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Original 1960s case for Rickenbacker Rose Morris 1998

Hi folks, I have an old Rickebacker Rose Morris 1998 (3 pickup 6 string ) UK import from 1964. However, I have no case for it. Apparently the cases were silver on the exterior, blue on the interior and had a Rickenbacker badge logo near the carry handle. I'm looking to source an original case for it. These guitars came to the UK between 1964-66 so I understand if the case is not in great condition, but someone, somewhere must have one. Please help me here guys!!!!

Many thanks

Glyn (

Rickenbacker 420 set neck?

I’ve got an early 60’s 420 six string mapleglo and it has a set neck joint. Is this normal for this model? Do they usually have through necks? Any insight here? Thanks

Artists playing Rickenbacker

Hey everyone, check out this band called 'The Novellos'.
They use Rickenbacker guitars to get their great sound. I also found out that they are signed to SONS Records who only record using Rickenbackers! Its great that people are embracing who good Rickenbackers are so check them out.

John Lennon Limited Edition

I am the original owner of #785 and wish to sell this guitar.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jeff

Re: Rickenbacker 325C58 Problems


Its a real shame to here about that, I,ve been playing Rickenbackers for over 20 years and have 3 in my collection, I agree no customer service, and yes its all about the money, and if you look at there web site, all cheap labour and that means poor workmanship, I,m glad all mine are all over twenty years old and still are going strong. I too have B5`s on my 350`s I can`t understand the other set up ! The only thing I can think of in your case is take to YOUTUBE, I love the comments and reveiws, so maybe the people who think they can fobb you off will be suprised when people just wont buy a Ric, good luck and as a Ric-man its a real shame, your experience should have been a wonderful time, or if you can get one made like mine about 20 years earlier, I think they cared back then ! Rickenbacker need a kick in the pants, and its good that you`ve spoken out !..I know i wont buy one now reading your comments and the way they treated you ! good luck bloke !!.

FS: 1976 4001 JetGlo

It's up on craigslist, but I"m cross posting it here and about a half a dozen other place to get it a much exposure as possible.

Rickenbacker 75th Anniversary 4003

I have a brand new untouched 75th Anniversary 4003. What is the going price for such an instrument in Japan?

WANTED! Left handed Rickenbacker 620/12

I'm looking for a left handed ricky 620/12 in midnight blue, blueburst or jetglo.



sweet 4003 on ebay

Rick 362/12 Double Necks on Ebay

There a couple of Rickenbacker 362/12 double necks on ebay right now. The Jetglo Black one looks SWEET!

Wiring Mods

WHat wiring mods do people do to rickenbacker?
I might get my dads 330 of him i will probably change the piclkups to toaster type but would like to make the neck p/up less muddy/bassy.


Has anyone experienced the E string not as loud as the othger strings..I figure it is the pickup that needs to rise this easy...

M-8 amplifier

Does anyone have any infor on the ohms of the speaker in the Rickenbacker M-8 amp? What is the year that these amps were made?

Rickenbacker 4003 bass

I put some $$$$$$ down,will be getting a new Ric 4003 bass in a couple weeks.It`s a black one,got a great price on it.My main instrument is guitar,I played bass in a few bands over the years,didn`t think I would be playing bass in a band again so a couple years back I sold my bass,then this last spring I sold my 100 watt Fender bass amp.I`m kind of glad I did,this Rickencker bass blows my old bass away.Anyways a friend of mine asked me to play bass in his band after his bass player left town without much notice.I`m using an old Ibanez bass at the moment,it is ok but after playing the Ric I don`t like the Ibanez too much.

Rickenbacker 4003S

I've bought a new 2005 Rick bass model 4003 thinking i could find that sound that makes one indentify it inmediately when listen Yes or Rush, bright and almost with overdrive. How can I get that sound? Any help about this will be extremely appreciated.

FS: Left Handed 360/12 ....must go!

I'm forced to part with my beloved Rickenbacker 360/12LH ( lefty ). Ultra-rare, '98, limited turquoise, ric-o-sound output, ohs vintage case and 60's rippin' rock galore! Taking serious offers. Call 902 527 8190 or email for details. Cheers and don't miss this chance lefties!
More pics at :

Rickenbacker unknown model

I have a 6 string solid body that is dated - April of 1972.
The model number is 359. I can not find a 359 anywhere. The nearest is a 360 model. Any ideas?
Thanks, Mike

Case for a Jetglo 360/6?

Hi, Anyone know where I can buy a rick case for a jetglo 360/6....preferrably in the UK?


What's the best year?

I have played a Jazz bass since Hector was a pup and I am considering a new ax. Ric is at the top of the list but my knowledge of them is quite limited. I want to pick up a 4003 but am leary of anything coming out of the factory. Any suggesions would be greatly apperciated, Thanks in avance.

rare girl born late 50s

lovely old girl on the market have owned her for 20 years time for someone else to enjoy her 6 string maple email me for photo not cheap
fare price

WTB McGuinn RM 370

Looking to buy another Rick RM 370 McGuinn Anyone selling?

What model is this Rickenbacker?


I am thinking about getting this guitar. The owner thinks, but is not sure, that it is a mid-60s 365. Can anyone verify this for me?

Thanks -


photos posted here:

Rickenbacker 325C58 Problems

Rickenbacker 325C58 Problems

This popular thread has been given its own page : Rickenbacker 325C58 Problems

Aother item for my wish list

G'Day again, thanks to Peter McCormack another guitar is now on my wish list. The Rickenbacker Model 1993 SPC 12 string. Anyone know where one of is is available in good condition and a reasonable price?



Can someone help will a Rickenbacker purchase?

G'Day from Australia,
I'm hunting for a Rickenbacker 360/12v64 guitar, and was told this forum would be an excellent place to start. There is one on eBay in the US but would like another avenue should I not be successful. Any takers that have one under the bed gathering dust?

Look forward to a reply


Rickenbacker string spacing

I am a fingerstyle player and find that the string spacing on the Rickenbackers that I've played to be just a little too small. Are there any Rickenbacker 6-strings that feature a larger string spacing than the typical 1 5/8" nut? Thanks.

Matt Goulet

Ric 360/12v64 satin fire glo finish

I have a ric 360/12v64 fire glo finish guitar that was manufactured in April of 1994. It has a satin finish. All other Rics I have seen have a glossy finish. I purchased this guitar new back in 94 from a Ric dealer. I never really paid much attention to the finish (didn't know much about them then. Was the this the normal finish for a fire glo? Why would this guitar be a satin finish? Please help me with you information. --Kelley

Rickenbacker Toggle switch #08834

Where can I purchase a toggle switch (#08834) for Rickenbacker bass?

Rickenbacker Toggle switch #08834

Where can I purchase a toggle switch (#08834) for Rickenbacker bass?

Case for 650

Does anyone know of a case that will fit a Rickenbacker 650?

Re: Case for 650

I have a 650A Atlantis. It fits just fine in a standard Fender molded hard case.


I want to say congratulations!! to Bob Young for his comments about Rickenbacker he is the Best, he knows very much about it.

Is My Neck Warped?


I have a 360 6 string RIC. I'm good about keeping up with neck adjustments, and before my last one, I made note that one side of the neck was bowed noticably more than the other. Upon bringing my guitar to my tech I made mention of this, only to bring my guitar back home and see that this one side was still bowed. Angry, I decided to go get myself a 1/4 inch nut driver wrench and take matters into my own hands.... What I found was that the bowed side of the neck could not be adjusted any further in the the direction it needed to go, ie., the rod for that side of the neck was almost completely tightened to the max. At the same time, the other truss rod had plenty of room for adjustment either way, and is currently adjusted appropriately. So, does this mean my neck is warped? I purchsed the guitar 21 months ago from Musicians Friend, and have always been mindful of temperature and temp changes. Comments thouhgts.... You have the floor.
Thank You ,

buyin a rickenker

what is the best rickenbacker acution site

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