Fender Sunn Mustang

Posted by Richard on Sun, 06/10/01 - 12:35:25.

I was given this guitar in good condition last year. It is a black Fender Mustang (Sunn written on the neck by the machine heads). Does anyone have any idea of it's value as I have never seen another. Is this a rare guitar? Is it worth anything?

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Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

i say it would be about $1000-$3000 even though i dont have one or seen this specific one

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

Hi. I have a Sunn Mustang in black and in very good condition. I took it to a Fender dealer to be set up and the owner is a Fender collector - there's little he doesn't know about them. I asked about mine and he said it's a good guitar - better than the Sqier. I paid £100 for it a couple of years ago, and I'm now told it's worth £200! Good eh!

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

hey...I have a red sunn mustang, i paid aroung £50 for it. Does anyone know how much it would be worth?

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

Are we taliking about the same guitars here...there's the Sunn Mustang with the classic Fender headstock and there's models that have a variation of headstock...mine have been upgraded and resprayed in Fiesta Red and apart from the fact it has 22 frets they now look like '62 Strats

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

Are you mental? $1000-$3000? u must be crazy

i own this guitar as my brother passed it down to me. Its alright.

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

i'm from germany so please don't look at my bad english. I have a red and white Fender sunn mustang..it's my first and i love it!
I bought it in a shop in the netherlands for about 300 euro with equipement...thats not too bad..and i'm so happy with it!

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang


i'm a beginning guitar student and i bought the guitar you're talking about 2nd hand for a 100 euros... prices were lower than usual that week, so the combination of second hand and that reduction did the trick (and yes: as far as i have experienced the guitar is in good shape ;)

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

i have a sunnmustang bass and i have no idea of the value but i just want to know what u think of ures?

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I rather doubt that it's worth anything much. I just picked one up for £40 (approx $60)and I would think that's about right

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

yeah man i got a black and white fender sunn mustang and i bought mine 2nd hand for £45

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

: yeah man i got a black and black fender sunn mustang and i bought mine 2nd hand for 60 euro

fender mustang

where can i find a black and white Fender Mustang like the one used in the movie "Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!"??

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I got a red and white sunn mustang bout a year ago, second hand like. for £40

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I use mine every day. it hasn't messed up on me too much. it is a good starter guitar but it just doesn't look the best.

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I got an all black one 2 years ago, great starter guitar, £60 with amp + equipment, I've never seen another one though

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I'm about to buy a second hand sunn mustang strat (sunburn) with an amp and other equipment for like 200 euro's... I don't think it's value is comparable with an original strat...

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

i've borrowed one off a mate of mine and frankly it's a top guitar! clearly though it ain't worth much and sounds like a bag of nails when plugged in. But it plays great and is top for twanging away all day. It's all black and looks pretty good.

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

Heh,Got a sunn mustang about 2months ago....for free found it lying about in my school principles office.Its a copy of fender but made in India.Brought it to expert said it was a great guitar,durable and had got good sustain.Even though they are relatively cheap,they are becomiung rare enough,so I,ve decided to keep mine and do it up,because its a bit different than todays guitars.You gotta have something unique!I certainly aint got no probs with it anyway.

Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

The Sunn mustang plays like a dream. I was given it by my sister and i have never wanted another guitar since. The pick ups are brill, the slim neck design and finish make it smashing. Fender should be proud cos i am.


Re: Fender Sunn Mustang

I have my Sunn Mustang (by Fender) already for 10 (!!!) years and I still love this guitar. I play it every day and; lately I'm planning to buy a real fender strat; I hope this would feel the same... it 's a lovely guitar for a lovely price. I think now the sunn mustang is replaced by the entire Squier range...

sunn mustang

I learnt to play on a all black one that I got for my sixteenth birthday about 18 years ago. No longer have it unfortunately but it was a great starter guitar, nice sound, but the body split around the tremlo as I whammied it a bit too hard. Managed to fix it though luckily. It had a nice feeling on the neck which was made of maple. Loved it, wish I still had it. I ended up doing a swap with it for a cheap b.c.rich warlock copy which looked good but sounded terrible. I would recommend a sunn to anyone.

Can some one Tell me the pickups used by sunn Mustangs

I own a sunn Mustang made in india. its was bought by my grandpa during 1982. I need to know the pickups used my sunn mustang. Its a stock guitar

Re Sunn Mustang

If you got an early one with made in India on headstock - truss rod access again on headstock and stripe on back of neck and double humbucker in the bridge position- you’ve got the best one. I’m told the neck and body are Fender, as for the pickups the humbucker is allegedly a di marzio and the middle and neck I was told were Lace but having took one apart there is no manufacturers logo on them. They were quality guitars back then and made under licence.
The difference between a true 70s Strat and one of these is the slightly different pick guard shape and the Sunn only has 10 screw holes compared to Fenders 11 so you can’t put a fully loaded Fender scratch plate onto it, change machine heads, neck bolt plate and hey presto have a full on Fender which is a shame as it would be better than a late model Mexican in my opinion.
If you need to know the pick up make to replace them like for like I don’t think it’s important on what they were as long as you get the right size to fit and there’s so much choice now I wouldn’t know where to start.

sunn mustang indian

Hi did the indian sunn mustang come in a mottled finish ?? or it could be called stardust i suppose

sunn mustang 'mottle finish'

Ref the Trevor Smith Q, is he asking about the cream semi-glittery finish, one of the 3 standard finishes on the early models, others being black and red.
David Jackson

Wanted: Sunn Mustang Bass neck

Looking for a good straight Sunn Mustang Bass neck, snapped the truss rod in mine, beyond economical repair.

Message me should you have one for a reasonable price. UK based.


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