When German people play guitar....."PART 2"

Hi everyone.
Everybody talks about Tommy Emmanuel.....amazing.....but :
do you know this guy =>

.......i sale all my guitars...... :D

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Tim wrote:
Can't say anything negative about Bowie or the missus will slap me but the songs you mentioned were IMhumbleO possibly the lowest ebb of his epic career, so yeah, quite possibly.

Who's? Bowies or Bernies? or both?
And i avoided the pokes with the stick, i might not play much Bass, but i know a good Bass player when i hear one.

Yeah, everyone avoided the poking of this particular stick. Hence me confessing, for I have no shame, obviously...

And I was talking about Bowie's epic career. I just wish he hadn't been introduced to anything electronic...3 albums later: I'll twist this knob and make another album...and we own them all!!! Rock and Roll Suicide was the apex as far as I'm concerned.

I remember the period (after Let's Dance). Bowie approached Thomas Dolby and asked him to work with him. In the words of Bowie's (disarmingly honest) press at the time, "Mr Bowie hasn't had a hit in a while".

BTW, the Bernie story intrigued me so I had a rummage. He played on "Without You", which is not one of the better-known tracks off the album. Interestingly, I read that a lot of the guitar was done by a young Stevie Ray Vaughan:

Never knew that.

Did you enjoy the part 1?
This is the part 2, very different.I am lucky to know that guy,very modest and a great electric guitar player.

Whilst not being my thing 'Canyon of Spirits' is nice, very melodic for the style. I own some Vai/Sach/Malmstein and it gets a bit "yeah, whatever" after a while but this is quite sweet.

Is he German then?

Should've read the biog, Tim. Eric teaches in Bielefeld, the town of my mate Arni who runs leftybass.com. I have a video loading problem at the mo, so I can't comment on his playing. If I could talk to Eric, though, I'd suggest he ditch that "hair over face" Mustaine pose and the 'taph "instrumental rock from the heart" as both are dreadful cliches. As soon as I can get a listen in, I shall do.

I did...doesn't say he's German and says United States at the top and that he attended GIT in CA, so I was wondering was all. Sorry :D

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