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Posted by john han**** on Tue, 04/06/10 - 15:56:27.

I have owned many guitars and i have a black drifter les paul with ivory trim and chrome humbuckers and pearl inlays i don't know much about the guitars from lack of info on the internet but a few years ago i saw a post that someone put online that les paul himself gave the right to this company to make this guitar! Notice what should be copyright infringement design the guitar is built like a gibson les paul down all the way to the barb wire inlay in the head and the shape of the headstock i have heard from more than one post that they are worth in the thousands and i will never get rid of my its the best sounding guitar i have ever owned and ive had way too many!! plus it was given to me for free!!! i also feel sorry for the person who gave it to me!
: i was given a drifter guitar by a friend who didnt know much about it (sucks for her) and am interested in selling it but i have heard from some people that in ment condition there worth alot more than a few hundred dollars more like in the thousands now im not sure if this is true but im interested in finding out. so if you find any other info please foward it to me

: thanks -sarah

: : It seem no one knows much about the value or origins of this guitar, I have a black one and the sound quality is awesome, since there is no info on it and it is an vintage guitar, I think we should be the ones who determine a price value seeing as no one else is. Since it sound good and has good quality hukmbucker pick-ups, I know I wouldn't sell mine for less that 200-300 dollars. So there's a Price quote for all you fellow Drifter owners.

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i found a drifter les paul that is black in the dumpster and wiped it down and its slick as butter but i have found absolutly nothing on the Internet i really have no idea wat to do but it sounds GREAT i just want to know more about it never seen a drifter or never even herd of the name but glad it sounds great

What something is worth is

What something is worth is determined by what buyers are willing to pay. If you advertise extensively and the best offer you have is $200, then your item is worth $200. Whether you are willing to sell for that price is another story. Normally sellers believe that what THEY have is "special" or "rare", and think it's worth more.

Re: DRIFTER les Paul

 DRIFTER les Paul

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