You have kids....never feel like giving up?

Hello all
I can guess what I am about to read in you replies : of course!
You work fulltime, take care of your chidren as soon as you come back time for yourself!!
You take a look at your watch....10pm and you are beat!
Actually there's nothing more I would like than to be alone to play guitar....I mean more than 10 minutes a day..
My wife doesn't "actively" support my hobby....
What about you? ...Most of you in that position I suppose?

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I don't even have kids and I suffer from this...I commute to work, so my day is pretty long then have to eat, do laundry etc...

EDITED: I had a bad day and was moaning about it, I'm sure the world doesn't need that!

C'est vrai, Guy. I have exactly the problem you describe.

Tis a problem I imagine many un-singles face. Family, work, commute, bills... who the heck feels like guitar after all that's done and you know your rinsing and repeating tomorrow.

:lol: . On a completely different forum, a guitarist posted that the
(mid 30s) bass player wasn't up to his standard, technically. So, he'd given him some posters to stick on the wall, DVDs to play along to etc. What should he do if he still wasn't up to speed?

Very gingerly, I pointed out that maybe the bass player might not study the charts and DVDs and paint his fingernails different colours. He might just have joined for fun and there's a chance he'll do a runner if too much pressure is put on him. Final note; it's up to that guitarist to decide whether to stick with him or sack him.

Well, I got a sackful of cack. Bizarrely, somebody who practised an hour a day "even though he's got a girlfriend" so he'd kick my butt if I ever turned up for an audition at his band. Lots of "right on, bro" follow-ups, I might add. All I can say is, I've set my stopwatch and I suspect that the guy will be stacking shelves inside ten years. And the girlfriend's left.

Lol, but what you said is true.

Those of you who know my fetish for collecting amps; I'm going to start unloading some of them. I just don't have the time to refresh the capacitors often enough on each of them. I've charged up the batteries on my camera but not much else yet. Bizarrely, Mrs Bass has put so many demands on me today that I never got the chance to list them. Memo to all: it's a lot quicker to buy something on ebay than it is to sell.

Still, I think the Bird Talisman, Impact 60 and (most hurtful of all) the WEM Dominator MkIII ought to go. I should offload the Park 100W Reverb, but that'll be a dleivery-only job for the 35kg monster.

Will any of the much worshiped amps be leaving the Oz household with the fabled Mullard (nos) valves installed?? :lol: i must admit, the Dom MK III seems very tempting, how could you sell that one bass?

Buying quicker than selling on ebay? try doing a deal with someone who doesn't accept paypal, personal cheque only, ive just bought a Cyrus II and a Cyrus PS-X (SS hi-fi amp with psu) and to buy it i had to wait til it timed out from 7 days all the way to 3 secs before placing my bid, 2 days to find the chequebook, 1 day to find a stamp, 2 days before you can be arsed to write it out, 2 days to get there, 3 days for him to be arsed to go into town and put it in the bank, 3 days to clear, then 4 days to get the parcel.

27 days !!.... well maybe i exagerated a little, but you get what i mean.

Well, to get back on the subject. All of this is worthwhile the day one of your kids comes in seriously wanting to learn to play. My 17 year old just started learning to play about 6 months ago, so it is worth all the years I couldn't play because of time. Helping him learn and watching him progress is very very cool. :D

Im pretty much still a kid myself ....

:P to Stacey for pointing that out. I am adging off-topic a bit, but the point is that I want to buy all these amps and noodle and stroke them etc, but Mrs Bass expects a dining room to contain a table and chairs and stuff.

Last thing I'd have wasted the room on myself. Now, so many of them are stacked in the understairs cupboard it's just too much chausse-pieds to drag them out for a play. Worse still, she cheers when the guitarist rings up to cancel and, worryingly, I'm starting to feel relieved too :oops:

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