Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson

Hi fellow guitar enthusiast, it's been a while since I last wrote. I trust you had a great holiday season and I wish you the very best for 2006.

If you haven't been to the Guitar for Beginners and Beyond forum for a while, you're in for a surprise. Membership is passed the 5000 mark last night, up from just 316 when we changed the format in late November.

What has changed?

- First of all, my gal Clancy, who has been with me for the last 20 years, took over the running of the forum. She is an expert in all things Internet, including php coding and scripts. She has installed and tweaked the forum software to suit our needs and is there to troubleshoot whatever problems may arise.

- She also moved all the lessons, close to 80 now, into the forum. No longer do I make you vote in advance for the lessons, they're readily accessible for anyone who is a registered member of the forum, which is, of course, free. Remember, the lessons consist of a movie/tablature/conventional notation/midi files and written plain English commentary. You really can't help but learn.

- We have also recruited the help of James, who goes by the name Neilsonite on the forum. He is a guitar teacher by trade and has put together some great beginners lessons which can be found in his own sub-forum. He has a great way with words and leaves no stone unturned.

- We have several other great twangers who drop by daily to answer the many questions posed, from music theory to guitar maintenance to hardware and software ... all bases are covered.

- I have also started a series of beginners lessons. I do realize that the finger style lessons I have been creating over the years are a little advanced for real beginners. They can be found in a new sub forum.

I have posted several new lessons myself since I last wrote, including some basic strumming lessons and a new lesson describing the family of notes and chords known as 'The Key', well worth the read. It shows in a very graphic way how the scale gives rise to the related chords.

There is also a movie/tab/midi lesson of a great old standard called Besa me Mucho, a lot of fun to get the fingers around.

[url=|Q|i|E|currentmesg|A|e|E|subscriberemailec|A|l|E|]That's all at Guitar for Beginners and Beyond.[/url]

In other news, my book PlaneTalk, written for those a little further along the track than beginners, continues to demystify the fretboard. Here is what Rusty told us all in the private PlaneTalkers' Forum which you can join when you've bought the book:

"I'll tell you one thing right off the bat. When I bought this, I had already had enough books/tapes to have a yard sale. I was at a plateau that was hard to shake. I didn't want to spend more money. But because the homepage here was basically describing a guy like me (quite a few years playing, some knowledge, but somehow still not there) I felt it was made for me. I took the chance and can say I learned more from you in 2 nights of reading that book than all the 8 years of other books. It just had a way of laying it out somehow that made sense.

Even more than that, it got me FREED UP to improvise and concentrate on the MUSIC and improvising, instead of being held back by 'what scale'."

Rusty, from the PlaneTalkers' Forum

[url=|Q|i|E|currentmesg|A|e|E|subscriberemailec|A|l|E|]Check it out at the PlaneTalk site.[/url]

So, a whole lot of twangin' goin' on many fronts. Come and take part if you're not already!


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