Pie in the sky.. (overoptimistic ebay starting bids)


I had to blink, rub my eyes, get up off the floor and phone for counselling.
open this link with great caution. (make sure you are seated).

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I had a thing for getting S-W amps, but a tech I know was giving me major warn-offs. He reckons they're rubbish (I know they're linear and a bit too clean for Marshall types) but he means RUBBISH, not just so-so-sounding. All the ones he's had through required major corrective surgery.

What really irritates me is that people spend time and effort constructing a website for virtually unheard of little English amp makers like Bird, Impact and the like but it gets abused by ignorant chancers. The amps used to sell on Fleeb for easily under the ton but now stupid eedjits find this info on a web search and slap a ridiculous price on their "prized and much sought after" possession.

I put it about on the vintage amps forum that I was after a S-W PA200. I reckoned it would make a nice project, described the good points but wouldn't pay more than £50-£75 like recent auctions went for. Next thing I know, some arse puts one on Fleeb, £695 BIN and says "don't listen to that moron on Plexi Palace", then quotes half of my text about its better points. He even registered under a different name on PP to argue with me that "the seller" had put a fair price on it. I didn't fall for that one.

Anyhoo, stopping the rant. I haven't got the URL but look on ebay.com for an auction for four Gold Lion KT77 (fancy EL34) tubes still in their wrappings and boxes. Opening price of $1,899 for the four :shock: :roll:

just sent him a question, over the ebay channels:

I think you have put the wrong start price, you state £1,000 surely you mean £100? with a £1,000 start price you are ensuring 2 things,
1. You will get a listing charge from ebay.
2. You keep the rest of us Valve amp users laughing for weeks to come.
You really should correct it, but thanks for the amusement anyway.

Oooh Lee :lol: . Wasn't the seller from Finland? He might email you back that the price of two bottles of whiskey seems fair for a valve amp :lol:

Is it true Finland has the highest suicide rate in Europe?
If they are being forced to use amps like this then we can start to understand the stress they must be under.

Just sent him another mail the usual told you it wouldnt sell etc. :lol:

Quite a few of the pre-Sound City takeover "Impact" amps went to Scandinavia. Sixten has a nice site on them, and those 60W Impacts really are a beautiful looking bit of wiring. I used to wait for one to end significantly below £100, I'm such a cheapskate, but there's very little chance of that now. Everybody does a search and reads Sixten. They usually clear £200 and that could be argued to still be a good price.

Incidentally, that "one of 35 made" Ford Mustang anniversary Strat is back with its $18,000 price tag. I don't care if Ed Roman did sell one at $25,000 (meaning their real value is about $10k :P ) - it's an ugly mutha.

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