Celestion Greenback

anyone know where i can get technical info on one?
how do you get the plastic 'cup' off the magnet?
i have one buzzing and thought i'd have a fiddle about with it before it goes in the skip.
Doesnt seem to unscrew, no screw holding it on, maybe snaps off?

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Is it an oldie or a reissue? I have a pair of oldies in a Park combo I might be able to have a look at.

It's a new one bass, i had it for sale on ebay, and found the buzz on a test before i posted it off, refunded the guy and about to throw it in the bin.
Recone is too much, it's only worth about £35.
Just thought i'd have a look see if i can mastic something back in place!!

I once bought 2 Vox AC30's from a session player in Streatham, he toured with Thin Lizzy in the dying days of the band and had put these up for sale in loot.
He had them up for £400 each so i was round there like a shot, they were the UK made Korg reissues with Blue alnico speakers, my idea was to buy both, sell 1 for at least £800 then i could have the 2nd for free.
Anyway.... i get round to his house he plays through them as i check them out.. just a quick note, he played a right handed guitar upside down left handed, so all the strings were upside down!! i was amazed, he knew every riff in the book...Anyyyway... the first one checks OK, but the Trem channel doesn't work, not a big problem and i wasn't about to walk out on the deal,
We play the 2nd one and there is a very loud buzz coming from one of the speakers, oh no i thought, to buy a replacement is £190 i told him, and i said a re-cone is £50, which i knew from a previous AC30 purchase. So he knocks £50 off the price, i get them both for £750!! when i get home i took out the blown blue and was getting it ready to be sent off for a recone when i noticed a bit of plastic poking out of the under - inside edge, jammed between the speaker edge and the metal casing of the speaker, i pulled it out and it was one of those velcrose cable ties! i plugged it in and it sounded sweet as a nut.
Sold the first as planned which funded the 2nd, but then i sold the 2nd through 'Andys Guitars' in Denmark st london, but thats another story.

Yes, it might be worth a bit of blu-tack on the plastic, just to see if that is a "quick n dirty" fix. Always nice when a fix turns out to be either zilch or ultra-minor - as with your AC30s story. Not quite in the same league, but I bought the Bird Talisman as a non-worker and was surprised that it fired up straight out of the box (revalved anyway, because I often do) and the MkIV Dominator that only required a single EL84 replacing.

Incidentally, I have a Traynor YBA1 coming. A non-worker, but shouldn't be too difficult as long as the transformers aren't shot. I really have to start offloading some little-used amps, including the aforementioned Bird. I've also acquired a de-fretted Jazz bass - more project work. You know I play guitar upside-downy, like your Lizzy man (though completely unsuccessfully)?

Sorry Bass you did tell me that and i had forgotten, that means you have to change the nut on every left hooker you buy? and change it back before re-sale?

The Lizzy man also told me he finds it easier copying someone playing regular right handed, and nearly impossible copying a lefty.

I don't have a lefty guitar at all; just not worth buying one for the occasional use I'd get. When I do play guitar around the house, I just pick up the sprog's Sunn Mustang Strat copy and whatever the guitarist is using if I'm round at his. It doesn't bother me that the upper neck access isn't great because I'm hardly a widdler. Can't cop with a trem arm in the way, though. Gawd knows how SRV preferred it that way.

does that mean 'Alright now' is a no goer if you ever get a request for it?

Yep, but mostly for the reason that the song carries the stench of pub-rock mightily.

This country was built on pub rock, long may she reign. 8)

I remember when I got my first gig review published. Usual balanced, anal, fact-ridden, pseudo-intellectual guff you've now come to expect of 1BL. I was pretty pleased with myself until I read the next review done by another stringer they took on at the same time as me. Even allowing for the proximity, it remains the most devastating critique of a band I've ever read. His review went something like this:

"For ages, they were called Sweet Jane and, in a predictable leopard/spots scenario, they were shite then and they're shite now. Oh, they wear the rock 'n' roll excitement trousers but they're several sizes too big, and fall down comically to reveal smelly, pub-rock Y-fronts underneath"

I literally lay awake that night
a) Wishing I'd written something that funny and
b) Glad that I wasn't an unfortunate member of that band.

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