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guitar tabs and makers lists

I am only linked to the best sites. I have a wide variety of makers and tab links. if you dont find it ill find it for you.

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guitar tabs ng first love

hey...cnu poh bang mbait ang mag bbgay ng kopya ng guitar chords ng first love ni utada hikaru,,plzzzzzz bigyan nyoh nmn akoh ng kopya prang awa nyoh n !!!

the bass of nosi balasi i want to complete it \nn/

please..... im begging you...please give me the bass tab of nosi balasi by sampaguita, because i want to complete this....., ty... you always rock \nn/ the world

pre may copy k nba ng bass tab..?

send mu nmn skin

nosi balasi tab

mga tol share naman kau ng gitar tabs nung nosi balsi.... god bless.. rock is endless..

I'll Always Love You

Please send me the lyrics with guitar tabs of the song "I'll always Love"


a lil help hir.....please if u know the chords and the lyrics of the song "I'll Always Love You", please email me at!Please! If u send me the chords and the lyrics of this song,I WILL REALLY & SURELY THANK YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! Thank You So Much!!!!!


: a lil help hir.....please if u know the chords and the lyrics of the song "I'll Always Love You", please email me at!Please! If u send me the chords and the lyrics of this song,I WILL REALLY & SURELY THANK YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! Thank You So Much!!!!!

tab of kumusta ka and now and forever

could you give me a tab of kumusta ka by fredie aguilar and now and forever by ricard marx thanks

looking for guitar tabs of 6cycle mind

pede pong pa send sakin ung guitar tab ng "sige" by 6 cycle mind taga-tarlac din po ako...


pls send me the chords and lyrics of the song first lovge the japanese love song thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope someone can send to my email the chords/tabs for this beautiful song, or the link.thanksss!!!

Tab 4 "Dalagang Pilipina"by Freddie Aguilar!

Does anybody know the tab song of "Dalagang Pilipina"
by Freddie Aguilar? Pls,send info. Thanks much!

Guitar tab of "Dalagang Pilipina" by Freddie Aguilar

Does anyone know the tab chords for the song
"Dalagang Pilipina" by Freddie Aguilar? Pls
send if you have any info. Salamat!

lyrics and guitar tabs of darkness fell

pls. pls.. send nio nmn skin guitar tabs ng darkness fell..this is my email add <> thankx a lot!!!!


I eat dirt

always ng atlantic star

i nid it badly

TABS of Mr.Fredie Aguilar

can you create tab of anak and student blues by mr.fredie aguilar plsssssssss.....................................................


i need tabs for "hanggang ngayon" by kyla and that theme son gof mulawin by south border

chords of king and queen of hearts

can u pls pls pls send me the chords of king and queen of hearts,..pls pls pls thank u

Guy Clark, Dublin Blues

He played this song at Merlefest last year and I'd love to have the lyrics and tab. Can you help me?

guitartabs of its your love by gil



pls send me a tab of something to say by harem scarem

tabs of the ff...

hi to all of yooou out there!...
'hope you all having a good time.
i have been bustin' my ass trying to play imaginator by nelson and i just can't do it.
if any of you haaave a copy tab of this piece, please get me a copy too.
send it to my email..
thaanks veery much...

acoustic guitar tabs

pls. send me guitar tabs of something to say by harem scarem and other great acoustic tabs.

antonio banderas

i need antonio banderas tabs from ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO. Especially the one that he opens the movie with.

Something To Say and Honestly Guitar Tabs.

hi there!

Im Diszo from Philippines, I know how to play this two songs by Harem Scarem a complete version including the adlib part but i donw know how to write the GUITAR TABLATURE of this songs.

guitar tabs of mr. suave by parokya ni edgar

can u pls give me a copy of the song mr. suave guitar tabs

wolfgang tablature

pls send me guitar and bass tablature of halik ni hudas by wolfgang.ty

limehouse blues

hi: i'm really desperate to get hold of a transcription of reinhardt's limehouse blues which includes the entire guitar solo. any help would be much appreciated.

Tablature Request

Please send me Wolfgang's Tablature for guitar, for as many as you can. Please, I'm a stone cold dead fan of them.

chords ng binibini

kailanagn ko po ng chords (and lyrics) ng "binibini" ni janno gibbs..... i need it badly... thanks...... :)

razorback fan

can u send some tablature from razorback's musics like giyang...etc.? i will highly appreciate for your response. thnks!!

razorback fan

: can u send some tablature from razorback's musics like giyang...etc.? i will highly appreciate for your immediate response. thnks!!

for all we know

i'd like to request a tab. i don't know the artist but he/they made an acoustic version of a Carpenter song (for all we know). if you can, please e-mail me a tab... my woman really likes it and it would be grand if i can play it to her... thanks!!!

king and queen of hearts

could someone pls e-mail me the chords for king and queen of hearts?? coz i don't see the reply's here in the message board. thank you so muc, i appreciate it!

Just a little heartache

If anyone could give me chords for "Just a little Heartache" by Maria Arredondo I would be very grateful


i'll be by edwin McCain and your all i need by white lion.........
for stage presentation. plz


for my stage presentation,

Jimmy Bondoc Let me be the One guitar tab...someone pls tab it out! tulong!

help! pls.....i need the tab, i cant tab it out...hehe

guitar tabs

pls. send me the guitar tabs of "yugyugan na" by a Filipino band called POT... thank you!

guitar tab

classical intro ng something to say ni harem scarem. ung buo ok.

Guitar tabs of Parokya ni Edgar

Does PNE have an official website for their songs and tablatures? Hope they have one!

utada hikaru guitar tabs

please if ya' have any E-MAIL me!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!! +

PEDRO THE LION "rapture" TAB desperately wanted

has anyone bothered to figure out RAPTURE by pedro? coz i would really appreciate it if i could get my hands on it.....that is the best song by pedro atm

PTL - Secret of the Easy Yoke

Hey, I'm looking for a tab of Secret of the Easy yoke... it used to be on the dencity site but when I just now went to get it, the site has now disappeared.

guitar tabs

Can u pls. send me a guitar tabs of you dont love me anymore by weird al something i'm not familiar with the artist, and easy by faith no more

Richard Marx's Guitar Tabs (Now and Forever) eSpECia|Ly tHe gUItaR s0Lo!!~

I'm looking for Richard Marx's Now and Forever's guitar tabs, especially the solo. Thanks alot if you can get it for me. ^_^

guitar tabs and lyrics of harem scarem (honestly and something to say)

: pls. I need tabs of "honestly & something to say" by harem scarem


Does anyone have nothing else matters by mattalca

harem sacrem's had enough guitar tab

i really, really, really need tablature of had enough by harem scarem.

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