Gretsch 6120 Nashville Vintage 1963/64 For Sale

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Price: $4000 US

Why buy a 6120 with binding rot and/or peeling?, when you can own this pristine one for a price that is lower then music stores? As well as the fact it will keep increasing in value! My price is based on "fair market value" based on what I have seen at local and online music stores. If you don’t have the money or are not serious about a true investment in an amazing sounding and playing as well as historical guitar, then do not read further. THIS GUITAR IS ALL ORIGINAL THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! As you can see in the picture the original Gretsch OK Card shows THE GUITAR IS AN ORIGINAL DBL Cut 6120. NOT a Nashville. CHET ATKINS PICK GUARD. The guitar is, in excellent condition with absolutely no binding rot , peeling or cracking. NONE. ZILCH. ZERO. HELLOOOO LIKE NEW!!! The reason why I stress this, is that people have tried to offer me far less than what the guitar is worth. They try to play the "binding" card issue. Sorry. Not here. In the photos it appears that some of the binding looks tanned. It is not. Its the lighting. I can assure you, it is ALL bone white. I do not have a close up photo of the back of the neck, but I can assure you that there is absolutely no wear. Like the binding ,as if new.

THIS GUITAR IS A TRUE COLLECTORS ITEM. From what I understand, it is of the same type with the John Lennon designation used on the Beatles Revolver album. Though possibly produced at the end of 1963, according to the Gretsch serial number convention
( ) puts the guitar as a 1964 vintage ...Truly the John Lennon Revolver Guitar. Note also that Gretsch, like the Detroit automakers, had model years, so in the same way a '57 Thunderbird may have been made in 1956, a '64 6120 may have been made in 1963. I've seen newer broken and repaired Nashvilles going for more than my asking price.

This guitar is ready to plug in and play. Unlike some of the other Nashvilles this one is NOT dull with a rapid decay. It HAS lots of sustain. You may find another one as fine (if you look for awhile) but none finer! The neck is straight as an arrow with extremely low action with no fret buzz. The continuity between the nut and the last fret is impeccable. The action can be raised if you like. There is little if no fret wear and has only been used maybe 2 or 3 times in the studio since I've owned it in the past 10 years. There is a slight hairline crack about half an inch long on the pick guard by one of the screws which I hear is a common occurrence on the older Gretsch guitars, It will not get any longer as I have been told that the crack probably occurred at the time the pick guard was placed on the guitar. It in no way affects the structural integrity or sound of the instrument. This is a good one that will remain structurally intact for many years to come if not decades. This guitar was put together well unlike some of the others. Back then it was hit or miss depending on who put the guitar together, on what day at what time, the materials available, and how many martinis or beers whoever had at lunch that day. Considering this guitar is 43 years old I would give her cosmetics a solid 9.9 out of 10. The guitar comes with the original hard shell case which is also in excellent condition. OK then. Why would I sell such a fine guitar? I have two and she deserves to be played and not sit in a closet. If you buy this, you will not be sorry. This one not only plays and sounds fantastic, but it will keep going up in value. other one is not for sale.
The guitar is located in Ventura CA

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