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I read an article in 'Guitarist' magazine this month, if you would have bought a 59' Les Paul Standard in sunburst all original in 1985, you would have paid £6,000 for it.
This month, one was sold by a guitar shop in Denmark St. London to an 'Overseas' buyer for £200,000.
How long is going to be before they invent that bloody time machine?

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:lol: , Excellent story.

Yeah, I marvel at the prices some people are prepared to pay for old stuff. When ah were a lad... anything half decent was completely unaffordable... way out of the range of ordinary mortals at the time. My first guitar was a Broadway, a piece of thoroughly dreadful shite which was barely playable. The cheapest Chinese plank available nowadays is streets ahead.

On popping capacitors....

Me and my band were playing a Saturday night town hall gig back in about 1972 and we came off for a midway break, letting some other local lads fill in using our equipment. Back in those days we improvised everything, so my amp (a ghastly 50w solid state thing) was fed through a crossover and into a selection of speakers, high frequencies to the little ones, low to the big. After about 10mins of these other lads' playing, the crossover started to smoke profusely. I was in amongst the crowd and was having a good cackle to myself because I new exactly what the problem was... the crossover wasn't high enough rated to take the power. The guitarist went rigid, but continued to play with his eyes fixed on the little box on the floor. Shortly afterwards, BANG!, followed by silence in the guitar department. I went on stage and hastily rewired the speakers excluding the now-knackered crossover.

Ah, memories!

About absurd guitar prices ,i would like to get your opinion.
Would you really spend $6600 for this guitar? =>

I found it on a french website and of course they have a shop so you can go and try the guitar before buying. to be sure that the guitar is still in good structural shape?

I would probably buy that one :
A copy by a luthier.But i know him and i like his work....a little bit cheaper than the first one...

Another example here => Peek (America) owned one...lucky man!

Guy, I think you make a strong point. How much is a "vintage" guitar worth? It's a tricky question with acoustics, but I've come to a definite conclusion with solids. They ain't worth it; except as wall-trophies. Could be an interesting thread for discussion...

The most surprising one is the '91 Firebird given to Clapton selling for some £24,000+. Bet that buyer's waking up with an "Oh no :oops: " feeling...

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