ESP F-50 vs F-100

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this is a nub question. I am interested in buying a guitar from the ESP F Series. My price range only covers up to the F-100. I'm comparing the specs of this guitar to the F-50, and I can't find many differences (one in fact). Does this mean the significant price difference is reflected in the quality of the sound? The wood and pick-ups seem to be the same. It's my lack of good knowledge about choosing a guitar, but can anyone help? Would it just be logical to assume that the more expensive guitar is superior in quality?

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As far as I can see, the only difference between the two models that you mention is that the F-100 has a flamed maple top. This has the effect of making it look a bit fancier, and it ought - in theory - to improve the tonality of the guitar.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself along to an ESP supplier and try out both models and let your ears decide. Not very helpful if you intended buying on-line, I know...

Where in Australia are you located. I might be able to recommend a place to try both.

Thanks glw, that sounds like the best way to figure it out. And I didn't realise the maple top could affect the sound, interesting to know. To Michael, I live in Brisbane, not too familiar with the music stores up here so any advice would be appreciated. I'm buying online cause its cheaper, but checking the guitars out in person is definitely something I was going to do, just not sure where stocks ESPs. Thanks to you both!
Lana ^_^

And lol Michael I just noticed your pic, awesome!

Lana, the maple top on a Gibson Les Paul's mahogany body is supposed to be part of the secret of its great sound. It's a recipe that's been copied time and again.

It'd still be best if you could try out the guitars for yourself and see whether you think there's any significant difference in tone that means you have to have the maple-topped model.

Ahh of course I do remember hearing something about that. I'm looking forward to checking out the difference myself now.

I know what you mean about ESP guitars 'in-store' in Brissy area -- not easy to find. I was looking for an EC model last year.

Try Guitar World on the Gold Coast. But unless your in South Brisbane, it could be a lot of bother, so make sure they have stock in first (even if their website says they do)
Ph 07 5596 2258 /

If your north side, maybe Arties Music at Aspley.

If you haven't already used it, take a look at for ordering online. They are in NSW.

Although a lam top is mostly looks and little tone (typically 1/8" thick), the carved top cap on a LP is around 3/4" thick and the effect of this could be significant. Mahogany is a warm, bass-rich wood whereas maple is the exact opposite; bright and trebly.

In an ideal situation, I'd get a friend to play the 100 and 50 out of sight and in earshot so's to get an indication of which you like the sound of best. Then you can decide whether the difference is worth paying for looks or looks and tone improvement. This "blind" test is useful because it's incredibly easy to convince yourself that the expensive guitar sounds better if you know which is which.

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