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I've been to several forums and review sites but all I can find are reviews of the more high-tech equipment.

Basically, I've got some b'day money and decided I need all the essential bits; leads, straps and the like but I have no idea what I'm looking for. Should I just buy the most expensive lead I can afford or are there certain things to look out for? A mate of mine used to make up his own, is this worth while? Recomendations or buying advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Tim wrote:
I've been to several forums and review sites but all I can find are reviews of the more high-tech equipment.

Hi Tim, Just for fun I have reviewed two of my most favourite low-tech equipments at URL:
I hope you find that useful.
Best wishes,
Bob #==(o )

:shock: If you can get them Monster Cables Are top for me!!

I got Monster cables too, they are excellent, but buy them in the States, they are half the price, i bought 2 on a very good deal on ebay, if you want some let me know and i'll see if i can find my old contact details, he also put down that they were under £18 so no tax to pay....sssh.

I make up patch cables, i buy a very good quality guitar cable and butcher it, Neutrik jacks are good but a bit more expensive.

Thanks Bob, you're slowly winning me over to try the Behringers!

The Monster cables look good, thanks for your advice, I'll definately chase them up. Just need to figure strap, case and the like now.

:shock: talkin Behringer!! I just added a berhringer compressor to my live sound and a maximiser to my studio, GREAT!! big diff. Better vocal enhancement and clearer instruments!! can't beat them for the price!!

Tim, with cables it's worthwhile if you expect no more than good quality, crackle-free linkage that'll show up your cheapies for their low build level. The "this cable really enhances the upper-mids and the treble has lost a lot of its harshness thanks to improved harmonics" stuff I'm very pinch of salt about. I accept that ears tell you more than an oscilloscope is letting on, but the physics is against the idea that cheaper cables muffle certain frequencies. Even more so for bass. If it does sound better to you; great - bonus, but buy it for build quality

Made-up cables can be very good, but the quality of the guy's soldering is absolutely critical. There good deals on FleebUK where guys will make a lead from Canare and Neutrik or Switchcraft jacks for the sort of money you'd pay for a Peavey lead down at the store. Buy one and, if it's good, order some more from the same seller.

Also, I don't know what Aria you have, but I always strung it with the expensive Elites stainless steels. For a month or so, you'll have the brightest, most piano-like E-string you can get. Acquired taste, but I loved it. Nickels suit my current best bass, but I might put Elites on the backup and try a real contrast out of the pair. OR, seeing as you have three basses, why not get one flatwound. Wump-thump jazz and Motown to go!

For those who are interested, i just bought 10 Nuetrik right angled 1/4inch jack (mono) for a company in Birmingham, 99p each plus £3.50 delivery, Neutriks are one of the best brands around, they are usualy 3 times that, im going to make up some 6 inch patch cables for my pedal effects.


you never know, there maybe someone out there who still uses a soldering iron. :lol:

Thanks Bass, unfortunatly I have 3 stringed-instruments, only on (the Aria) is a bass :cry: , one day I'll have more. I tried stainless once, waaaay too twangy, after a year they sounded slightly better, then they snapped.
I do fancy flats but only having one bass I think this would be too limiting, the Aria has a good tonal range so I think I'll get middle of the road strings and rely on that.
Which Nickels are you using? I'm currently playing Rotosound Swing Bass66 in 45-105, quite nice now they've settled down.

Totally agree with the lead thing, I want one I can accidently stand on...lots, as my style seems to consist of staggering around tying my self in knots! I read some reviews which spoke about all that other stuff but really it's going to be connecting a semi-shafted Aria to totally-shafted Peavey...

A lot of the reviews of the Monster's did mention how long they last, which makes them tempting. I have seen some lead making services around and that is definately something I'd consider. I haven't soldered for quite a while (I also once picked up my soldering-iron like a fountain pen, scarred myself for life :roll: )

Crikey, Tim. Bass guitar is so complex you're using 3-stringed instruments now? Or is the solder-iron blister forcing you to change your playing?

Once again, we're at odds :lol: . The "DANG-ping" thing was what I liked about the Elites. Once they dulled off (around the point you could bear them) that's when I wished I could cough up for replacing them. Interesting, though; I found they snap early in their life... maybe because I dig in quite a bit with SS strings?

With the nickels, I'm still on the OEMs, even though the bass is some three years old now. They seem to mellow with age and any output loss is not an issue with me on this gear. I read somewhere that there's only five or so string-makers worldwide, so there must be a lot of rebranding going on. I bought some sets of "Copley" 5s back when you didn't get cheap bass strings in Blighty. I don't have a preferred nickel brand yet but I do insist on 45-105 for roundwounds. Hate the lighter gauges and, yep, I don't think I could live with flats as my only. On a backup, yes but wouldn't want to be stuck with them for every song.

I think you may have fiddled with my hyphens there! And no, the blister has been a little scar for a good long time now.

Can you play every song with the twangy-pingy sound? Never liked it myself as long as you feel what I'm playing in your stomach, I'm happy. If I feel the need to be all 'in-yer-face' I use the bridge p-up and maybe even the D string!

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