Opinion on buying 1st acoustic

Been playing electric for a few months now and interested in getting a acoustic. I only have around $100 or so to play with. Should I go with the Ibanez JamPack IJV50, or do you have a better suggestion for the money? I saw an Ephiphone for $100 also. Whatta yall think?

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Guitars are much cheaper in America. $100 is £50 in real money, and £50 would not buy you ANYTHING worth playing over here in the UK.

Hey Micheal
When it comes to cheap guitars I've got experience. Back in the early sixities my first real 6 string [as opposed to bakelite or other mystery materials] was an acoustic Silvertone, Mom got for my 10th birthday. I've still got the grooved caluses in my fingertips and all the muscle memeroy in my fingers that goes with endless hours of playing a guitar of such lowly character. Some folks on this thread of spoken of it being too painful to learn on a cheap guitar. Well I've never known a life without pain so I've no idea what they are talking about. It is just outside of my experience.
My take on it is if you want to play the pain won't stop you. And neither will the sonic qualities or lack thereof inherit with the instrument. I've heard of folks so afaird of the pain that they took some idoits advice and put those sustain lacking light or even ultra light strings on their guitar. Then they still complain about pain fron having to depress the strings and have the action lowerd with the truss rod and/or removing shims from the bridge. Now they have a high end guitar with no sustain and fret buzz. There is some useless wood here but it's not the guitar.
My take on the guy who had been playing electric for a few months and was looking for an $100 acoustic to further explore sonic possibilities on guitar is either something like an Alvarez RC10 nylon string or Johnson 1G-100-N or B, N or B denoting Natural or Black.
But the main issue is to play, not to wait ,so get off the internet shopping channel and get to the local Mom and Pop music shops/pawn shops and play until you find something that will fill the need now. Who knows he may find an instrument there that is worth putting on layaway with his hard earned money or buy one that will fill the need now and save money for that sonic monster.
But no matter the dollar value of your instrument keep it in good shape by taking proper care of it and when you are ready to upgrade the shop owners will have no qualms about taking it in on trade. A relationship with the shop owners who sold you your instrument is just as valuable as the relationship with your instrument.

There is the totally correct point (IIRC, Wasp made it) that, unlike solid bodied guitars where CNC routing and CAD/CAM components have transformed budget beginner's instruments in 10-20 years, none of the above applies to acoustics. Spending very little money will get you bad wood, poorly motivated workforce and non-existent QC.

I'm not sure I can go along with the hair-shirt, "playing awful guitars makes great players" argument. Those great players were, erm, great players; they managed despite the instruments, not because of them. For each of those greats, how many promising youngsters gave up a potentially enjoyable life of guitar playing in frustration? It's like the "my grandad smokes 70 a day and still jogs to the post office" argument.

Why not spend $30, $15, etc etc? I worked in a primary school where, through limited funds, the Guitar Club provided kids with apppalling acoustic planks. They sound dreadful and are nasty to play. Really, $100 isn't much and it wouldn't be too long to double the funds available, surely? I like a bargain myself but I'd spend more than that on a tennis racquet. If it is all you can spare, there have been some good suggestions here that might squeeze in as 2nd hand possibles.

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