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Yairi CY 118

I have an Alvarez Yairi CY 118 recently acquired. Looking for any information about it like a brochure page. It’s a 1990. If you have one please forward your comments. This instrument sounds wonderful and was unplaced for 30 years when I found it. The condition is pristine and I’m thrilled with it. As far as I know, the rosewood back and sides are laminated and the top is cedar - that’s all I know. If you have one what do you think of yours?


I have a DY57 serial #15857. I was told it is mahogany veneer and not solid. Why? Cost? Is there a huge difference between solid and veneer
in terms of tone?

1988 Yairi AR550E

My husband has passed away, and I would like to sell his Yairi, but have been unable to find any information about it. It is a signed 1988 AR550E, and appears to be in excellent condition. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

K. Yairi YC-02

Hi all,
I have a K.Yairi YC-02 from 1980. Serial no. 16146. I bought it new in Australia. I'm thinking of selling it, but cannot find any info or any others for sale anywhere. Any thoughts, info or ideas greatly appreciated.
regards and thank in advance

Looking for an OEM replacement bridge & saddle for WY-1

I've had an Alvarez Yairi WY-1 for years. Great instrument. The current bridge is split and needs to be replaced. It cannot be glued. Does anyone know where I can purchased an new bridge/saddle combination?


Any Specs for my Foxwood 5028?

I have (since new) a Model 5028 SN40745 Date stamped 22-2-81 inspected by G Yamada. I paid $375 back then. The tuning keys are worn and so are the frets. I am thinking of replacing them. Does anybody know the Fret board radius or the fret size? I tried to get the original keys from the good folks at St Louis Guitars but they only had some thing close not exact.Any more information on my guitar would be greatly appreciated.
Joe Norton

Alvarez-Yairi CY117

Hi all - I used to a CY117 nylon string when I was performing back in the 1980s. I would like to purchase another in excellent condition in the $550-650 range, since the one I had is long gone :/



I recently ran across a 2000 model Alvarez-Yairi YD-91x. Does anyone know anything about this model? I have had a 90 and a 91, but they were both DY models.

Alvarez K.Yairi CY-115 1978, Serial #29010

This guitar was given to me recently, and I am curious about its current value. It does have superficial brush marks which likely would buff out, and a couple of scratches on the face, but otherwise appears perfect. I am confused that it has the same model number as the limited edition Yairi, and the label inside is signed, but there is no indication that it is one of the "600." The label also says "Made in Japan Anne." There are other numbers on the label that I don't understand. If anyone can give me any clarifying information about this instrument, please reply here. TIA!

K. Yairi R-1-SBX


Checking to see if anyone has info on the K. Yairi R-1-SBX. One is for sale locally but I can’t find any specs on it or reviews. I’d want it primarily for finger style.

K Yairi Kiari GY85 classical guitar

Wondering if anyone has any information on Kiari gY85? I've just acquired one and it's a great little classical.
I can't find any info on the model anywhere.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

alvarez yari guitar

My late husband left me his guitar. I can't locate any info on this guitar. Inside stamp reads Alvarez by Kazuo. Serial number 42441 model DY60, year 1981. It is in mint condition. Not one scratch or dent. 6 strong accoustic. Any help out there? In info appreciated.

Yairi DY72

I just purchased a 1989 DY 72 12 string and it came to me wearing an anonymous set of light gauge string tuned down a step. I seem to remember reading that the instruments could handle standard tuning quite well. The previous owner would tune it up but store it tuned down. Does any one have any input and/or suggestions for strings?

String suggestion

For my DY-72, I finally settled on Martin M200 Silk & Steel. To my ear, the evenness of tone high to low is great.

1964 Yairi

I also have a 1964 Yairi, model "1174, Ser. No. 155.

Mellow as...

Alvarez 5028 Foxwood Artist Resonant Series

Beautiful instrument. Owned since 1981. Emperor date stamp 1980. Spruce/Rosewood Maple binding inc. around neck and head. Wood dot inlay on the fret board. Alvarez logo on bottom of neck heel. Does anyone know what the capital K stamped into the neck block might indicate. I have ask other Alvarez owners. None are reporting the K stamping. I have searched the net and can't come up with another 5028 that is trimmed the same. I read somewhere that each craftsman was allowed from time to time to build as a distinct instrument. I wonder if the K could be the craftsman's stamp.


K for Katsui, 3rd Yairi master luthier


Anything else you can tell me. Do you thing that may be a one on one guitar of Katsui's?

Piezo pickup in Yairi

I have a 1990 K Yairi DY62, the D string has lost its volume.. Has anyone replaced the piezo pickup?.

Yairi guitar

Hello all, I have an Alvarez Yairi guitar serial #39165 and model Y-89 3. Does anyone have any information on this guitar?
I have never seen just the Y model number before it’s usually DY. I’ve had the guitar since 1990. Thanks for any help.

Kazuo Yairi DY 38 serial #42352

Does anyone know when this guitar was made? There isn't a stamp on the head stock and the tag inside is not dated.



Alvarez-Yairi DY-91

Greetings all,

I just picked up a used Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi dread guitar, Serial Number 63721. It is beautiful, lots of abalone and Koa back and sides. There is also a small "x" next to the Model No. Does anyone have any idea what date this guitar was manufactured? It has no date stamped anywhere on it. Thanks and cheers to all the other Yairi owners. Best. JC

K. Yairi YC - 01 Concert Classical Guitar

Hi All,

I have a K. Yairi YC - 01 Concert Classical Guitar. I have tried everywhere to get information about this guitar, but alas I turned up empty. So I turn to the broader community via boards to find out anything about it.

Alvarez by KAZUO YAIRI
Serial: 38357
Model: YC - 01
Year: 1981
Personally signed by KAZUO YAIRI
Made in Japan
56 . 3 . 02

It was made on the 2nd of March 1981 in Japan. It is part of the Alvarez series of guitars. This is all I know.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

yairi yc-01

I owned a yc-01 back in about 1979 which I am trying to find another as it was a great guitar and I haven't seen another like it since.
Mine was a matte finish back, sides and top. The back and sides being darker than the top.
But it did have distinctive edge carving around where the purfling would meet the soundboard of arrow heads.

Is yours similar?

Can anyone help identify my guitar

I own a k.Yiari acoustic guitar. Inside the guitar it has a sticker, that has numbers etc as below:

ANNE 1935
Model No W1
Serial no 34035

If anyone can tell me more information on my guitar I'd appreciate it. Type of guitar, what it is worth? etc

Thank you

K Yairi W1

Hi Helen. Yes it sounds like its similar to mine. Please attach pic if you can. Mine is a '83 W1 I have had since the early '90's. Mine is a cedar top with mahogany back and sides. Amazing sound!

Yari Alvarez Abalone Master Special DY 95 Dreadnaught

If anyone has a vintage or used Yari Alvarez Abalone Master Special DY 95 Dreadnaught for sale, please contact me at

Thanks Richard

wy 1-k electronics

Anyone know where I might find a treble, volume, tone unit for my Yairi. Its the older one without the built in tuner. WY-1K Koa.
Used would be fine if in working order.
All The best


K Yari 1983 12-string acoustic

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Australia! I have a K Yari 1983 12-string acoustic, which has not been out of the case for 20 years!

The label reads:
ANNE: 1983
MODEL NO: W I TW (this is what I can make out)
SERIAL NO: 27669

I would like to sell this guitar but have no idea of its value. Any advice would be really appreciated.


K. Yairi 12-string

Did you sell the instrument or maybe still have it? I'm on the lookout for one right now.

K Yairi TW1 12 string

I have one. I paid $500 used in 1990 in Townsville. There was one advertised for about $1500. A very rare guitar and difficult to get information about them. The best guitar I have ever owned. Beautiful full rich sound.

1974 Yari Alvarez Abalone Master Special DY 95 Dreadnaught

serial # 6516 Model # DY 95


49374 is engraved in the wood

1974 Yari Alvarez Abalone Master Special DY 95 Dreadnaught

i have a 1974 Yari Alvarez Abalone Master Special DY 95 Dreadnaught for sale.... Only 10 made, only 3 left in the US. For more info email me please.


is this guitar still available? if so please contact me at your convenience at misterfix46@yahoo...thank you!

Yairi DY 95

Is this beauty still for sale ?

1974 Alvarez by Yairi Master Abalone Limited Production

Yes! It is still for sell. One owner. My mother bought for my father in California in 1974. It just got passed on to me. Can email multiple pics.

1974 DY85

I know this thread is old, but is the guitar sold? If not I would sure be interested.

Contact me at this email address

Hey, if its still for sale

Hey, if its still for sale could you email me some pictures?

Alvarez yairi fym 200

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there had an opinion about this guitar. I have a 2005 with a clear pickguard and abalone and maple binding. I ordered it on a custom order. I was thinking of upgrading to a collings OM2H. But I'm not sure if its really an upgrade. Seems like this guitar is rather unique. The sound and playability is very good and it is still in mint condition. Its also signed inside the neck and on the label By K Yairi. I also have a 1985 DY 51 in good condition that I still play. Any thoughts?

looking at selling

I have a alvarez steel classical: Serial # 54954 YC-2 I am finding these are fairly rare. anyone want to make an offer. I saw one place where new they were $1500 This one has a hair line crack in the face.

Kazou YAIRI CY140CE for sale

I have a Kazou YAIRI CY140CE serial#71001
and heal stamped 08 11 099 for sale.
It was made in November of 2008, and is in pefect condision, zero scratches, and only played a handfull of times. Master builder Kazou YAIRI passed in 2013, and there will never be another guitar built like this again. I'm selling it for $2300

Yairi CY140CE For sale$2200 in mint condision, and very hard to

If your interested in my YAIRI CY140CE contact me at
Seriously One of, if not the best playing classical guitars in the world. Absolutely mint, very rare, and plays beautifully. Kazou Yairi CY140CE

H. Yairi AR 375 1981

Does anyone know anything about this guitar? I can't find any info online about it.

i have owned a 1984 AR 388

i have owned a 1984 AR 388 since 1984.

I have an '84 AR377

Mine's a dread' shape with Venetian cutaway, and electronics -- 1 volume & 1 tone knob on side of small bout, jack on bottom side bout. It's also only about 3 1/4" deep. Brown sunburst, faux tortoise shell pick guard, ivoroid body/top binding. Back/sides/neck are painted copperish color. K Yairi in abalone(?) along with stylized Y in middle of head stock. K Yairi branded chrome tuners. Ebony(?) with pearl dots for bridge pins. Bone nut & saddle. Your mention of AR 375 is the closest I've found to mine. No idea what your 375 is like tho.

I have been searching for

I have been searching for others with a 1984 AR 388. Sounds like it is very similar to the AR 377 or 375. I have loved this guitar for over 30 years. Just wondering about the other 388's out there.

1985 DY-62

I have a 1985 Alvarez Yairi model DY-62 and serial 58006. It has stereo pickups where you can run two cables from guitar with two volume pots and two eq pots. The lower front of the guitar is inscribed with the signature of K. Yairi. It is in good condition with a few dings on the body and a little fret wear. No cracks or breaks that I can find. Comes with hardshell case but handle is missing from case. Thinking about selling and just wondered what it would be worth. Any ideas? Thanks.

Your DY-62

I see this is an older post. But if you still have your Dy 62 I would be interested in talking to you about purchasing it. You can contact me @ # 1317 213 5364 ( call or text) or

Alvarez Yairi guitar

Hi I have a 1983 Alvarez Yairi guitar made in Japan # DY-48 signed by K.Yairi. and I have a Guitar case is a Guild case #2520. I was wondering how much is it worth? Anybody have any idea.

DY48 Prices

About $500

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