Introductions: Who are we??

Just thought It would be a good idea to give a brief biog on who we are, what we do, and how long we have been doing it.

Ive been playing guitar since i was 12, im now 42, i played in a school band and got hooked on playing and writing music.
I stopped playing for a while and picked the guitar up again in 1995 and really havent put it down, ive been in various cover bands since 95 and im currently in 2 bands, one is called 'Land' which is a 4 piece originals band, we play our own brand of rock.
My 2nd band is a working covers band called 'The stone monkeys' we have been together for a year and have about 25 gigs a year, we try to keep it down to 2 per month.
I play Lead guitar in the covers band and a bit of lead with Land.
I live on the borders of London in Essex with a wife and 2 kids.
I currently have 22 guitars laying around the house, which are mostly Gibson Fender Rickenbacker and Tokai.
Amps, i have a few, Hiwatt, THD, Peavy, Marshall, I mainly use the Hiwatt head with a home made 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion vintage 30's, i use the Peavy Bandit as a backup amp, i mainly use my Gibson SG or my Gibson Les Paul for live work, i used to use an array of pedals for effects, but i found the rig broke down a lot, either battery problems or actual pedals breaking down, so i now use a Vox Multi effects unit with a valve preamp, and its fantastic.
Ive been posting on this board a while now, probably the longest serving poster, and im now a Moderator.
Anyway, thats me.

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Oh, my churn... but I hope all good people here are brave enough to spill the beans, not just us modding over-yakkers:

Only slightly younger than Lee, I'm a left-handed bass player (look at my sign-name; geddit :?: ) of nearly average ability and a rubbish, chord-hacking strummer on guitar. I got a "comfort blanket" effect from low-B 5-strings almost as soon as I got my first and I rarely use any of the standard 4-strings now. My fivers (all lefty) are a 'warm' mahogany thru-neck (active), a backup bolt-on that I'm going to tweak to a 'bright' bass and a fretless electro-acoustic. My interest in guitar-building is mostly theoretical because I stopped once the factories started making the more oddball stuff available to us cack-handers.

Many of you will know my boring, compulsive/obsessive disorder for old valve amps. The odder, unsung and therefore cheaper, the better. Quite few Brit EL34 types, ditto EL84, two US and one German 6V6 powered and, in a few hours, I hope to get hold of a US 6L6 amp without paying Fender Blackface (or even silverface) money. Oh, and I forgot the Canadian Traynor and a couple of valve-powered echo units.

Rare excursions into covers; I've usually kept my limited ability safely hidden in original numbers bands.

I'm probably even slightly younger than 1Bass. Of course, you know me as Michael, but you probably didn't know I once dyed my hair red and became Mick Hucknall. Not for Stars In Their Eyes either.

I'm one of the moderators here in the GuitarSite forum. I also work on the actual website,, as well as the other muso websites on the Hitsquad network.

My job on GuitarSite really involves making sure I provide new and exciting content to guitarists, and that's something I enjoy doing quite a bit. Though, there is also a load of behind the scenes work that takes up a lot of time and isn't nearly as cool.

I can't complain though. Not everyone can combine work with something fun like music.

I'm a sprightly 26, I've been messing about on bass for about 10 years, playing seriously for about 4. I'm also a master of 2-string power chords on guitar (specifically the (fat)E and A strings) .

Performing-wise, I used to play live bass for a guy called David Elf, this varied from playing to pretty much no-one in a Welsh field to playing to thousands on the same bill as Marillion. And everything in between. Currently just writing and recording bits at home (or 'creating musical fusion') based around vintage blues, sleazy rock, and trip-hop beats.

My main bass is an Aria Pro II 4 string (called Christine, yes, after the Cadillac of the same name :oops: ) I've made various mods to strap buttons and finish but it's about to have major surgery, current plans are: P/J set of Quarter Pounders, master volume knob (no tone knob) with a Gibson-style three way switch. I'm measuring up the void this will leave for a Strat-style jack socket...I never worry about resale values!
Also an Epi. SG, Vintage Acoustic bass, 50's Framus Archtop guitar.

Recieved my Modly status by being on at weird times so I could deny you all the pleasure of viewing P*ris Hilt*n's *&%*!* and getting a nice free Virus/Trojan/Worm at the same time, sorry about that.

and I wear shorts (DOM warning).

OK, that's the mods and mega-yakkers. It really would be nice if contributors here could put up a little bit of info about ourselves. Nothing too personal, just a bit about your gear, what you like to play, that sort of thing... :)


I’m an occasional poster from Minnesota.

I got my first guitar and amp, a Fender Lead II and a Peavey Bandit 112, at the age of 15, patched in a ProCo Rat, and have been playing for over 20 years. I’ve played lead guitar in 10 or so different cover bands, but I’ve never played for an audience larger than 1000 people. I once spent 4 months “in the pit” on lead for a local production of an A.L. Weber monstrosity and depending on my mood, you may find a guitar student or two in my music room (alive and picking, not buried under the floor boards :wink: ). Over the course of my career, I have been silenced by the police on 4 separate occasions for violating city noise ordinances.

My current amp is a Marshall JCM 900 hundred watt half stack with a variety of effects pedals. I have a bunch of Fender Stratocasters loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups but bear no grudges against other guitars.

Currently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Guided by Voices, The Pixies, The Chili Peppers, and alternative stuff from the 90’s. My earliest guitar influences were all the cliché dinosaurs tinged with Minneapolis rock like The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Trip Shakespeare, The Gear Daddies, etc. I’ll admit to once being a huge Iron Maiden fan but deny it pressed. Other bands that hold a special spot in my ear are Big Star, The Meat Puppets, The Dead Milkmen, and Tom Petty. I like too much music to properly list.

My last band was great fun as we preformed “rocked-out” versions of a wide variety of covers including songs by Dolly Parton, The Fine Young Cannibals, and Cher – believe me, it was quite funny and the audience loved it.

I could go on but won’t. If you want to know more, my blog is here:

Many thanks to the mods here for all their insight and proper use of the English language – it’s a nice forum. :D


This is me above in the MC5 t-shirt and with the holey guitar. (Photo was taken at a Guitar Weekend in the Lake District earlier this year). I'm forty-something and am a guitarist of no fixed ability. I've been playing on and off since I was 11, but in those early days it was classical guitar lessons at school and it was incredibly slow-going. The approach was to teach us one-string at a time. I don't think I got any further than B.

My first electric guitar was a Vox Standard 25 (a very heavy maple-bodied Strat-type thing, that was actually a really good quality guitar).

I dabbled around with home recording for many years (I had one of those Fostex X15 cassette multitrackers when they first came out) and made many recordings both on my own and with friends. As well as the Vox guitar I had a Westone Fretless bass, an Eko Ranger 12-string guitar, and an old Vox Clubman II guitar that I had converted to fretless. I also was using an EBow quite extensively (very interesting on fretless), and played keyboards on recodings (couldn't do it live, but recording you can scribble all over the keys with felt-tip pen to tell you where to play).

My first band was called Damn It Janet and were a noisy punky type effort. We rehearsed loads but the whole thing imploded when the bass player decided he couldn't put up with the moody singer any longer, which was a shame because it was on the eve of our first gig. At this period I was using two Japanese built paisley pink Fenders - a Tele and a Strat, and was playing these through a Vox AC30 piggyback (separate amp and speaker cab) that a colleague from work had given me.

The next band was a much more acoustic and somewhat folkier affair and was called Naked Egg. I decided to take a back seat in this band as I was fed up of doing all the organising. We had a great singer/songwriter and guitarist called Ross. One problem was that there was too much swapping of instruments going on, everyone other than the drummer swapping instruments on different songs. At one point I was taking an amp, an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar to rehearsals, which could be a bit much on the bus or in the back of the drummer's little Fiat. Another problem was that Ross (the singer/songwriter) was always changing things, from lyrics to arrangements, to people in the band. We'd turn up at a rehearsal and find we suddenly had a violinist (which was cool actually), or had suddenly acquired a female vocalist (she was nice but didn't come back for more). Two of us got fed up of all the indecision and broke away as a duo, and again practised loads and loads, played one gig and then more or less lost interest.

Following this I got back into home recording again, and started by recorded a whole bunch of songs left over from the bands I'd been in (although listening now they are very lo-fi recordings, but it's nice to have a record of them).

I also got into buying and selling guitars (I guess with the advent of eBay) although to start with this was because I needed the money and had to sell the Paisley Fenders and the whole of the guitar collection. Later on I bought other guitars as replacements, but I never had the same bond with any of these latter instruments and would happily sell them on again if I became bored with them. An occasional joke of mine is that I hate changing strings and find it easier to buy a whole new guitar.

I guess I must have owned more than 50 guitars - one day I'll do an inventory and find out a precise number.

Only claim to fame would be co-writing a song with a certain punk rock hero of mine. It was to be a contender for a song on his band's forthcoming album, but last time I spoke to him I don't think it was still in the running.

Photos, eh? Wonder if this link to Arni's leftybass biog + pic of me will work. Saves me typing:

Ha, tried it and it works.

Hot off the press!

Stacey begged I not include crazy frog in my picture, but I insisted. I also insisted i nurse him like a newborn.

As you can see we are pretty rugged up in these ultra cold Brisbane temps at the moment.

Mike, you are policeman young. With the Brent avatar, I had this mental picture of you as an overweight, ridiculously unfashionably bearded shirker with an imagined talent for humour. Oh wait, that descn fits me. Better swap avatars.

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