How can you justify this?

I was looking for a Maestro trem unit (already have an allparts one but it obviously has no engraving on it) on Rossetti the Gibson/Epi/Rickenbacker importers site, and got to looking at the accesories page.

1 Black Gibson Scratchplate screw = 55p
1 Black Epiphone Scratchplate screw = 25p
1 B&Q Screw in black, same size, same screw = 2p

Any suggestions/justification on the obvious superior quality of the Gibson screw over the tacky old Epihone one?

Excuse me while i try to rub the word MUG off of my forehead.

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lee_UK wrote:

Excuse me while i try to rub the word MUG off of my forehead.

You could use the pointy end of that Gibson screw...must be surgical quality at that price

Careful, Lee, you'll have me ranting :lol: . I put up the "pre-CBS Jazz thumbrest, $75" on the Optimistic eBayers thread. Check "pickguard screws" etc for similar eedjits who think they can peel off $25 or more from the gullible. I'm looking out for parts and, thankfully, don't give a monkey's. When it comes to the screws, I'll go to Wickes because they're even cheaper than B+Q.

I can understand stumping up for a real tone or visual part, but this kindof thing with screws really bugs me. If I could go back in time, I'd've asked CTS not to date-code their pots. A potentiometer, as they must've thought at the time, is a dust-trap scratch-hound that could be legitimately ditched for another after awhile and a cost of a few bucks. No can do, though; they've got date codes. Daren't even touch the solder because it's all vintage. So we spray a heap of crapola into some scratchy $2 pot hoping it'll last another 20 years instead of doing the sensible thing and junking it. Stuff it; I'd rather sell the lump to some total eedjit and buy a pot I can turn without sounding like Grandma's 78rpm.

There are some people that think if they pay more for sometin its better,but if you have a brain you know better,it happens all the time ! ie.I have a Massey Fergusson tractor on my farm, 1 year I lost the fuel tank cap , I stoped at massey parts counter and asked fer one ,35.00!!!!!for a fuel cap,BS!!!!! i told them it is just a red painted fuel cap for christ sake!!!! I then stoped at an auto parts dealer picked up a chrome plated one for 5.00 and it makes muh tractor look kinda sportie as well!!Now muh honey thinks muh TRACTORS SEXXY!!

They could argue a case for a $35 fuel cap, precision engineered, triple thickness chrome, special space age materials to prevent rusting, and it answers when you whistle so you dont lose it.
But a screw? come on Gibson.. 55p each!! for gods sake its just a screw!

Lee, stop complaining about paying 55p for a screw. It's £14.45 cheaper than the last time you paid for one (not including congestion charge for the car :lol: ).

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