All New: Favourite Bass Riffs - with links!

Thought I'd round up the nominated bass riffs from the previous thread here and (thanks to the wonders of YouTube etc) put some links so everyone can form an opinion. Please add to these nominations (links are a big help) and/or comment on what you think are the most impressive so far. I'm hoping to get this thread into a definitive. So far, listed only in a reverse order of those previously posted; we'll make up our minds later...

Norman Watt Roy (Ian Dury and the Blockheads) "Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick". Nominated by Lee_UK.
I've linked to the original promo vid: which has a handy close-up of the bass fretting around 30secs in. Also, some "Clever Bastard" called Dale Newson does a commendable job of playing along to the song:

Andy Fraser (Free) "All Right Now". Nominated by Lee_UK. Live @ Isle of Wight 1970 (check out those Marshalls and the WEM PA 8) ) but you'll need to FF 1min to get the bass coming in:

John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) "The Lemon Song". Nominated by Tim. Not The Man Himself, but a nice replay of the bass transcript, with drum accompaniment:

JJ Brunel (The Stranglers) "Peaches". One of many nominated by Pat McCunny. Most Stranglers clips are live and cack, but this one is live and good:

and also "Genetix". If you must have a short attention span, FF to 3mins but it rewards listening right through:

Felipe Andreoli (Angra) "Intro to Number of the Beast". Nominated by Acoustica1. Noodlicious:

John Entwhistle (The Who) "Who Are You". Nominated by 1BassLeft. You could whizz to 2:20 to listen for the flashy bit, but I like JE's phrasing throughout, and it's a great vid. Any drummer who Gaffa-tapes his 'phones to his head has to be Keith Moon: while Tim nominates "My Generation"

Matt Cheslin and Alex Griffin (Ned's Atomic Dustbin) "Happy". Nominated by 1BassLeft. One band, two bass players - enjoy:

Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) "N.I.B.". Nominated by Skunny. Clip live from Paris, 1970:

and "War Pigs", nominated by Bassman5000:

Roger Glover (Deep Purple) "Smoke on the Water". Nominated by Bassman5000. Walks nicer than you might've thought:

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) "The Trooper". Nominated by Bassman5000:

Mark Wilson (Jet) "Are You Gonna be my Girl?" Nominated by Bassman5000. Possibly the best view through a glass stage since Jo Brand:

David Ellefson (Megadeth) "Lucretia". Nominated by busy Bassman5000. Nice live clip:

Gene Simmons (Kiss) "Detroit Rock City". Bassman5000 again. Finding a Kiss clip without an overblown stage-entrance is like looking for milk ads that don't mention calcium for healthy bones and teeth so I gave up. Here's an overblown stage-entrance:

Me'Shell NdegeOcello (John Mellencamp) "Wild Night". Bassman5000 picked a song that tested my ability to type a name without resorting to cut + paste to the limit. Check this vid out; the girl plays a cracking bass riff:

Tim Commerford (Audioslave) "Yesterday to Tomorrow". Nominated by Tim (not the same Tim). Short but sweet, audio-clip only:

Simon Ricks (Kaiser Chiefs) "Oh My God". Nominated by 1BasslLeft. Take a nice walk, Simon (although I do have strange urge to slap the singer):

Gary King (Grover Washington Jr) "Black Frost. Nominated by KJP. Short audio clip only, sorry:

Krist Novaselic (Nirvana) "Lounge Act". Nominated by Tim. I went for sound quality over lip-synch for this clip:

James Williams (Mc Fadden and Whitehead) "Ain't No Stopping Us Now". Nominated by 1BassLeft. The guy probably picked up a couple of twenties for playing the definitive bassline on this multi-platinum single. Unless you can stand butchery by baseball teams, I can't find a vid. Here's an all-too-short audio clip:,,128642-448975-WMLO,00.html

Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) "Big Time". Nominated by 1BassLeft. Specifically, the run after about 35secs into the vid. See page 1 of the previous "riffs" thread for the story of how the sound was created but, first, listen:

I'll take a pause (getting late) and finish off with the last few nominated tracks another time. Meantime, post your own views :)

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Nice. Just holds back enough to not be widdly for the sake of it.

Exactly what I was thinking. Any higher in the mix would have been obtrusive, too. Just right. I think I read somewhere that Tina went on to be an in-demand session player and she certainly sounds like no line is beyond her.

Lovely bit of Jamerson:

And if you like James Jamerson's stuff this guy is well worth checking out, IMO:

That bloke on YooToob really did sound authentic (unlike another clip of Patitucci "doing" Jamerson with nasty, pdoink-dink, strings). I wish I'd had LaBellas on my fretless, rather than the D'adds flats the tech chose.

Yeah, definitely sounds the part, the strings are a part of it but the style is very well studied too, dunno that I'd want to specialise that much but to sweep 3 or 4 strings with one finger is pretty impessive, gives you an idea how good Jamerson really was to do this originally

I didn't want to replicate Jamerson's style (can't anyway :) ) but I did want a "whump-thump" sound out of the flats and the D'ads are too bright for that. I'll report back in five years when they've oxidized a bit.

Jean-Paul, this chopped pork and ham is starting to get a little irritating.

Made the mistake of putting this on my iPod...really want to learn it now!

Black Sabbath - Wicked World

Nothing sounds quite like a tight 3-piece IMO

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