Please help me ID this guitar I've had since 1965

My parents bougth me this guitar in about 1965 or so. I also have the Silvertone amp that goes with it. I know that several companies built or sold guitars to silvertone for sale at Sears where this one was bought. The model number is 759-1435-1 and the serial number is 250192 It has Japan on the metal label on the back where the above numbers are. Who would have made this for silvertone and does it have a model name in addition to a number? I am thinking about selling it on Ebay or otherwise and was wondering what price it and the amp might bring. It is in virtually new condition. I would say 9.2 on a scale of 10. It has probably been played less than 20 hours. The autographs are the Doobie Brothers in 1998. I have my picture with them with me holding the guitar for proof. Thanks a lot. I have been wanting to get ideas on this for a long time. Please see pics.

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Your pics aren't working. Can you try again?

Just looked at his post in my MOD status and you can find the pics here:

Mr Bilbo, IMHO if you are hoping it is the long lost holy grail of guitars you will be disapointed, Signatures on guitars (unless by one of the great guitar gods) Dont add value, the Doobies scrawls have probably doubled its unsigned value, i'd say it is worth $50. It looks to be a purely hang on the wall type of guitar. (but not my wall).

Sorry, Lee. I don't agree.

The gui-tar is a Teisco. No doubt about it. See

I had a similar one that I sold for about £60, but mine was not anywhere near as nice as this one. It didn't have a tremolo and had a 6-in-a-line headstock rather than the more desireable 4 + 2 design we see here.

You'd have to ask the Teisco collectors but I'd imagine we ought to be looking more in the £200 region.

Hey Bilbo,

Your guitar is a 1965 Teisco MJ-2L. I tend to agree with Lee on the value of the signatures and glw concerning current market value. When it comes to Teiscos, people tend to love them or hate them. Looks like you got both perspectives here. sb

Yep, and the other thing that I could do with a look at is your Silvertone amp. Some of the Silvertone valve amps fetch very good prices, too. You could have a decent price from the combination. If you have no photo, please tell me the amp model and any other useful info on your Silvertone amp.

I saw a picture of one on the Silvertone site like mine. I think it is a 1482 but I think mine has a round speaker cut out area under the fabric instead od a square one like the picture I saw. Mine is at my lake house and I will try to get a picture this weekend. I would like to say here how much i appreciate you and all the others who have taken time to give me your thoughts on my guitar. I know that it is not the holy grail, but it is something that I have had for a number of years and have taken great care of. I may not sell it but, I just wanted to know as much as possible about it. Again, please watch for the picture of the amp and another of the guitar on maybe Sunday. Thanks, Bil

OK, I know the Sears Silvertone 1482. While most have the diamond shape cut out of the baffleboard, I have seen a round cutout. Search for "Silvertone amp" and you'll see them. In either case, the speaker driver itself is a 12" round one. It might well be Jensen which, for a '59-'61 combo, makes it worthwhile in itself.

The 1482 is a 2x 6V6GT powered combo, which makes its output around 12-15 watts, and tremelo too. I'd very much like to take one in myself, if shipping weren't such a cost. Value depends, but around $250 is what a good one would make.

please go to user name Bilbo 42. Thanks for all the info.

amp. i visited one of their sites and they made them for silvertone. although i did not see one that looked just like the 1482, theirs looked a lot alike in terms of style and materials. what do you think?

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