Hi, anyone can help?


I just purchased a classical guitar from a small second-hand stuff shop, the label in the guitar is :




I guess it`s from Spain. I have tried to search for information about this brand and the model through yahoo and google, but just few information could be seen.

I was able to see VICENTE TATAY Tomas and Vicente Tatay SRC but never could I find anything about VICENTE TATAY "S.L.".

Anyone has information about the item above? What is the model and how old is it? Is the "S.L." really come from the old brand Vicente Tatay or some one just put the label on and tried to pretend to be.

Any information related to the item will be appreciated. Thank you.


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Pronoun trouble, but I think we're talking about the same thread, Lee. Someone who didn't like the valuation answer so then suggested we ought to get out more. I'm with Scott; too funny to get uppity over. Could've sworn that the really unpleasant "what's it worth" poster started venting at you first, Lee. Back then, you had more posts than I and looked like an easier target. Besides, I'm sure it was you that gave the honest op that it was a worthless plank - always guaranteed to have you flamed :lol:

No, i think iit was about an Antigua Strat, he had an original 79' or whatever year it was, i told him i did'nt like them much, i think they are an aquired tatse, i think we gave him an honest valuation and then....
and i said.... and he said... and...a nd...

Thats why i let you accumulate more posts than me, i was sick and tired of being picked off with the high powered sniper rifle from the bell tower, so i decided to let you 'walk point'....... for a while :lol:

'Some day this war is gonna end'

Thats why i let you accumulate more posts than me

:lol:. I never saw the bigger picture. Well, you've got 2 weeks on me. BTW, you're memory's good. I think it was an Antigua valuation; starting up the now-legendary "worst finish" thread :)

Dear All,

I am still here :D But not always :) cuz` I dont have too much time to connect to the net. I m just a beginner and am interested in every thing about guitar and so I have entered your site to "my favorite".

Thank you 1bassleft, lee_UK, USGold again for replying to this thread. Thanks.


You're welcome Mike, and check in anytime :)

Lee and I just took an opportunity to niggle each other, but I win because my arms are browner, now. Valencia is nice, but I was further south, in Andalucia (I feel a sense of smugness coming on - must stop typing).


well........ I picked one of these up at Wolverhampton tat market for 75 english pounds..... looks like a bargain from what you are saying.... i got it tuned 6e 7b 6e 3g 2b 3g and it seems to work best with open and A shape chords......... can any of u lot fix me some gigs for an American Tour?

:lol: , bit beyond my powers, wormseye. Strange tunings... not out shopping with Toyah Wilcox by any chance?

The Tatays from Long Island had their shop in Farmingville. They closed up shop a few years ago, and I'm not sure if they closed for good, or relocated. It was a small shop, but produced quality instruments, as well as providing repair work, which is what I needed. I was sorry to see him close down. It was nice to have a highly renown guitar manufacturer, which is what he was, within walking distance.

I am always surprised at the amount of viewers we get on this forum, opposed to the amount of posters, i wish more would contribute, thanks for that Lenny i hope you decide to post up some more views, we need them!! have you noticed how we have resorted to picking holes in grammar and Pronunciation?? thats how bad things are getting.

The other day 'Tim' said 'you're spending quite a bit of money at he end of the day...' and i was gonna reply to correct him on his spelling!! then i thought 'how sad would that be?' so lets get some new blood on here,
we know you are out there!! :lol:

:roll: :lol:

Good point though.

I know nothing about guitars (6-strings anyway) and yet I regularly offer my opinion! There must be people out there who do know stuff and/or have good/bad experiences to share...

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