Re: kimbara acoustic guitar

Posted by Graham Knight on Sat, 04/19/08 - 08:04:11.

Have 12 string and yes specially made in Japan for FCN England. Who were FCN ?
One of the nicest accoustic guitars I have, although the action was high until professionally sorted recently. Model no. N 107 / 70103. Inlay around perimeter and sound hole v marquetry back. Rosewood fret board with rectangular pearl inlay.
Bought around '73 in Bath UK
Kimbara still trading?
Graham, Ipswich.

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Do you think the model no,s are important...

Re: kimbara acoustic guitar

Hi again. Just checked Kimbara out on Wikipedia and there's more detail there - I've got a few things not quite right. They show a picture of a 12 string, possibly the same as yours. I love 12 strings but perhaps not a good idea to have too many - I've got a Simon & Patrick Cedar 12 and a Taylor 355, both good but very different sound. John

Re: kimbara acoustic guitar

Hi Graham..weren't expecting an swift reply to your posting, were you?!! FCN Music distributed Japanese guitars in the UK from late 1960's to 1990 - acoustics at first, then also solid-bodied guitars from the 1970's. All based on classic American designs apparently. In 1995 FCN started up again, importing Chinese-built classical and dreadnought guitars. Not sure what FCN stands for.
One of the submissees(?) said his was Korean made, but they all came from Japan, and as such, were very well made and meticulously crafted. They economised by using laminates but even so, there are some very nice sounding,and looking,guitars out there. Worth holding onto, I reckon.
Greetings. John

Re: kimbara acoustic guitar

I have a Kimbara acoustic which is an exact copy of the Gibson Humming Bird. I purchased it around 1970 (incidentally it's a great sound)I would be very interested if anyone can give me any info or a valuation.

Re: kimbara acoustic guitar

I bought a similar one about 15 years ago for about £150. Model number N 98. Done a bit of digging around and FCN distributed low to mid-range guitars in the 70's and 80's. Doubt if you'll get much more for it now. I keep meaning to buy a new guitar but I just can't let this one go. It's a well crafted Hummingbird copy with a deep rich sound that new guitars in that price range fail to match. In fact, there are many more expensive guitars that come nowhere near the sound quality. Reckon mine is about early 70's.

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