what do you think would give a better slash tone?

an epiphone les paul standard or an epiphone les paul classic?

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:shock: Tone?? man dats a big question,just a guitar is not responsiable for a paticular tone,you have the amp and the way it is set,any effects that was used,size of strings,and how the insturment is handled, Ive got this big problem with tryin to copy someone else, Look for your own personal tone, 8)

well i am just curious what would bring you closer to his tone or sound, the epiphone les paul standard or epiphone les paul classic

gg, AFAIK, Slash plays a Gib LP Standard, but you probably know that already. I agree with 601 that it's not easy going down the route of buying similar gear but here are some possibly useful links:


and this one (a bit less useful)


he plays a standard, but then doesnt he have Seymore Duncan pups?

yea but the epi les paul standard and epi les paul classic are both the exact same except the standard has closed humbuckers and the classic has open coil humbuckers. the pickups are even the same pickups, one just has covers and one doesnt

Isn't it possible to buy the std and unscrew the covers if you want to? :)

I don't think the covers will have anything but a marginal effect, if that really is the only difference.

is it that easy to just remove the pickup covers? just unscrew them?


There is a rumour, well its more than rumour that Slash doesnt in fact use a Gibson but had a LP standard made by a luthier to his spec and had the Gibson Logo forged on the headstock. Cant remember the name of the guitar maker but the story is supposed to be true, and he also uses Seymour Duncan pups, so his asscociation with Gibson is a little bit thin.
pickup covers:
it does involve a soldering iron too, but are you sure they are the same pups? im not sure they are, are the Epi's made by Seymore Duncan? do they have the same magnets and the same amount of windings? the covers dont have any effect on the tone, as far as i know you can remove them but you do need a hefty old soldering iron.

well i phoned gibson and asked them about the epi lp's and the guy said they were exact same pickup just the standard has covers. and i dont think they are made my seymour duncan

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