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Finger settings for hundreds of guitar-chords. Easy to use, fast, and complete. You get: finger positions, fret numbers, actual notes, optional notes, and more, all clearly displayed.

This Chord Finder is great because it doesn't just give you very detailed finger-setting information for more than 750 guitar chords, it is also very easy and quick to use. Just scroll throught the chords, and you will immediately see how to play them from the graphical picture that is built up from images like these:

Most interesting of all, however, is the awesome new print feature that allows you to print out entire songs at once! Just select the chords you want to print, enter a title and artist name and let Chord House build the page for you :-)

Hope you'll like it and find it useful! Let me know what you think :-)

- Erik

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Alternative chord finding tool

Chord house is a powerful tool. My band, Dance With Amps, have also come up with a similar tool but its different in a few ways. The fretboard images are whole images so you can copy and paste them into other documents. There are some predefined chords but you can also define your own chords. The most important feature is that the fretboard is also split into 5 subsections (frets 0-4, frets 3-7, frets 5-9, frets 7-11, frets 9-12) because a lot of people memorise patterns within subsections of the fretboard. Its easier to remember 5 frets at a time instead of 12!

You can find this tool at


hi..i want chord of rob thomas. the title is lonely no more, can you help me 4 this? ok thanks a lot


Can you please help me get a guitar chord chart

Chord House has become more powerful over the past years

Wow, this is an old post: 1999.

Since then, Chord House has become bigger, more beautiful and more powerful. It includes Midi sound now, allowing you to listen to any of the chord and scale selections in the Easy Guitar Room and the Piano Room. It displays correct enharmonic spelling in the Advanced Guitar Room and the Piano Room. You can pick from an amazing range of exotic scales. It has an awesome new forum with lots of Music Theory discussion. And so forth, and so forth.

Regular updates and enhancements keep this site fresh. It's the definitive chord and scale finder on the Internet.

Check it out, and enjoy :-)

- Erik

Would You please?

Would you please send me a doc which contains some chords that often being used? Thank you alot.

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