Ax Facts & Stats: The Fray's Joe King Interview

by Dave B. Roberts

The 2006 concert season is in progress and one of the hottest touring bands this year is The Fray. This harmonious Denver based quartet, featuring Isaac Slade (vocals, piano), Joe King (Guitars), Ben Wysocki (drums) and Dave Welsh (guitarist) was created in 2002 and swiftly proved that their superior pop-rock formula combined with the support of a devoted grassroots following and listener fueled radio support equals success.

The Fray, named after inside jokes about the bands affinity to battle it out over song composition, gained international coverage through far more than fan and radio support: These guys are simply damn good. Joining us today is The Fray's co-founder and guitarist, Joe King. Until three years ago, Joe had aspirations of starting his own Real estate company, but after a chance get-together and off the cuff jam session at an area music store with Isaac Slade (King's former schoolmate) The Fray was born. Joe King possesses a history of musical aptitude and experience which includes his learning to play the piano at an early age that ultimately lead to a period competing in the local recital circuit prior to dropping the piano and picking up the guitar in junior high school.

The Fray is presently on the road selling out venues across America in support of their How To Save A Life release featuring their super hit single, "Over My Head (Cable Car)".

Ladies and gentlemen… meet The Fray's Joe King:

My name is:
Joe King

Describe yourself in 5 words:
25-year-old Spaniard.

My current job is:
The Fray

My hometown:

My current album or project is:
How To Save A Life

Former bands:
Spruce & Fancy's Show Box

My guitar influences growing up were:
The Edge, Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain

The guitars I use are:
69' Strat, Martin HDLSV-28(Brazilian Rosewood baby!), 68' Gibson ES330

The strings and tunings I use are:
D'addario light guage, and Martin. FACGCE, DADGAD.

My current rig setup consists of:
Vox AC30

The greatest invention for guitars is:
um... don't have one.

My normal songwriting process consists of:
Melody or riff first, structure second, lyrics last.

My favorite all-time guitar solo is:
Bulls on Parade by Tom Morello

My favorite all-time song is:
this is so tuff. Imagine by John Lennon

My Career highlight thus far is:
My 3-year-old girl sings all my songs.

My favorite The Fray song is:
Trust Me

My most embarrassing moment on stage:
Happened to be the first time we played the song live, but I absolutely for the life of me could not find the key singing and had to stop the band to find it.

Other than my guitar, the one piece of my gear that I cannot live without is:
a pick

The first song I ever mastered on guitar:
Come As You Are by Nirvana

My first guitar was:
Franciscan acoustic guitar

If I am only sure of one thing in life, It's:
family is everything

The one ritual I always perform prior to going on stage is:
stretching with the band

The exact moment I knew I would pursue a career in music was:
not and exact moment, I went back and forth a whole lot.

The one thing most fans don't know About me is:
I'm a killer Poker player.

The best advice I could give beginning guitarists:
play with other musicians.

CD(s) I'm listening to right now:
This exact moment as I write this, I'm listening to My Morning Jacket Z.

My 3 all-time favorite albums:
another tuff one. Joshua Tree - U2, Grace- Jeff Buckley, Highway 61
Revisited- Bob Dylan

Best gig:
Denver's Paramount Theatre- The Fray's CD release show.

Favorite junk food:

My biggest pet peeve:
when I'm in conversation with someone and in the middle of whatever I'm saying they pull out there blackberry and start checking their damn emails.

The word or catch phrase I say too much is:
what's up man?

The hardest part of my job:
ok this is another tough one. Maybe not being able to go number 2 on the bus.

The first thing I do when I come home from touring is:
go number 2. Then hang out with the family.

Previous or first day job:
first day job was detailing at an auto shop.

Right after this interview I'm going to:
go win money and get comped playing poker because I'm in Vegas.

I couldn't imagine being on the road without:
my toothbrush.

If I wasn't doing the musician thing, I could really see myself working as:
trying to figure that one out.

Favorite movie:
Tommy Boy

My mission in life:
Love God, and others as myself.

My guilty pleasure:
Celine Dion.

My first band was:

My next major step is:
Selling out Red Rocks.

The greatest contribution guitars have brought into my life is:
don't understand this one...

Check out our Website at:

The one musician I would love to work with that I have not yet had the chance would be:
Bob Dylan

If I could have three wishes, they would be:
health forever, love forever, and to number 2 on the bus.

When it's all said and done, I want the world to remember me for:
lived his dream and didn't loose his life doing it.

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Weekly. All Dave Roberts' interviews & articles are available for use
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