Castilla guitar

Posted by dagwood dagger on Mon, 10/13/03 - 16:18:56.

I have a guitar and I'm not sure of its value or origin or other information. My father gave it to me, and its sat around for years and now I'm taking intrest in it. The guitar has on the inside Castilla quality musical instrument model: CS-334. I would be happy if somebody had information on it or the year it was made. Thank you.

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Re: Castilla guitar

I also have a castilla.It is worth anything?

Re: Castilla guitar

I have a late '60's castilla electric strat style. cannot find ANY info anywhere about it. It is a good playing guitar has great quality neck...

Re: Castilla guitar

I have a castilla acoustic CS-60, it's been sitting in my sister's room for years, we have alot of guitars in this house so it was a surprise to find this one, it was so neglected the strings were too loose to make a sounds, fine condition, just covered in dust. My sister when she had used it, painted it, and it's rather pretty. The sound quality was good when I replaced the unusable, untunable strings with Petillo brand strings ((They have a custom pattent, and they sound AMAZING, way better then any generic string. Phillip Petillo is a luthier meaning he can make any stringed instrument, but his biggest demand is guitars, he makes guitars for alot of famous people including bruce springstein, his instruments are all up in the thousands if you get them custom made, but it's definatley worth it. If you ever need a guitar and have a few thousand bucks to blow, go to for the best guitar you've ever heard)) My guess on this, is that Castilla was a small time guitar company that never made it. Judging from the quality of this one I would guess it was a student model. If they are still in business somewhere they could give you more adequate information but I don't think any of them would be of much value, or I would have hear of this company before I found this guitar.

A Castilla 12 string with double hummingbirds pickguards.

This guitar has been with me for 25 years , with all 12 strings on the body would cave in and it would have high acton. So I turned it into a 6 string ,it looks strange ,but now it is very playable. I have not everr seen another lke this one. These were very cheep guitars from the 70s and 80s. , but well made. If anyone would like to see pics let me know . I would be verry happy to sell it for $100.

Castilla- 6 String guitar

I have had for 27 years. Any great value? Excellent Condition!!

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