Taurus Guitarras Luitherie

I have a Taurus guitar that I purchased in Barcelona in 1967. The label says "Made in Spain Taurus Guitarras Lutherie Barcelona-12 Paseo del Monte 26." There are two inked numbers “60” and “1966” that I assume mean that either it was the 60th made during the 1966 production year or it is a model 60 made in 1966.

When I went to the music shop in Barcelona to look for an instrument, I did not see/test anything that pleased me, and told the owner so. He took me up stairs where he had his “special guitars,” and that is where I found the guitar. I paid $165 for it including a fur like -lined hard case.

I have tried find out more information about the guitar, but have not been very successful. The Flamenco playing owner of the local guitar studio here in Kansas City says that it resembles a Ramirez student guitar of the same vintage, and many of the Ramirez student guitar at that time were made by other luthiers and marketed under the Ramirez name. I have searched the Internet several times without success. Today, however, I found a commercial site that confirms the proprietor.

The web site says that Antonio Picado Berga, a guitar maker in Barcelona, worked in the “Taurus” workshop from 1968 to 1982 and that many Ramirez student guitars were made by the Taurus workshop during that time. Ramirez student guitars from that time currently sell for $1,000 to $2,000. The new Berga models are listed from $900 to $4,000.

I know that the guitar still has an excellent tone if a little worse for wear after 30 years of being hauled all over the US and on seven major deployments with the U.S. Navy, and that is all I know about Taurus Guitarras. However, I would like to know more. For example what would it cost to replace it? Does the Taurus workshop still exist? What sort of reputation to the instruments have? Etc.

Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Taurus lutherie No 49 (1977, bought from Casa Turbau, Tossa)

After some visits to music shops recently I was so disappointed with the tone of guitars I happened to try (and the prices asked!) that I wondered if my instrument was something special, because of the mellow tone, not to be found with any of the guitars I saw in the music shops. I had owned a Mittenwalder (spruce top) before, but I play my Taurus now for fourty years. I would not want to give it away for the beautiful full tone, the excellent craft of all details and, over all, the fact, that the tone has become better and better over the years. I believe the guitar has got a pine top, ebony bridge and fretboard and mahogany body (back and sides).

Taurus 1977 Model 52

I bought a Taurus 1977 Model 52 when I went to Barcelona for a student vacation in 1977. Now as a retiree, I am playing guitar again after many years not touching this Taurus. My question is " what telling us the model 52 ? is there other model for Taurus 1977 " ? thank you.

Taurus Guitar Model 56

Hi, I am a former owner of a guitar shop in Houston, Texas. I first got acquainted with Taurus when purchasing instruments for my shop. At the time, I bought two guitars, Model 56 ($350 retail) and the model most expensive they made at the time, Model 60, selling for $500.00. Keep in mind, these were 1969 prices. I ordered direct from Spain and received a nice letter from them and was also surprised to receive a person phone call all the way from Spain (and no Internet, just a real phone call long distance). I sold the Model 60 and kept the Model 56 which to my ears had a better tone quality than the expensive one. Now out of the business, I have nearly 20 personal guitars including 4 classic style instruments. The quality of workmanship in those days was meticulous. The wood for the top straight grained and beautiful matching rosewood backs and sides. I've been very pleased, and yes, the sound quality over the years from 1969 to the present 2018 is like a fine vine and only gotten better much to my satisfaction. There are still a lot of guitar enthusiasts that are not acquainted with the Taurus Company. I can only sing praises to my guitar. In fact as a composer/arranger for the classical guitar, I intend to play it at an upcoming concert in California in 2019. I have always desired a little better bass response, but the overall sound is excellent!

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