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I wanted to buy another PRS, but was told BAKERS are much, much better. I have heard good things about BAKER, like Robben Ford plays BAKER. I have a PRS so I thought, why not try a BAKER. Salesman told me it has a feel similar to a McCarty PRS. Far from true. SO! I tried to return the guitar and got the run-around. I was told my salesman was "OUT" and to call back. I call back and was told he was now "OUT SICK" I leasve a message for a manager to call back becuase he is also unvailable at this time. After several calls over a 7 day period I finally get a call back from Ed Roman himself who tells me the guitar is not returnable and would not give me a return number, and that if I ship it back, he will refuse it and I will be responsible for shipping cost both ways. Also, that he "TAPES" all his phone conversations. BUYER BEWARE!!!! when you deal with Ed Roman Guitars. I refuse payment with my Credit Card company and before they can put my claim through(less than a month) Ed Roman charges me off to a collections agency. NICE!? HUH!?

the guitar: 2004, Made in Japan or Korea though I was led to believe it was a USA made BAKER. 24 frets, 2 SD Black back humbuckers, PRS Body shape, cheap tuners and hardwear though I was told it would be tone pros. Nice looking finish for what it is, (a $500-$700 guitar, not $1500) maple top matching headstock, but noticeably cheap production like Korean made Ibanes/Schecter/EXP/Cort not USA HAND Made like I was told.

I have been playing for over 20 years. My gear consists of Black Face fender amps from '65 to '67, a Buddah Super Drive 30, a Dr Z Carman Gia combo. For guitars I have several Strats, 1 Tele, PRS McCarty, 2 McNaught Vintage 22's double cutaway, a 1920's Regal resonater wood body, Guild 12-string, and an electric reso. I have never expereienced anything like this with any music store or dealer in my life. I can assure you I will never buy or recomend buying from Ed Roman EVER!!!! If there is any one else that reads this and has had a similar experience, please feel free to contact me. Ed Roman Guitars has several complaints of filed against him with the Better Business Buraeu. All you need to file a class action lawsuit is 7 people. He uses false advertising to sucker in people like you and me. So I would not settle for a Jap?Korean? copy of any kind. Not that those guitars are not good, they serve a purpose for beginer or gig guitars but not for some one that wants a nice USA built guitar. If there is anyone considering a BAKER that Ed Roman is selling, I would recomend getting a Schecter Classic neck through body. It is half the price and twice the guitar.

IF THERE IS ANYONE ELSE WITH A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE OR IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH ED ROMAN, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT . I am trying to get enough people together for a class action lawsuit against ERGuitars for false advertising. Thank you.

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Lee, glad you're over the missing DVD :wink: . That's a good one. On another forum (which makes me, in ER's eyes, the biggest pile of faggots since the Salem Witch-hunts) there was a sudden rush of 'coily cable' ironic jokes.

I love that "how to capture that vintage tone" stuff. It occassionally makes me swing a handbag ( :wink: again). I read crud like where the Fender truss rod adjuster is best placed, scratchplate materials, etc. ER is right, coiled cables are cack - total impedance nightmares. Oh, hang on, they're the "missing link" in the Holy Grail of the Hendrix Tone. Cancel those lessons...

I checked my post today, and guess what? no DVD, im trying to forget but its difficult, i cant sleep some nights, other nights i wake up at 3 in the morning after having nightmares about it, it wont be long before im under the doctor with it, these people and their promises, they dont know the chaos and carnage they leave behind...... i'll keep everyone posted on this, it might run and run.. :cry:

I've got this strange image of Lee "under the Doctor", with the runs, trying to find a DVD. Please, for all our sakes,, send the man his disk :)

Even Ed would have sent one by now, my nerves are in tatters, i just dont think i can take any more, HitchHikers guide to the galaxy looks good though, anyone seen it yet? I bet it cant live up to Alien Vs Predator, what a film that was.

I can feel my anorak rustling, but I'm a semi-"Hitchikers" expert/nerd. I remeber the '80s BBC TV series making a right mess of the original. Hope the film's better...

The guy out of 'The Office' looks good in the main part, is it Ford Prefect? i read the book at school and cant remeber that much about it, i remember like you the BBC tv series was a bit of a low budget hash, but it had some good bits too.

I know this is an old thread but I'm a new victim and I just joined this site. I thought I had investigated the Baker guitars enough to buy one off ebay. It was advertised as retailing for $1899. In the end, I have a Korean product. I paid only$500 including a PRS hard shell case, so the deal may be at least fair. But I would have paid less for a Korean guitar with a different name on it. On the positive side, this Baker Bushwacker is pretty, and play pretty well (see below for a caveat). It has two humbuckers with coil taps. Although there is a range of tones available ,it is less than my Paul Reed Smith and Warmoth guitars. It seems well made but we will see.

Here's the interesting part. I have the quitar so I might as well find out what I can about it and make the best of it. I go to the ed roman home page and the emails are turned off. They say you can call but only about buying, they don't want to entertain questions about product unless it is how to buy.

Here's what I have. The hardware does seem ok. The saddles on the bridge don't rattle as in a previous review. I just went back and checked and the bridge seems solid. The neck appears to be ebony but I can't be sure. The action is low and fast. However the high e string seems somewhat close to the edge of the neck. I don't know the gage of the strings and would like to know what is recommended for the nut. The clear finish seems quite thick. The guitar is light in weight and does feel good on me while standing. Perhaps I will call today and see if I can get answers. I have a Korean PRS that I paid less for and they seem about the same in quality. They have about the same range of tones but completely different necks. The Baker has a thinner neck which I prefer to the PRS fat neck. I feel confident that I can get questions answered about the PRS, they are not embarrassed to sell a Korean made product and support their costomers. Right now I'm not feeling that way about the Baker brand but hopefully I'm wrong.

Are all the Baker models now make in Korea? Ed's site talks about the handmade neckthrough models being made in the states but is the standard line no longer constructed here? This would be in contridiction to his buy American stance, one I support by the way.

Roman Guitars are currently Ripping Me Off now 8/16/2018

I bought a new old stock Michael Spalt hybrid bass. They improperly packed it when the sent it it was damaged. I just happen to run my finger over a crack in the body. I had it for 10 days. They said I had it too long to get a refund. They have no policy on shipping damage. Their trying to lump me in with the people who just didn't want their guitars. They've taken my money hostage to make me have to accept a repaired cracked bass . And them not returning any of my money for the bass being devalued.

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