kahler copy. The guitar arrived with a broken fine tuner (SECURE the bar in the case before shipping) and ad additional chip on the upper edge (no big deal - it was only flawless from the front to begin with). Question is - anyone know anything about this FR-copy bridge or where I might find a fine tuner thumbscrew? The good folks at Whammy World were at a loss, so perhaps it's not a Kahler Floyd-copy, but one of BCR's own though it's not stamped as licensed (or anything else) by any means though I admittedly haevn't looked on the underside. The bridge itself is basically just a thick plate, and it strings thru the block thru the back of the guitar like a strat. From what I can tell the fine tuners are a 6-40 (or some oddball metric) thread, 1-1/2 oa, 1-1/4 shaft length. Nobody on the internet I can find has such a thing - I can't even find a 6-32 knurled thumbscrew in that size, much less in that size AND black oxide... any pointers in the right direction would be a godsend.

2. Not nearly as important - more of a curiosity question - my other Warlock - this is a MIK (as far as I can tell) flamed cherry burst neck-thru, w/widow headstock w/walnut lam, cloud inlays. The question arises on whether or not the pups are original (again, haven't taken them out to look - yes I don't like dismantling guitars beyond what actually needs repair) as the have chrome covers. I've seen the same guitar, same finish as MIK, but not with chrome covered pups. Was there a period where they were made that way or did someone swap the pups/add covers?

Thanks all
The Skyfish

Platinum Warlock fine tuners


Bc rich strat copy

Hi i have come across a srtat copy in white with 3 single coils looks like a fender can you give me any info on it and is it any good


I acquired a B.C. Rich Mockingbird from my father in 94, and im aware alot of people think that the manufacturing date is the first two letters of the serial numbers, which I know is incorrect. My Mockingbird is a neck through body, with a birds eye maple natural finish, its also got a powered pre-amp that is battery operated built in, and the usual two dark stripes running down the length of the torso. It's still got all its original parts, and besides being the best looking guitars, Mockingbirds are also one of the best sounding, especially when played through a vintage Peavey, and a vintage Ibanez Tube Screamer. The serial number is 83602 and its a neck through body. I want to find out what year it was made in, and how much its worth, im thinking of trading up. My dad paid $500 for it in 94. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated, thank you all very much.

It is a 1983, first two

It is a 1983, first two digits are the year, the next three digits are the number made in sequence for that year. Price guide shows it is worth 2500 to 3100. Nice guitar to have.


Contact neil moser guitars.. neil was the designer and production manager at the begining . hE know everything aBOUT THESE BIRDS///


Yeah, i'll trade you for that. Anything you want.

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