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11. Archlute

Archlute (Arcileuto) from Gabinetto Armonico, first printed in 1716

<<< This is an Archlute (Arcileuto). Filippo Bonanni, born in Rome 1658, became a Jesuit, and in 1698 became the curator of the "Collection of Antiquities" formed by the celebrated Anthanasius Kircher and preserved in the Jesuit College. The "Gabinetto Armonico", first printed in 1716, is more comprehensive than any book on musical instruments until the "Real-Lexicon der Musikinstrumente" by Curt Sachs. (This engraving by Arnold van Westerhout.)

<<<Plate no. 37 from Filippo Bonanni's 18th century "Gabinetto Armonico".

Paul: This is a drawing of an archlute with its "split head" . I am truly unsure of the proper distinction, if any, between an archlute and a theorbo...   >>>

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