New member sayin' hi....

Hi all... I came across this forum whilst looking for info on a dead Marshall, and quickly figured you all were pretty cool. I figure I'll be hangin' here for a while.

I'm a guitar teacher from Bermuda and part-time computer consultant. I teach electric rock styles (I embody the notion that those who can't do teach) and am having a blast doing it. The kids I teach are so much like I was when I was their age that I can totally relate to them and talk at their level.

Anyhoo, I just got handed a JCM 2000 TSL602 in practically mint shape except that it has absolutely no output. All lights and tubes seem correct visually and there's no burnt areas inside or funny smells. I can't even nail down whether it's the pre or power sections at fault as I get no output from either when I isolate each section. I'd love to get it working cuz I got it for free, but this is totally baffling me. I'm also about a thousand miles of ocean away from the nearest Marshall service centre.

Sorry for bleating about my troubles - I'll shaddup and watch the posts round here and help out others in any way I can.


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Hi elbowgeek,
good to see new faces on here,
1bassleft is our amp guru, might take him a day to get back to you,
but im sure he will direct you to the plexi-palace forum, there are some
experts of the highest order on there, chomping at the bit to give their opinion on whats wrong with your amp, post up your question on there.
Make sure you come back and tell us what the problem was, we have some great guitar teachers on here too who are regular contributers.


Hey, thanks for the welcome, lee. And thanks for the link to the Plexi forum - most useful.

And I'll have to be sure to make 1bassleft a cuppa and sit him in a comfy chair so I can sweet talk him about my amp's problems :D

Seriously, I'll be buzzing around here often, so I'll see ya 'round.


Hello and welcome from 1BL. I've posted my first thoughts into your specific thread on your amp's woes, but wanted to say "hello" here and looking forward to reading more from you :)

Hey b'y! <-- A common, friendly greeting here in Bermuda :D

Thanks for the warm welcome - I'm currently bashing out a reply in the other thread, but just wanna say that you're an incredibly cool guy for helping out a total noob to the board here. I hope I can contribute back at some point to other noobs lol.


Wotcha elbowgeek. Just think, if it wasn't for that letter L you could be an EBow Geek. But, that's me...

I was thinking of the 90s band "Elbow", myself. I was fond of their song "Asleep in the Back", especially the horns right at the end. Here's a clip from good old TOTP:

I'm always willing to help where I can, but the rapidly-filling stack of non-workers in my cellar is proof that I only go so far before head-scratching fails me. As Lee mentioned, there are a lot of people on Plexi Palace that know their way around better than I do if my pointers are no use.

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