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Message posted by: Wayne P DuPlantis
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Subject: 1960 Les Paul Classic Gold Top
I have a 1960 Les Paul Classic Gold Top guitar in extra mint condition. No wear on frets, not a scratch on the guitar. In fact the original case doesn't have a scratch on it. I won't play it because in my view it shouldn't be played after all these years. I was just wondering what it would be worth approximately. I don't want to sell it, I'm just curious..

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Thanks SB.
I was so taken back with this gift, it floored me. Man, I'm just so proud of it that I had to tell someone. I gave the serial number in a previous post and maybe someone who knows how to research this sort of thing, will let me know. If for some reason I am disapointed, well, I'll start playing it and enjoy myself because it does have a fine neck, etc.

On the headstock is written, Les Paul and under that is Classic. It sure looks legit to me. Maybe my hope is skyrocketing and I'm beside myself. Either way a gift like this, as you said, comes around once in a lifetime and I'm enjoying it. My problem is that I don't know who the original owner was. The person that I got it from received it anomously. Go Figure!!! He gave it to me because I'm a guitarist and he knew I would go berserk, as I have.

I'm no exp, so I can't usefully chime in. Except in one respect:

It's a good idea not to throw the serial number and pics around the net in the same posts. If it is a '60 (I can't claim to know) you can bet the pics and s/n will be hijacked and put up on eBay by some scumbag. They do it all the time. It won't hurt you, but some poor eedjit hands over $x000 thinking they've got a bargain. "Watermark" any pics you do post.

Im not jealous..... why doesnt stuff like this happen to me??
most i ever got was a signed pohto from Noel Redding, fancy a swap anyone?? Waynne?? no? oh well.

You're right 1bassleft, I'll try to be a bit more careful in the future.

Lee_UK, This is the first time I've ever gotten anything so lucky in my life
I guess I'll go and buy up some Lotto tickets this week.

Thanks guys, chat later!

Well SB, it seems you do know your classice.

My heartbeat has been knocked down from racing to beating.

I checked with Gibson and was told that my Les Paul Classic is in reality a special edition made in 2001 in order to attain the '60s sound. I'm still very proud to have received it. It listed at approximately $2800., which still makes it a very nice gift.

I am now going to re-string it and play the heck out of it.

I apoligize for the misrepresentation, I posted previously. Thanks!

I think we all feel a little deflated now, you still have a great guitar though.

Nothing to be downhearted about. I'd happily take one as a gift. Best of all, you can play it now :D

SB, he knows, you know :wink:


Wayne, thought I recognized the name. From TBL, of course. Fellow four-plucker, that's a very nice "g*itar" :wink: . Can either be the best intro to g*itar ever had, or sold on to finance a fine low-Hz machine. The choice is yours...

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