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Okay, okay... I admit I'm only an amateur when compared to a lot of you guys on ebay... but can someone please explain to me why some people will have huge bidding wars over an item 3 or 4 days before the auction even ends?

Would it not be better to wait for the last hour or even minute and snipe it then?

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Only the bidders who bank with Barclays show their hand before the last 10 secs. Im a big time sniper.

There's still the prob for snipers that sellers get nervous and pull the auction "because of an error in the listing" and relist with a big reserve. It recently happened with a Park I was watching. I think seemingly big bids (say £300 or more) go in with days to go on JTMs, AC30s and the like because that's still a fraction of what they'll go for in the end. If they all stayed at £0.99 with 5 secs to go, sellers will yank them.

Then all you have to do is send them a message after the auction and make an offer to the amount you was prepared to bid, they usualy take the offer as they cant be arsed waiting another week for the listing to complete.

Yes, I've done that. I needed a V-selectable Dominator for my chum in LA and, for some reason, Dominators went through a period of attracting few bids. This seller went twice with my bid being the highest but under his reserve. After a bit of e-haggling, we agreed on £120.

Incidentally, I suffered the other sniper's problem tonight. I stumbled on a Kalamazoo Model One with an hour to run and a silly price. I kept the window open and fricked about answering emails etc. Suddenly remembered the auction and went back to it but ten minutes too late. It sold for under $110 which is just criminal for what is a Gibson GA5 in a different box. I know, I don't need it. But less than £55, I ask you...

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