Doesn't anyone police this forum...

and delete the spam messages?

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Well... as soon as we get to work in the morn it's the first thing we do. We also monitor it constantly throughout the rest of the day. Believe me, it shits us to tears... having to put up with never ending Shakira porn posts. Most of the time we get them as soon as they are posted, but as you noticed, some do get through when all mods are either asleep or busy.

I just wondered. Seems like you could put a block on the poster's ID and an automatic delete on any message with certain words in it.

I've been a moderator, and I know what you're dealing with. Part of the problem is that I usually see the BBS during hours when Europe is asleep.

Part of my problem is I'm awake when Europe sleeps and I live here. As with Mike, I delete spam as soon as I find it and, in a hidden forum solely for mods, there is a thread where we keep each other informed and IDs can be removed. A bit like dealing with bees, though. There're millions more of the burgers to take their place.

I've just ridded one an hour ago. It appears that this very "off-topic" category has stimulated an increase in the activity. I'm not sure of a perfect solution, though. I'm often posting on a vintage amps forum and have to find ever more inventive ways of typing the Japanese tube manufacturer "Matsushita" because of the site's tendency to block out any four-letter word, even in the middle of an innocent word. Similarly, blocking "check out this site" wholesale would remove posts with guitar-related links. We tend to look at such links on a case-by-case basis. Some of them do develop into interesting threads even if they are initially a bit self-serving.

Nobody's more serious than I am in tracking down those naked Shakira links, though. "underneath your clothes" indeed.

I will have a look into some additional spam solutions this week.

mrblanche wrote:
and delete the spam messages?

Im always deleting stuff, but we cant be here 24/7.

lee_UK wrote:
mrblanche wrote:
and delete the spam messages?

Im always deleting stuff, but we cant be here 24/7.

Of course lee UK but i'm sad to read this kind of reply on my threads.
May you tell them that....i don't like Britney Spears!!!! :D

The Britney ones are a real pain in the ass I know.

- Mike

Edit: Implementing precautions as of today... will take a fair bit of work so .......

I'll be carefully monitoring the posts and registrations over the coming days to see if the new methods I've implemented reduce the spam posts. Hopefully they will.

OK, checkout my spammy, rude site featuring a complete prick!

i was a nanosecond away from clicking on that, but then my instict pulled my index finger away from button 1 on the mouse, something wasn't right, Cockney Arse?? Never ending tennis gag? surely there counldn't be such an active site? it would have course been just the kind of thing ive been looking for to pitch up my tent next to for an evenings entertainment.
I was very tempted Bass, right on the cusp, but i think you are having me on.... arent you? tell me you still tempted, is it a made up site???? :lol:

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