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Another purchase, so I thought I'd start a thread for people who like to yak about the other two-thirds of their sound. TBF, I don't think my speakers would interest many here because, y'know, bass requirements differ. Still, here's the latest that I've long had an interest in but it's just the off-auction pic as I haven't received yet. An Impact 60:

and rather than me blather on about it, plenty of info on Sixten's Impact site: I'd be very interested to get the Impact 100W he mentions; cathode-biased 4xEL34 - interesting even if it does burn up most current-production tubes.

I'm going to transfer over some earlier posts that clogged up "Show us your guitar" thread so apols and scroll down to those that have seen them already. Please punt in any/all of your amp/cab/combo pics and why you do/don't like... :)

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Right thanks , i will keep that inmind..i have heard it said somewhere before about those valves.

They're not a KT66 (as the original Bluesbreaker had), nor a 6L6GC and they're not even a 5881; they're a former Soviet military design. That said, having been designed for MiGs, they are very tough and longer lasting than some. If you like the sound of them, then perhaps I'm being unfair but the Chinese KT66 is getting to be an acceptable replacement for the old GEC and worth trying as an experiment. I can't resist swapping glass around; sometimes getting a big improvement but sometimes not.

Have you heard anything about the "new" Genalex kt66 1b? I've heard both ways of course but haven't tried them. I'll probably order a set of Valve Arts in a few weeks when I finish my 45/100 . I can get a quad of those for $115 or so and I like them in my 45.

I haven't tried the "Genalex" but there's the usual bad reaction to New Sensor sticking yet another famous name on generic Saratov stuff. I did buy a bunch of GEC KT66s (at least 50% turned out duff) from a guy and he had Valve Arts now in his hifi amp. Very impressive, I thought of the Valve Arts. No wonder he offloaded his shagged GECs onto muggins me.

How ‘bout a photo of my amp AND me? A couple weeks ago we played an outdoor show to what eventually turned out to be over 1000 people – after the rain stopped, that is. It was a good gig. For some reason my amp always sounds a little funny outdoors; and I’m not sure if it’s because of the qualities an acoustic environment to which I’m unaccustomed, or if it’s because the breeze keeps my tubes from warming up properly.

This photo was sent to Marshall and appears on their mySpace page, but an endorsement deal has yet to come my way. :wink:

Additionally, my JCM900 is currently in the care of the crazed amp experts at Savage Audio for new tubes, a modification to the high-gain channel, and some other minor repairs. We Minnesotans are fortunate to have a qualified luthier around every corner and a good number of skilled amp technicians within easy driving distance.

Nice pic, Toco :)

All bands I hear outdoors sound pretty weird, so I don't think it's the amp. Those breezes must just swirl it around. I sold my dead Traynor and the guy who bought it is a valve whizz with decades of experience and he lives a coupla miles from me. I've handed him my CMI Marshall for surgery - could be my dearth of local tech problem is ended.

74 DR103 ,89 Studio pre and 59/59 ,70's Dallas/Arbiter.

Hi Marantz, thanks for the pics. Apart from your lovely DR103 (Lee_UK also has one, lucky git) I also own a Dallas Scala 515 and, spookily, a burgundy leather suite.

The Scala is one of my best bargains (£13) thanks to a bad listing and having been repainted black. You can see it here on Steve Russel's website:

What I like about it is that the layout is so simple that swapping the ECC83 and EL84 (even the EZ80) for other brands is a cinch and makes such a huge difference to the sound. With a Mullard EL84 and ECC83 (a Tungsram is cheaper and similar) it can be quite hairy on full (which is only loud enough for my wife to complain slightly when she's upstairs and I'm downstairs) yet a Brimar ECC83 and a GE 6BQ5 (the american EL84) makes it as docile and super-clean as you'd wish. Great combo, although that little (Elac?) speaker gets a bit wobbly when pushed.

I bought mine for £15 at a boot sale. The speaker was torn .I replaced it with a Celestion..It sounds masive with an extension cab. I'll have to try swapping valves.

Well Marantz, you just ruined my week :) . My £13 (+£11 p+p - I was quite hard-faced about not paying the £18 requested) for a 515 is beaten out by your £15 for a 519 with tremelo. Does the trem work and is it any good? Out of the two issues, I'd rather have your replacement Celestion (especially as the original flobbles noticeably when pushed) over my icky black paint that would take a lot of nail varnish remover to clean up.

Incidentally, you say yours is a 70s Dallas-Arbiter but these Scalas were made before the Arbiter deal and will be be pre-1965. Nobody bought an amp in green cloth in the 70s and, if you take a look at this music paper ad for our 515/519, the price is in guineas. We both paid less than the original price of 15gns and 19gns respectively, never mind taking inflation (multiply by six) into account :D

Looking at your pics, the EL84 is a post-1970 Blackburn Mullard in very good shape and this is, overall, my favourite EL84 for the amp but others can dramatically alter it. Your ECC83 looks to be the pill-getter Luzshiou Chinese and they're OK but there is fun to be had trying others. I can't make out the EF86 in the tremelo section but I've tried various types even in the preamp of a Bird Talisman and didn't get a lot of difference.

I could bore you with a link to a thread on another forum on "How different valves sound in a Scala by a poncey, cork-sniffing valveknob" that I wrote if you wanted me to, but I'll lay off for now in case you can hear my anorak rustling and feel like running away.

One small note of caution, though. Your Celestion is connected to exactly the same, middle, terminals as on my Scala BUT your Celestion is 8ohm and my original is, I'm fairly sure (a friend's son has it at the mo) 3ohm. This will be putting a slight strain on your EL84 and, more expensively, the output transformer. It's not as bad as some doom-mongerers make out but, if you have a sparky who can check for you, it might be that the speaker would be better connected into different screwholes to match the impedance of the speaker.

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