Guitar and Bass sheet music in Tablature notation (TAB)

Guitar Tablature, or simply TAB or TABs as they're often called, are a much more accessible way of writing and reading guitar music than traditional sheet music notation.

There are many different ways you can play a chord, and indeed different strings on which you can play the same note. Traditional sheet music can tell you the notes, but not which frets and strings you should be playing. Guitar Tablature overcomes this problem by showing exactly where your fingers need to be on the fretboard.

In fact Tablature can convey all sorts of useful information on how to play each note including hammer on, pull off, bend up, release bend, slide up, slide down, vibrato, tap, and mute a string – just to name a few.

If you are new to TABs, then please read our excellent guide on How to Read and Write Tablature.

TitleBrief DescriptionCommentssort icon
Partoch.commore than 75 000 tabs0
gfsoftwareTab/Guitar Software0
Doitches Power TabsDoitches Power Tabs0
Rockin TabsThis site has everything any guitarist or bass player could ever need or want. You can talk in our state of the art forums, go find some tabs, look up chords, make new friends and much more!0
Capotasto MusicFree guitar tabs, guitar sheet music and articles0
TabScout.comGuitar Pro and Powertab comprehensive search engine with sizeable tabs collection.0
JC Guitar TabsGreat collection of guitar tabs, for all levels of guitarists.0
GTabs.orgGuitar Pro, Power Tab, Text Tabs, Chords online archive.0
Guitar Pro GuruGuitar Pro guru offers custom guitar transcription services into Guitar Pro 5 or 6, Powertab, ASCII, text et al.0
CleartabsLicensed Guitar Tab Download Site0
TabnPlayTabnPlay is an online virtual guitar that locates and plays tabs!0
Guitar Pro TabsFree guitar pro tabs and guitar lessons0
How to read tabs and tablatureA book available for Kindle0
GuitarTab.infoTab books, tab store, tablature sites and forums0 is a sharing site for searching and saving all your tabs and chords. 1
Guitar Tabs ExplorerLearn to play your favourite songs with tabs, chords and guitar video lessons.1
Child's Play MusicGuitar Tab in Power Tab format - Bluegrass, Celtic, Originals, andChildren's Music.2
Instant Power TabsAccurate guitar tabs in Power Tab format2
Free-TabsThousands of free guitar tabs and chords2
Country Guitar TabsThousands of country guitar tabs2
Perso Flamenco & classicScores and tablatures3
Guitar Licks and Wiring InstructionGuitar Licks and Wiring Instruction3
Steve Howe Transcription Guidethe complete transcription of his solo career / transcripciones completas3
Bucket O' TabSoftware: Tablature Editor for Windows4
My Back Pages - Bob Dylan Chords and LyricsChords and lyrics to all Bob Dylan's songs4
Global Guitar TabsNearly every tab for bands such as red hot chili peppers, foo fighers stereophonics(similar Welsh Band), travis (Similar Scottish band) and more4
Stampola Guitar Chord StampsFretboard Stamps4
RAWKTABSguitar, tabs, chords, music, songs, MP3, mid, midi, gtp, guitar pro, bands, popular music6
ULTIMATE GUITAR ARCHIVEFresh tabs every day! More than 35,000 of guitar tabs!7
Andrew's Kingdom of Rawk!Home of the Acoustic Binder, a collection of great acoustic guitar music, complete with lyrics and chords. Hundreds of songs, fully searchable, and always expanding.8
Free Guitar Tab Previews and MIDI Music PlayerWatch guitar tabs scroll along while the music is played!8
Brent D. StuntznerFree jazz transcriptions with TAB, MIDI representations (for learning by ear), and Jam Tracks. Also, check out my Lutherie Photos!9
Flamenco WorldOnline flamenco's guitar didactic handbook10
Chord Melody Guitar MusicGuitar sheet music, tab books, instructional videos and DVD lessons for all styles of guitar.11
TablEditGuitar Tablature Editing Software11
Music Tab Kingdom - Tabs of Israeli artistsquestion conserning tabs,program 2 write it ,chat room,and of course accurate tabs.11
Scanned Tab Book TradingScanned Tab Book Trading13
Smokin' With The DogSongs from the 50's to present ,chords,lyrics.rock ,country,gospel,oldies14
The Complete Ramones Guitar Tab CompilationEvery song ever released by the Ramones, complete with lyrics and chords or tabs for guitar15
Little Band Prodcutions Daily TabWe provide you with a tab everyday. We are going very fast and we accept requests. Come check us out.16
Chordie.comSearch the web for tabs and chords16
Mike's Guitar SiteTAB (rock + blues), lessons, building, links and South Park17
Renegade OLGATablature: Renegade OLGA tab, crd's new stuff updated17
TabWorldHuge index of tabs, related software, and more!18
XGuitar.comGuitar and bass tabs by artist and by album18
World GuitarTons of tablature, lessons, and mp3's22
911Tabs.ComOver 400,000 of tabs indexed. Thousands add every day!23
Ronnys Tablature PageTabs of Racer X, George Lynch, Dokken, Bulletboys, Extreme, DIO, etc24
Paul Kelly GuitarPaul Kelly Guitar Tabs24
Dave's Asylum Guitar Picksdownload guitar tablature from your favorite artists25
Drew's Online Guitar ArchiveA guitar site updated daily with Guitar Tabs, Lessons, Links, and more!26
Guitar AlchemyGuitar Tab Database - submit and change your tabs online.27
The Mediocre Guitar Tab PageA mediocre site with really accurate tabs. This is the place for correct Green Day and Sublime tabs and tons more!30
Gitarrenfete, Guitar Tabs Gitarren TabsTabs, Guitar, Gitarren, Tabs, Westernhagen, NDW, Nena, Aerzte, Pink Floyd33
Ian's Canadian Guitar Tab Pagetab for Canadian bands, such as Moist, I Mother Earth...34
SMPWe made it up at school, hope you like it43
THE BEST TABS PAGE ON THE NET!!!Full of tabs from all decades - you name it, we got it45
Michiels Gitaar & Basgitaar Tablature Paradijsgitaar/bastablature48
Bach Plucked!Bach on the Lute & Guitar.54
German Southern Rock HomepageGerman Site with the most (!) Southern Rock Chords and Tabs on the Internet54
WORLDGUITAR.COM100% accurate riffs and solos from the masters all with tab and looping sound.56
Neil Murray/Warumpi BandTabs for Neil Murray and Warumpi Band albums56
OnlineSheetMusic.comInteractive sheet music57
The United TABS of AmericaThe Tabs of your fav songs!!!58
Den's Harvest of Guitar StuffZakk Wylde fansite58
Mystery Site RARE! Guitar Tabs And LessonsRARE! Guitar Tabs and lessons58
TabCrawlerYour guitar tabs & lessons search engine. Features over 60,000 tabs, chords & lessons!59
Yahoo list of Tab sitesover 50 great tab sites listed60
Mathiasens HomepageSongs with guitar chords and TABs for beginners68
Ryan's Guitar Tab PageThe best tabs on the net68
PJ's Guitar Chords & Lyrics SiteChords & lyrics to 650+ songs, 60+artists - REM, Radiohead, Dylan,Beatles, U2, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, etc .69
Inject Incubus: Incubus Guitar TabsWebsite dedicated to publishing the guitar tablature70
Tab Robot Search EngineUnique, Comprehensive Tab Search Engine71
Ska Guitar TabThe biggest ska guitar tablature site on the 'net.74
Free Backing Tracks - With Tab !Jam with your favorite band. Loads of artists and styles. Jam with AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen and loads more74
Tabs 4 UGuitar Tabs for You75
Cactus Patch TabsVarious Guitar Tabs and Lyrics78
TabsearchHere is a great database of guitar, bass and drum tabs.84
X-clusive Tabsoriginal Bluetones, Supergrass, Ocean Colour Scene TAB84
Amazing Guitar ArrangementsNo longer available89
Guitar Tab ParadiseGuitar tab for the chemically imbalanced92
Classical & flamenco guitar free sheet musicFree guitar scores, mp3, videos93
Yes MusicNo longer available94
Chicken Pickin' Rock Guitar TabScales, lessons, riffs, theory, and songs in tablature, some have wav file demonstrations. Rock, Blues, Country Telecaster Picking, Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Jazz.94
Guitar TabMetal Tab105
Kenin's RealmNo longer available107
The Walk-an SCC siteSteven Curtis Chapman Tabs113
Van Halen Guitar TabVan Halen, DLR, Sammy Hagar tab115
ZAppp Guitar ArchiveNo longer available121
Irish GuitarGuitar in irish traditional music125
Wayne's Guitar TabsAll About Eve, REM, The Cult, The Damned, It Bites, Therapy?125
Scarlet Monkey's GUITAR TAB archiveA huge archive of guitar tablature129
amorphis tabstablature for amorphis130
Tabby Cat Music ArchivesLyrics\Chords\Tabs to Today's Hot New Country130
Guitar GiantsTabs, Bass Tabs, Sounds, Discography, Biography, Gear, Pictures131
TJ's OLGA Guitar Tablature PageA collection of Tabs in Alphebetical Order138
Xclusive Guitar TabsA good collection of tabs found nowhere else!140
American Standard Guitar TablatureHuge Guitar Tab Archive141
Jimi Hendrix TabsTabs, chords, scales patterns, pictures142
Mark's Chords and Lyrics PageFolk Blues and Rock Songs147
The Shadows In Plain TextTabs, chords, 508 settings and Close Encounters of the Shadows kind... all here at 'Shadows in Plain Text'152
The TabWorld.comTabs, chords, lyrics, lessons, links, search, discussions, news, etc !162
The Ruiners TabsLots of great tabs ( Black Sabbath , Metallica , NiN , Joe Satriani , Hendrix , Ozzy ,and more)162
Best Of The Best Tab SitesListing Of The Best Tab Sites On The Internet165
Classical Guitar Tablature & MIDIClassical Guitar Tablatures with matching MIDI & Standard Notation for Beginning to Intermediate Guitarists.166
WWW Tablature Ring (Pt.2)More Tab Ring Member Sites170
Hunters & CollectorsHunters and Collectors guitar tabs177
Flamenco guitar transcriptionsA study of the flamenco guitar through the 20th century181
Guitar Tab.netFree Lessons, Free Tab, Books, DVDs, Chat.185
My Guitar Tabs ArchiveAll Kind of Guitar Tabs, Lit, Eve6, ect..188
OLGA Tab Searchsearch OLGA for tabs from Alternative Universe191
pwmetal Tab siteMetal Tabs Stratovarius, Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, more193
Tabs, Lyrics, samplesMaster's Apprentices, Alex harvey, Ten Years After, Iggy Pop & more195
ratmAll about Rage Against The Machine196
Guitar GodAwesome Tabs198
Blues Lyrics & Tabs Online1,200+ blues tabs and 3,100+ lyrics198
Guitar Music Archivearchive of thousands of files 203
PopularTabsOnly the most popular bands at the time. Great and accurate tabs for all their songs!203
THE Guitar Tab PageGreat variety of TAB204
The Gospel Music ArchiveA great rescource for gospel guitarists204
Tab SeekHuge Tab Archive + Newest Tabs205
The World of ROCKA lot of guitar tab for Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Deep Purple, and etc. A must see for the guitarist213
La Vanguardia del RockSpanish Tabs. The BEST resourse. Argentinian, Spanish, Mexican, Chilean215
Original Guitar and Bass TabsReal Tabs in JPEG format!!! Metallica, maiden, megadeth and more tabs are coming soon!!!229
Smokin with the Doggutair tabs,lyrics,rock,country,oldies234
Rimsky's Guitar Chords Song PageAccurate guitar chords to song transcriptions235
Jon's Guitar Tab PageA cool website with tabit guitar tab.260
Metallica Center Of TablaturesMetallica260
StringsTABs for a number of songs especially, Junoon263
AcuTab PublicationsAcuTab publishes a series of books and videos on the playing of top bluegrass pickers.265
The Nirvana Tab ArchiveNirvana Bass, Drum and Guitar Tabs. Tabs also for Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Thurston Moore, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins.268
Accurate Custom TablatureCustom tablature transcriptions for fretted instruments269
Todd's Theory and Tabsclassical guitar tabs270
Guitar OnlineDownload all the guitar chords/tabs you want!275
Guitar TabsBrian Adams, Status Quo, Mike Oldfield, and that's it for this moment! There's more to come!278
Page of Tabs and Pure Madness!!Tabs for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more!279
Scarlet Monkey's guitar tab hoardA whopping great archive of tablature!!280
Ultimate Guitar: Guitar Tabs ArchiveMore than 4500 guitar tabs in archive. Fresh tabs every week! Search engine. Request/Submit tabs system. Popular artists: korn, metallica, smashmouth, ricky martin, alanis morissette and more295
Greg's Midi & TabJam with your favourite band!!! Loads of artists and styles.306
Tab PerfectTab Page306
A Pensive Fear Tab PageGuitar Tabs Like Racer X - George Bellas - Vinnie Moore And Other Shredders308
Brad's Sheet Music StoreOver 350,000 titles to choose from!!315
Sublime Bass & Guitar Tab ArchiveThe best source for Sublime and other related tablature on the web!325
Luke's Guitar TabsThe Newest Rock and Alternative TABs328
Crash Course in GUitar theory100+ Free Guitar Lessons341
Guitar tabs of heavy metal bands and musiciansguitar tabs- heavy metal345
Free guitar tabs - beatles tabs - tablatureThe best resource around for new updated tablatures and files of your favourite group/ artist!!!347
Hippy_TabsTablature Of The Bands From The Hippy- Era360
ez guitartabs,lyrics,chords362
Colleen's Guitar Tab Page#1 Source for Hanson Guitar Tabs on the Internet!370
Jill's A Little Of Everything Tab SiteMostly ska and punk, but it has others. Includes guitar and bass tabs.379 Tabs in Spanishesta bien chida385
American Standard's Guitar Tablature ArchiveTAB Discussion386
Britpop Guitar ArchiveNIce British sheet music396
Punk Guitar Tab ArchivePunk Tab, Links, Chat398
Gods Guitar ArchiveNo longer available410
Craig's Tab ArchiveThe greatest Tabs available on the net!413
The Acoustic Songbookmusic tabs for the acoustic guitar421
The International Lyrics Server52,000 lyrics of all music styles422
The Christian Music WebLyrics/Tab archive, Guitar Lessons424
MUSIC WORLDHuge quality tablature site470
Feedback - A 'New Wave' in Guitar TabsNo longer available485
Guitar Tab siteVisit this site for a Comprehensive list of guitar tabs ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana517
TabfinderTabfinder is new and rapidly growing568
Guitar Tabs PlusAll of the christian guitar tabs you want to know.582
Guitar Notes Guitar Musica large guitar tab search engine with tons592
Guitar Tablature OnlineThis site had all accurate tabs from all the new rap-metal bands. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Deftones, Coal Chamber, etc.595
Bass Tabs, Guitar Tabs and LyricsTabs for any guitarist, bassist or lyrics.614
Hardcore's Guitar TabsTABS FOR HARDCORE BANDS!625
Guitar TabsHas any type of Tab you Would Want635
Christian Guitar ChordsChristian Guitar Chords Chord Tab Tabs hillsong hillsongs united live best friend bestfriend friend678
1000' guitar tabsRock guitar tabs727
Acoustic Classical Guitar TabsAcoustic Classical Guitar Tabs756
dioXin Tablature ArchiveRare and not so rare tabs, along with a discussion and request area.887
GuitareTAB.comOver 30,000 Guitar Tabs. Old, new.. you name it we have it!902
The Acoustical Barnguitar tabs and makers lists903
ChordPro Song SearchRequest those ChordPro Songs you can't find920
Punk & SKA Tabs From JamSpotPunk and Ska tabs for guitar and bass.1218
alternative rock guitar tabslots of tabs for nirvana, silverchair, bush...etc1277
Fresh TabsFew but NEW !!1301
Heavy guitar tabsRock guitar tablatures can be hard to find! SO, here's the one guitarlink page you need.1475
The Ultimate Guide to Guitar and Praise MusicTABSs for CCM and Praise and Worship Music1555
Simon's tab worldGreat tabs Blink 182 ,greenday, led zepplin and more1560
All in tabsnearly tabs. from all the bands in the world1647
Acordes para GuitarraAqui muchas canciones para tocar1756
Free Christian Sheet MusicFree Christian Sheet Music for all styles of worship and many types of instruments2170
Billboard Guitar TabsBest place on the web for pop tabs.2283
Fresh TabsGuitar tabs of chart topping new songs!!2800
Jars of Christian Guitar TabsChristian Guitar Tablature Archive - Complete tabs, lessons, and more.2937
Hindi Guitar Tabs chords Indian SongsHindi Guitar Tabs chords Indian Songs3082
Arzakem's Guitar WebpageThe Tab Page5672

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