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Another purchase, so I thought I'd start a thread for people who like to yak about the other two-thirds of their sound. TBF, I don't think my speakers would interest many here because, y'know, bass requirements differ. Still, here's the latest that I've long had an interest in but it's just the off-auction pic as I haven't received yet. An Impact 60:

and rather than me blather on about it, plenty of info on Sixten's Impact site: I'd be very interested to get the Impact 100W he mentions; cathode-biased 4xEL34 - interesting even if it does burn up most current-production tubes.

I'm going to transfer over some earlier posts that clogged up "Show us your guitar" thread so apols and scroll down to those that have seen them already. Please punt in any/all of your amp/cab/combo pics and why you do/don't like... :)

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I haven't tried H+K, but I know of plenty who have been happy with the performance for the price. Hoosier, I wish that YBA1A were still around. I've hankered for one for a long while, but the secret's out. Just before this last fortnight's holiday, one came up on FleebUK. Despite having more amps than credit in my current account, I put in a bid and did think I might just get it for £150 with seconds to go. Then all the snipers kicked in and it went for waaay more 2 secs later.

601, I know the saying "you can never have too much gear", but that is a LOT of gear :wink: . I bet a few of us wouldn't mind "Changing Rooms" with you. That's a nice room to spend time in :)

Remember my "Voice of Music" that got heavily converted by my chum into a "Voice of Kilgore"?

Well, I've finally sorted out a stepdown to run it on 240V mains. I even housed it in a cabinet of another amp I've recently bought:

The RSC chassis is interesting too, but back to the "VoK".

Love it. Entirely intended as a 5F1 Fender Champ stylee, and that's what it is. My guitarist raved about playing through it, but the funny thing is, how well it makes a practice bass amp. It growls a little without ever breaking up; quite unlike an EL84/6BQ5 amp. It is a bit too bassy but, rather than fiddling with the tone circuit, I've got a feeling that plonking in a RCA or Sylvania 12AX7 is all that it needs. Love this amp; ought to get rid of some of the others before they gather dust and burst their filter caps.

Here is my old Soldano Hot Rod I retolexed in Awesome Orange. I miss it.

Looks very neat, 4 Notes.

Another pickup, a Dallas Scala 515. Single EL84, with a single ECC83 handling the two channel's gain and tone (must be on double-time pay) and an EZ80 rectifier. I'll put up some internals if it interests anyone. A right screamer of a combo. Sounds like Boo Radleys above 3W. Great for studio guitar; not exactly an obvious bass amp. Good fun, though, and tiny.

And here are the internals:

I'm hoping to get the black paint off without affecting the original green-dot Tolex. Hmm, might be a chemistry job.

I've re-dug up this old thread with more amp news. I finally managed to get a Traynor YBA1. Looks like it'll need a bit of TLC. No power valves, missing fuse socket and it looks like a bunch of burnt resistors over to the right:

and, in 12 hours time, I'll be collecting a Dynacord Twen. Here's an ebay pic or two:

So, in a bid to cut down, I'm selling off the Impact 60 and a Bird Talisman combo. More details in the FS/WTB category.

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