Does anyone know what these are worth???

Help... I recently inheritted a few guitars from my bro who passed away. I have NO IDEA what they are worth...anyone with some knowlege of these particular axes please advise, I would greatly appreciate.

TAYLOR W14c Walnut Grand Auditorium Cutaway 6-string w/case
FENDER Vintage series '57 Strat. blk w/original case.
MARTIN HD28S '84 Vintage. Original owner, Lifetime owners waranty certificate.

All are in excelent condition.

Any help on the value of these, thanks in advance.....

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Bill, the quickest way to check this out is

Use the search box and type the salient points (eg Martin) then click on the 'completed listings' checkbox. Use more info (HD28S, 1984) in the searchbox if there are too many hits. Repeat this process for the Taylor and Fender. This will give you an idea of what people have been prepared to pay for these guitars.

I have to say that your brother bought quality instruments; not to be sold for pin money at the pawn shop. If I may, I'd like to express condolences. Although I don't know you Bill, I do know how it is to lose someone close.

I have looked on e-bay several times for these items, however I can never find one that is the same model or year, so it leaves me with no real value.......thanks for your reply

then try checking harmony central, the user reviews give a guide to cost of instrument.

Hi Bill,

I agree with previous posts that eBay is probably the best way to determine a current selling price for your instruments but I'll offer you some ballpark values for your instruments along with the disclaimer that an instrument is only worth what another individual is willing to pay for it.

Your Taylor is probably around $1,000-$1,2000.

You need to determine whether the 57 Vintage series Strat is American or Japanese manufactuer. Around $500 if it is Japanese and $1,000 if American.

Your Martin HD28s is probably in the $1,500-$1,800 range.

Now at least you have my opinion. SB

Bill, you may wonder how to verify whether the Strat RI is US or Japanese. Look at the serial number (either on the headstock or the neck-body plate). There is an excellent site (just type "Fender serial dating" into your search engine) that will convert your serial number into the year of manufacture and tell you the manufacturer source. I think $500 for (esp an early) Japanese RI is a bit light. These are much better than Fullerton's early RI attempts, and attract good $.

BTW, "Fender serial dating" will get you more than just info on year of manufacture for electric guitars. Some search engines may turn up matches for finding lots of interesting girls in car parks. You probably don't want to click on those links...

i think 1bassleft is right, $500 for an early jap is under value, they call those early jap models 'Japanese Vintage' and they are considered to be very special, i know a few blues players who use nothing else, the serial number for that jap range begins with JV for jap vintage, even Ywengie has a few in his collection, and we all know what planet he is on, scalloped fret board above the first octave??? earth to Ywengie earth to Ywengie.

Sorry for your :D Loss Bill. :(

We live in such an internet world. C'Mon Guys Bill needs an appraiser, or vintage dealer such as etc. That '57 Strat is probably more than any e-bay clown or what's the other site you mention? are you kidding? I would definitely hook up with an "honest" if you can find them vintage dealer and or appraiser. Both. Now getting the value in cold hard cash is a different story. Let's say the strat is worth $15K just for kicks it may be less or more! Getting someone to fork it over is (reality) real value.

You have some fine instruments there...I wouldn't mess around. Check out or 1.888.247.2009. A "cat" like Dan Erlwine who writes maybe found through Guitar Player mag or go to book stoore and check titles that he has written and possibly e-mail for some expert type advice...not the going rate on e-bay...craaaaaaazeeee.

Errr, yes. That as well. :?: Oh, I've just got what you're saying. No, this is a "Reissue" 1957. Fleeb or Harmony Central is a reasonable thumbmark of value. An actual US genuine '57 Strat would, I agree, be better handled more professionally (IMHO)

There are several options for you to consider. There are many vintage guitar shops out there that could assist you, but for me, the best luck I've had when seeking assistance of this kind is via two main sources: 1. The 12th Fret guitar store in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. They are an amazing custom shop (and have done work for the Rolling Stones among others). They can appraise the instruments and provide a history of the instrument. They are on the web at I believe, They actually have a vintage 1840's Martin for sale !!
2. Alternatively, if you live in the USA, get the instrument appraised by Lark In The Morning, a world music/rare instrument store located in San Francisco. You can find them on the web at They can do appraisals for $50 USD if you send them some good photos of the instrument(s).

Regards and good luck from the blackmandolin !

blackmandolin wrote:
They can do appraisals for $50 USD if you send them some good photos of the instrument(s).

Regards and good luck from the blackmandolin !

Thats usualy the grind right there, most people that come on here are asking for aprox valuations, thats all we give, the going rate, if the instrument is of any worth then of course a proper valuation would be in order.
The 57 Strat as 1bassleft has said would probably be a Jap reissuse as the guy discribed it as a 'Vintage series' i dont think they had a Vintage series running in 1957, but correct me if im wrong, was that a 2 tone vintage series that Buddy Holly used to play?

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