Hottest Muso Above 30

Amy Grant was in my inbox this morning - bit of alright I thought - for someone who must be closing in on 40 at least??? Maybe Mariah Carey at a close second.

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Hottest Muso Above 30

Well, that'd be me, then :)

On a side note, I read that Guy Richie and Madge had a big row about what she was wearing for the MTV awards. Being a mock-Cockney, he probably said stupid stuff (never say this to a woman) like "Don't you think you're too old... after a couple of kids, shouldn't you be..." etc etc.

Still, he's absolutely right. If I were him, I'd take one look at her new video and really lay it on the line (or perhaps hire Vinnie Jones to say it)

"I've seen women over 40 with batwings. But what's the idea of bat-thighs and a leotard?"

:lol: Well, whilst I didn't watch the awards, I read Borat called her a tranny. Please confirm.

Correctomundo. And Madge (who had used Sacha Baron Cohen in his "Ali G" alter-ego for the "Music" video) was not amused.

Sacha was, as usual, on the money. There are plenty of oggle-icious over-forty girlies I like to see. With a bit of restraint. Madge, however, thinks "restraint" is a leather gimp-mask, or banning her kids from watching TV. She always did look like a Gaultier-coned tit even in her prime, but now she's making anyone squirm. Next thing you know, she'll try rapping...

The tragedy is, I was just starting to take her seriously. Tragedy for me, that is. I doubt that she gives a flying proverbial for my opinions. Still, she's swapping acting for directing/producing. That's great news. Her keen eye for a script (like "Body of Evidence") will come in really handy.

I never rated her. Always annoyed the shit out of me, in particular that song where she was a some sort of wannabe juvenile delinquent causing a stir at a petrol station, or "gas station" for the Americans.

Edit to add off Google news: "Sharon Osbourne has launched a scathing attack on Madonna, saying she looks like "an old hooker"."


I'm so glad I actually read this thread, I thought you meant hottest in a playing ability way, my post would have been so wrong :oops: over 30 guitar-gods don't tend to be the hottest lookers...Keith Richards anyone?

Definately not Madonna though, a bit too: blond, skinny, wrinkly and annoying.

How old is Danni Minogue?

Well according Stacey, shes 30 odd something. I'd prefer Kylie anyways.

"Scott's been killed in an arse-scratch!"

Stacey may know Robbie William's star-sign, DOB, etc. I'm attempting to sound less sexist; he may be a hot over-30. Does Joanna Lumley sing? In the bath? Sans clothes? Does that qualify? She can just talk in her gorgeous, plummy voice for all I care. Lovely gal.

Back on topic, I'm often drawn to Polly Harvey

Robbie Williams was born on the 13 February 1974 and his starsign is Aquarius !!!!!!

:lol: :D :lol: :D

So he's over 30, just. But, is he a hottie, Stace?

See, I knew I wasn't sexist - I trust the birds to know all that starsign rubbish. It's 'cause they're always sticking their noses in Hello! when they're having their roots done.

( :oops: -----> exit)

Of course i rekon Robbie Williams is a hottie ! How could any woman not find him attractive !! :lol: :D :lol: :D

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