Post competition - are you game enough!

Well actually you could be a complete pussy to participate, so don't worry.

At time of writing there is 679 topics the General Guitar forum. Whomever makes the 711th topic will receive the choice of his/her own coloured squares and personal slogan near their avatar. Simple.

Some of you might say that's about as exciting as watching the Live 8 DVD 32 times consecutively (with Bob's commentary turned on)... and well... you'd probably be right. But ey! it's the best I can do.

Let the games begin!

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Coming soon;
"Plectrums I have liked"
"Help! Should I spell it gauge or guage?"
"What shorts does Angus use on stage?"
"Top 3 Australian rock bands"

LOL sounds cool :)

Tim takes it out, the crowd goes wild.


Edit: because I checked my PMs, cool, the pressure's on to think of something now...

Congrats, Tim. Just as well, you were heading towards the "lead virtuoso" tag at your rate of posting. I never felt right with that tag when I got it.

Thanks, just wondering whether to go down the symetical route with my squares like the rest of you?...time to open up photoshop me thinks...

I am achieving virtuosity but I'm doing it one note at a time I'm a virtuoso of A (when played 5th fret on the E) so far.

Who on earth would want to venture away from the squares. It's a proven winner! :P

I did a web search to find out what symetical means. Blow me, 67 hits :) . Seeing as you've been ennobled you might be interested to tears by the story of my and Lee's squares. Lee's represents the centre of the Union Flag (Lee UK, geddit?) and mine was kindof offered to Lee but I took it. I thought it reminded me of Gene Simmons' tongue-out visage.

I'm not a Kiss fan, but I wanted something reminiscent of a front-of-stage bass player rather than the bloke at the back who's seen for three seconds in a video. No amount of Photoshop would turn six squares into a warty face over a Rickenbacker, so I went for Gene instead. I was made-up when I saw it, to use a Liverpool expression. If you're true to form Tim, I have a feeling you might go for black x6 :lol:

I was very tempted by the all-black idea but I've found a really nice purple to go with it (6633CC)
Michael, don't worry squares are good, as Bass kindly pointed out I meant Symetrical, colour-wise.
Didn't realise it should have a story, maybe all black with 1 white, it could represent the Northern Star, like me!

Well let me know your choice of pattern (all 6633CC?) and slogan and I'll pop it in.

That purples great Tim. Really. I think it will encourage the female readers to post more as well as less man colour inclined males :P

As I was discussing with Stacey yesterday - is there such a paint colour as Man Blue? She thought this gents Jag was Royal Blue, I begged to differ, and thought it was actually Man Blue. I was told no such colour existed.

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