:lol: Just recieved my new National Resonator last friday!! Ive been wanting to sharpin my slide skills for some time now! I was messing around last weekend with open G and open D tuneings, I prefere the open D the scales on open D were more familar to me !! found a lot of songs just messing around! Any slide players here?? :roll:

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My current guitarist does occasionally, 601, usually on a normal solid electric although he has a cheapish resonator (don't think I've ever heard him use it :shock: ). We have a song we call "BeckWeiser" because of the slide over a repetitive, Beck-like bass line. My previous lead guitarist in sub rosa was fond of it (again, on a Strat) and used it to good effect combined with a Wah pedal.

Weirdest of all was this guitar playing poet barmyhead who got involved with some of our gigs. He'd borrow Jason's Strat and (while he looked on nervously) played it with a butter knife handle and a screwdriver blade while spouting on about "Blandland Refugees". Robb Stacey - that was the guy. He did that in the interval, then joined us for a last song so I held the tempo back while he did his thing then, after he finished, slowly wound it up (the drummer actually cottoned on, for once - or maybe drummers just naturally speed up anyway :) ) to normal pace and we did our song.

Because the place was full of Art and Fashion students, it went down like a bomb. Very avante-guarde. It's a pity the bottleneck isn't tried out more often and in different settings.

:shock: I do a style I call hard edge Blues!! the older Blues men Ive played with say I don't play Blues they say it sounds like rock to them! However Iam still searchen for the sound I hear in my head, if that makes any sense!! But the open tune slide used with taste can produce some very BOLD statements, I used a friends lap steel on my New CD in a song titled [Time Machine] to set a feelin and I was happy with that, I love the scale picked notes, But it does have its limits for sho! But you combine it with a hot bass line !!! it makes me breath hard!!

:shock: If you guys can make it I will be at the 930 road house this saturday night! With ironin board Sam!!! Jackson Mississippi!! let me know I'll save you a seat stage side!!! Ive worked up 1 song with the Resonator!! [waitin at da depot] can't wait to get away!!

Easyjet don't do Liverpool-The Delta yet so I can't be there, but have an excellent gig, 601 and tell us about it soon after. It'd be nice to hear about some gigs. All I do is sit and perlunk with the guitarist while the other guys in the band are busy breastfeeding :cry:

:shock: I understood soon after!!! but the rest was BS! But I will keep you informed!! For :!: sake!!!

:lol: If I'd tried English, I meant "too many of my band have hands full with young kids. Wish I were gigging; good luck with yours"

but I never type straight :) Also, I just modified your text a little, 601, just to keep the offence police off our back. I doubt if it would've bothered any of us regulars, but GS (last time I looked) tries to keep it F, C and S, free so's the youngsters can look in. Hope you don't mind me interfering like that.

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