Too much lows from my amp...

I know, many have the opposite problem.
I just wanted to know what you think about this:
old v4 by ampeg, loads of lows that can't be cut even with the knob in zero position. thus: cap problem or what? nothing serious right?
thanks for your help.
i wish i had more knowledge to help people too, instead of being helped all the time.

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Nothing serious and can be altered fairly simply, Riz. Retain any replaced parts in case you sell the Ampeg later. You might find Duncanamps tone stack simulator useful:

I'll try this.
in the meantime, if you know anyone who has an idea about what parts are in the tone circuit of a vt22...
a tried to chack on the schematics, but there seems to be a tone pcb between the bass and treble pots, which has got no value written at all. funny , isn't it?
happy christmas!

I notice you've posted in Plexi Palace, riz, which is a good idea. I'm on holiday so I can't look up my schems for the VT22. Have you tried schematics heaven?

have good holidays bass!
yes I posted on plexipalace after your suggestion.
I'm trying to understand what it can be.
I found all the schematics but, even on the originals, there is no value or else for these few parts on the tone circuit, which is pretty strange. I mean, even if that was supposed to be a pre-assembled pcb board, there was no reason not to write down the values... and until now noone has given me any info about that. anyway, as soon as I've got enough money (which could take quite a while) I'll take the beast to a tech that a friend of mine told me about, who is not close (we're talking 200km or so...) but expert and relatively cheap.
anyway, since I'm really curious about how things work, especially the ones I rely on, if anyone can figure this issue out, it will be appreciated!

have a nice time and all best wishes for the new year to eveyone!

having no money makes solving these things quite a long thing, since I cannot have the amp fixed now.
anyway, searching on the net I found something I'd like to ask about.
talking about a fender bandmaster, there is a capacitance called "input capacitance", made out of two 70pF caps in series making 35pF (this is what i've read). a company is selling a cap replacement kit, which has 50pF instead of 35 in the same position to make the lows "tighter" as they say.
taking everything back to my ampeg:
and if the input capacitance caps had lost their "powers", leaving the amp with a really low input capacitance value, therefore causing this excessive amount of lows?
thanks for reading!

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