Posted by jo woods on Sun, 03/25/01 - 18:53:50.
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I have a Barrington custom made electric gutair. It was made in illinois i was wounder if any one had any information, how much its worth.

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Arther Hensel Guitar

I also have Arthur Hensel guitar owned by my Father For close to 70 yrs I unable to find a picture or any info if they may be collectable or not he is still alive and was going to give it away would love to find a site for value .
is in very good condition has not been strung for some time now for he has been ill and with little money
Thank You

Re: Barrington Guitars_Hensel

Hi, I own a parlor guitar that I believe was made by Arthur Hensel. On the headstock is the logo of the RS Williams Company, and the name Hamilton. Has anyone run across one of these?

: : Hello,
: : I also qwn a very old guitar"HandMade by Arthur Hensel, but for the R.S.Williams and Son Ltd. He apparently made guitars for larger dept. stores in the early pre and post 2nd W.W.. Mine was originally a laptop Hawaiian style but plays credibly in the first position thiugh the intonation goes off rapidly as you move up the fretboard. Mine was in a flood in the '50's up here in Canada and was in rough shap with a crack in the back and had a destroyed bridge with no front perfling left. I had the basic giutar rebuilt to the finishing stage and, as some previous owner had tried to remove the front Hawaiian painting with sandpaper ACROSS the bloddy grain the top looks a bit shabby, but clean now, and i took the laquer off by shaving till i got to the wood on the sides and bacl which revealed lovely bird'seye maple, which wan then polished down with fine steel wool and then polished with gunstock oil which has mad a very nice, non yellowing clear shiny finish....worth moer than I could get for it as well I fear....LOL

: : peace

: : Bobby Stahr

: :
: : : : : We have a Barrington Acoustic Guitar Inside is label "Hand Made by Arthur Hensel Especially For Baere & Son
: : : : : Does anyone have any idea as to the potential value as this guitar is over 55 years old, having been
: : : : : purcharsed in 1945.
: : : : : Would appreciate any information anyone can give on this subject
: : : : : Many thanks

: : : : I own that guitar it is a family heirloom i play it now it was purchased in the late 1940 i belive
: : : : i still play it today it sounds great i'm guessing it's worth 400 bucks canadian
Hi: I also have a handmade Hensel Acoustic Guitar,and we believe it is over 56 years old. It was my fathers and he died when I wss twelve. It is not for sale but would like to know what is its value for insurance purposes. Would you give me an idea of its approximate value. thanks in advance E.Ashley

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