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Have 1981 YW600 G for sale.

Have a 1981 YW 600g for sale.
Plays beautifully.
Fretboard a little worn an a few scratches etc.
Anyone interested?
Can post pics if you are.

K. Yairi hand made DY90

I have a K. Yairi signed DY90 dated 53.6.16 or June 16th, 1978 the 53 year of Emperor Showa. Serial # 26083. I purchased the guitar new from Roy & Candy’s Music in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The story behind this beautiful work of art and magnificent sounding guitar is as follows. K. Yairi was commissioned by famed country and western music legend Hank Thompson to hand build him a guitar. By the time the K. Yairi hand made guitar was finished and shipped to Roy & Candy’s Music Mr. Thompson had lost interest and choose not to accept the guitar. In 1978 I was friends with Jim Halsey and several of his artist such as Roy Clark, Buck Trent, Hank Thompson and several other entertainers managed by the Halsey Agency in Tulsa. It wasn’t long until the story was passed around that Hank Thompson had passed on the “Yairi”. I went to Roy and Candy’s the day I heard the story and purchased the guitar. It has been in my posession ever since.. The case that came with it has a blemish due to being set too close to a wall heater in Merle Haggard’s houseboat at Silverthorne Resort on Shasta Lake one cold February morning in 1982. I was visiting with Merle to go fishing and to discuss plans regarding his upcoming bass fishing tournament in April. I had been telling “Hag” about my "Yairi" guitar and he ask me to bring it with me so he could play it, which he did. Merle chose to play and sing “My Favorite Memory of All” while Leona, his wife at the time, cooked breakfast for us before we went fishing.
Now 76 yo, with arthritis developing in my finger joints, and none of my kids or grandkids showing an interest in music I’m interested in selling this beautiful one of a kind guitar; but have no idea as to it’s true value. Do you? I have all the paperwork and tool kit that came with the guitar.

Tom Shockley


Hello Tom—I tried to send a longer message earlier but it doesn’t seem to have gone through. Have you set a price on that guitar?

Kind regards,


Yairi DY90

Hello Tom. It sounds like you have an incredible guitar, with an even more incredible back story. As you are no doubt aware, Yairi guitar prices are really inconsistent (people complain they’re low, which may be true, but I see some too high and some that look like great deals for whoever gets them). The DY-90 is hard to price because you don’t see many up for sale. I’ve seen three or so in the last 15(?) years: one listed at $600, one at $1100, and one at around $1500 if I recall. Yours sounds special given it’s pedigree. Please be sure to share the listing once it goes live—I just bought my first Yairi this year (FYM-66HDE) and now I’m wishing I’d held onto that cash so I could buy your guitar.
Good luck with the sale—I suspect you’ll do alright.


I have a dy75 serial no # 33348 , 1980 alvariez Guitar it appears to have a signature on it by K Jr. .
Was trying to find more about it and what it is worth

DY-74 1976 neck reset

Seeking information on the neck joint of my guitar in order to do a neck reset. Have seen internet information indicating both a dovetail joint (lift neck up) and a five wood dowel joint (pull neck off toward head). I have steamed the joint thru holes in the 15th fret slot after releasing the fretboard extension, but the neck is still solid. Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated.

K'Yairi Model AB392

We are looking for any information on this particular model. The label also states ANNE 1984, Ser # 31899 Kani, Gifu, Japan. It also has a Fishman Transducer that looks like it was not part of the original model. We are looking to sell it, so value would also be nice.

Yairi Kazuo Alvarez DY85

Yairi Kazuo Alvarez DY85 Guitar and case.
I bought this new in 1975.
Looking to sell it if anyone is interested, email me for info or pictures, etc.

It is in really good condition. Good finish, looks great, no scratches.
Very small split on head that has been there for 20 years and has not grown or affected anything.
Sounds and plays great. All original with new nut and bone bridge pins installed a few years ago.


Dy85...did you sell it?

I'm just joining this Yairi forum and saw your posting from January. If available please send some pictures and let me know if it comes with any pickup installed, or an OHSC.
thank you

Dy 85 for sale

I would welcome some photos and a price please?


I never saw this inquiry until now.

I want to know what year it is

Hello, I wanted to know if you can tell me what year Alvarez Yairi is, model DY72 serial number 63782.
From already thank you very much.

Yiari Dy72

Did u ever find info on the Yiari? i have a DY72 with serial# 63788 it has a 1986 date but that is not the year, the years are in some emporer calender,so 1986 on mine is a 1988,i found a post with that info but not much else,email me if u can with any info you may have found. thanx Jerry

Alvarez Kazuo Yairi CY125 El Lorca

hello everybody. does anyone know anything about the difference between earlier classification of the alvarez k. yairi guitars that he made. not the new contemporary ones being made now but before he passed, mainly from the 60’s through the 90’s. there’s CY, DY, W, etc. what separates them? i’ve looked all over the internet and have asked whoever i could about information in regards to these guitars. there is little to no information and what little bit i’ve found is very inconsistent. there’s plenty of basic history of alvarez and yairi joining forces in the 60’s but no details regarding the history or development of the actual guitars. like the designs and what evolved or changed. i’m most interested in the CY125 El Lorca. i’d appreciate any and all info.

thank you!!

ISO WTB Alvarez Yairi - DY-45 DY-57 DY-74 or DY-77

If anyone is looking to sell a Yairi Dread, let me know! I am interested in a few of the models

Alvarez DY-45 for Sale

If you are still interested, I have a DY-45, please contact me if you are interested, Thanks, Christina

yairi dy74 ce

Hello Derek , I have a older, Yairi dy74 cutaway electric...rosewood back and sides... snowflake inlays... I bought her used in 2001...Nice me..will ship from fl.

Yair Guitar: Hand crafted in Japan by Yairi

Hi folk

I have recently acquired a classical Yairi Guitar, i'm not sure which Yairi it is.

It's model number.250 serial number.99 from what I can tell.
There is the curved cutaway at the end of the fretboard.
The only thing that concerns me is, the label.

Most of the guitar labels I have seen have the B & M Soloist text on it, and Hand Made by Yairi.

My guitar says, Hand Crafted in Japan by Yairi. It has the usual Japanese characters and red logo/stamp.

Could this be a copy by any chance?

Thanks in advance.

DY1TS vs. WY-1

I have a Yairi WY-1 which I love to play. I love how easy it is to play and my only complaint is that the sound is a little low/small unplugged which I assume is because of the narrower body. I saw that there is a model DY1TS which looks like the WY-1 but appears to be thicker. Does this model have a more full sound with similar easy action playing as the WY-1. If not, is there a model that plays like the WY-1 with a cutaway and electronics and a more full sound!...

thanks for your input.


Japanese language K Yairi classical guitar

I bought an old guitar with a Japanese language label. I asked someone to translate the label and it says:

1. Made by Kazuo Yairi
2. Finest Hand Made
3. Has a "name" instead of a model number
4. Writing is very old style Japanese.

I would appreciate if someone with extensive of K Yairi labels and construction could take a look at my many photos on Dropbox. I would need an email address to share the Dropbox folder with.

Dan Lindsey

1977 DY77 tuners

Think I have stripped my high e-tuner, as it's not turning it all now and wanted to know the exact replacement for a 1977 DY 77? Anyone know either where to find OEM or something is close to the originals as possible without it looking like a standout? its the high e string.

Info on handcrafted K Yairi guitar

I have a YW 70 D K. YAIRI
12 String handcrafted guitar
which was given to me by my father
in the mid 70's. I am doing some research on the age
and history of guitar . I would also like to know the value
of this guitar. It has great sentimental value to me as my
father passed in 1988.

value of guitar

Lynette, you wanted to know the value of your guitar and I want to sell similar guitar - want to know if someone replied to you re value.

Will appreciate your reply.

Photos Will Help Identify the Guitar

Hello! Could you please provide some photos of the guitar. I can maybe help you figure out more about this Yairi.



WTB/TRADE: Looking for 5 Specific Models & A Yairi Collection!!

Hello everyone! I figured I'd give this message board a chance- honestly, I have spent years searching and showering the deepest recesses of the internet in attempts to obtain my own personal collection of Alvarez-Yairi guitars- I have quite a few different models however my favorite is the mid-90s Alvarez-Yairi WY-1 Yairi Virtuoso Series Bob Weir Model Folk/OM with Cutaway in Natural Color with Gloss Finish. This model is my all time, ultimate go-to, first choice and beloved guitar of personal choice- hands down! It is also a rather extremely difficult model to find- well, let me correct myself: finding one that is nearly in mint condition and with a Gloss finish (now the Satin finish version I've had better luck finding!)

Anyway, I figured I'd take a chance here- over my time collecting the Alvarez-Yairi models I do have in my collection currently, there are just a few specific models that despite my continuous, non-stop, tireless, almost religious-like commitment to this ever-on-going, and at times almost painfully mind-numbing quest to find these last remaining "dream models" that despite all odds I just can't seem to find.

As I stated, 5 specific models I am desperately pleading to my fellow Alvarez-Yairi collectors, be ye near or far! If anyone out there should happen to have ANY one of these and are willing to either sell or trade, please contact me.

I have several Alvarez-Yairi WY-1 models that I've managed to collect over the years, each with slightly different variations to the design (which changed or evolved ever so slightly every few years)- I have Alvarez-Yairi WY-1s that range from 1993 all the way to this current year of 2019. For these last 5 models, I'm willing to negotiate, trade or out right buy for the right price:


1990s Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi WY-1 Yairi Virtuoso Series Bob Weir Model (Original Signature) Folk/OM with Cutaway (Natural Color / Gloss Finish)

2000s Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi WY-1PRP Yairi Virtuoso Series Bob Weir Model Folk/OM with Cutaway (Purple Color / Gloss Finish)

2006 Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi WY1BW Yairi Signature Series Bob Weir Yairi Signature Model Folk/OM with Cutaway (Natural Color / Gloss or Satin Finish)

2006 Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi ADY1 Yairi Signature Series Ani DiFranco Yairi Signature Model [1] Folk/OM with Cutaway
(Gold-Yellow Body with Grey-Slate Pickguard Color / Satin Finish)

2006 Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi ADY1G Yairi Signature Series Ani DiFranco Yairi Signature Model [2] Folk/OM with Cutaway (Lime-Green Body with Gold-Yellow Pickguard Color / Satin Finish)

Please contact Cole, my email is I'm always searching. Anyone who can help me in this, please know I will be truly and eternally forever grateful!

Yairi WY1PRP

I have a WY-1PRP in Excellent condition. No scratches front or back and in orig brown leather Alvarez case. I never thought of selling, but would entertain offers if you are still interested.

alvarez model 5022 s/n 0271

Wanting to sell or trade for a nice parlor size. It plays beautiful but I am 82 and would like to get a smaller one.

Yairi CY 118

I have an Alvarez Yairi CY 118 recently acquired. Looking for any information about it like a brochure page. It’s a 1990. If you have one please forward your comments. This instrument sounds wonderful and was unplaced for 30 years when I found it. The condition is pristine and I’m thrilled with it. As far as I know, the rosewood back and sides are laminated and the top is cedar - that’s all I know. If you have one what do you think of yours?


I have a DY57 serial #15857. I was told it is mahogany veneer and not solid. Why? Cost? Is there a huge difference between solid and veneer
in terms of tone?

I don't think Jim's response

I don't think Jim's response to you is a fair basis for evaluating yoir '76 dy57. If you want yo know why, drop me a line

Alvarez Yairi DY57

I would be curious how you would evaluate differently. Please share that with me as well. I have owned this one from 76(... instead of 77) and wonder what you look now that I don't.

Alvarez Yairi DY57

Yes, the back and sides of this guitar is laminate with Mahogany veneer, while the top is solid spruce. Laminates are cheaper than solid wood and do not resonate as well

The solid top does provide a nice sound and it is a beautiful, very playable guitar with a nice sound.

Play a Martin D18 to see what a solid Mahogany guitar is like, and you will understand the price/performance issue.

My 1977 DY57 is a good old friend that is one of the best laminate guitars I have played and heard, but my 2001 Martin HD28 has a stunning sound.

1988 Yairi AR550E

My husband has passed away, and I would like to sell his Yairi, but have been unable to find any information about it. It is a signed 1988 AR550E, and appears to be in excellent condition. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

K. Yairi YC-02

Hi all,
I have a K.Yairi YC-02 from 1980. Serial no. 16146. I bought it new in Australia. I'm thinking of selling it, but cannot find any info or any others for sale anywhere. Any thoughts, info or ideas greatly appreciated.
regards and thank in advance

Looking for an OEM replacement bridge & saddle for WY-1

I've had an Alvarez Yairi WY-1 for years. Great instrument. The current bridge is split and needs to be replaced. It cannot be glued. Does anyone know where I can purchased an new bridge/saddle combination?


Any Specs for my Foxwood 5028?

I have (since new) a Model 5028 SN40745 Date stamped 22-2-81 inspected by G Yamada. I paid $375 back then. The tuning keys are worn and so are the frets. I am thinking of replacing them. Does anybody know the Fret board radius or the fret size? I tried to get the original keys from the good folks at St Louis Guitars but they only had some thing close not exact.Any more information on my guitar would be greatly appreciated.
Joe Norton

Alvarez-Yairi CY117

Hi all - I used to a CY117 nylon string when I was performing back in the 1980s. I would like to purchase another in excellent condition in the $550-650 range, since the one I had is long gone :/



I recently ran across a 2000 model Alvarez-Yairi YD-91x. Does anyone know anything about this model? I have had a 90 and a 91, but they were both DY models.

Alvarez K.Yairi CY-115 1978, Serial #29010

This guitar was given to me recently, and I am curious about its current value. It does have superficial brush marks which likely would buff out, and a couple of scratches on the face, but otherwise appears perfect. I am confused that it has the same model number as the limited edition Yairi, and the label inside is signed, but there is no indication that it is one of the "600." The label also says "Made in Japan Anne." There are other numbers on the label that I don't understand. If anyone can give me any clarifying information about this instrument, please reply here. TIA!

K. Yairi R-1-SBX


Checking to see if anyone has info on the K. Yairi R-1-SBX. One is for sale locally but I can’t find any specs on it or reviews. I’d want it primarily for finger style.

K Yairi Kiari GY85 classical guitar

Wondering if anyone has any information on Kiari gY85? I've just acquired one and it's a great little classical.
I can't find any info on the model anywhere.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

alvarez yari guitar

My late husband left me his guitar. I can't locate any info on this guitar. Inside stamp reads Alvarez by Kazuo. Serial number 42441 model DY60, year 1981. It is in mint condition. Not one scratch or dent. 6 strong accoustic. Any help out there? In info appreciated.

Yairi DY60 guitar


I know it was a long time ago, but I found your post on the discussion group about Yairi guitars. What more would you like to know about the DY60? Do you still have it? Can I answer any questions for you?

Joshua Lilley

Yairi DY72

I just purchased a 1989 DY 72 12 string and it came to me wearing an anonymous set of light gauge string tuned down a step. I seem to remember reading that the instruments could handle standard tuning quite well. The previous owner would tune it up but store it tuned down. Does any one have any input and/or suggestions for strings?

String suggestion

For my DY-72, I finally settled on Martin M200 Silk & Steel. To my ear, the evenness of tone high to low is great.

1964 Yairi

I also have a 1964 Yairi, model "1174, Ser. No. 155.

Mellow as...

Alvarez 5028 Foxwood Artist Resonant Series

Beautiful instrument. Owned since 1981. Emperor date stamp 1980. Spruce/Rosewood Maple binding inc. around neck and head. Wood dot inlay on the fret board. Alvarez logo on bottom of neck heel. Does anyone know what the capital K stamped into the neck block might indicate. I have ask other Alvarez owners. None are reporting the K stamping. I have searched the net and can't come up with another 5028 that is trimmed the same. I read somewhere that each craftsman was allowed from time to time to build as a distinct instrument. I wonder if the K could be the craftsman's stamp.


K for Katsui, 3rd Yairi master luthier

Alvarez 5040 #00051

Could you tell me the name of the Yairi Master Luthier who would stamp an N into the block of my guitar? It was made in 1981.


Anything else you can tell me. Do you thing that may be a one on one guitar of Katsui's?

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