Introductions: Who are we??

Just thought It would be a good idea to give a brief biog on who we are, what we do, and how long we have been doing it.

Ive been playing guitar since i was 12, im now 42, i played in a school band and got hooked on playing and writing music.
I stopped playing for a while and picked the guitar up again in 1995 and really havent put it down, ive been in various cover bands since 95 and im currently in 2 bands, one is called 'Land' which is a 4 piece originals band, we play our own brand of rock.
My 2nd band is a working covers band called 'The stone monkeys' we have been together for a year and have about 25 gigs a year, we try to keep it down to 2 per month.
I play Lead guitar in the covers band and a bit of lead with Land.
I live on the borders of London in Essex with a wife and 2 kids.
I currently have 22 guitars laying around the house, which are mostly Gibson Fender Rickenbacker and Tokai.
Amps, i have a few, Hiwatt, THD, Peavy, Marshall, I mainly use the Hiwatt head with a home made 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion vintage 30's, i use the Peavy Bandit as a backup amp, i mainly use my Gibson SG or my Gibson Les Paul for live work, i used to use an array of pedals for effects, but i found the rig broke down a lot, either battery problems or actual pedals breaking down, so i now use a Vox Multi effects unit with a valve preamp, and its fantastic.
Ive been posting on this board a while now, probably the longest serving poster, and im now a Moderator.
Anyway, thats me.

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Mountain biker, recent convert from BMX...close but no cigar :P

My background should keep visitors and other newbies from feeling intimidated. Never been in a band. All I own is a Squire Standard
Stratocaster (black metalflake/white pickguard/maple fingerboard- Indonesian) and a Rogue 30w x 10" amp. Recently lost my Epiphone PR350s (Korean), of 7 years, to a broken neck. (Thank you for your sympathy). I play for my own pleasure. Does that make me selfish? Merciful?

Greetings to you all. My name is Ray and I am an electrical engineer. My second passion is playing guitar, sort of :lol:

Howdy kids.

I'm Brian from Gainesville, Florida, USA.

I'm old. I have lots of guitars. I play in some bands and in church.

My avatar is me.

I guess that's it.

Hey Brian, welcome!

Tim wrote:
Hey Brian, welcome!

Thanks Tim. Had a gig over the weekend so am doing a thread on it. Comments welcome!

Hi I'm Jim and a newbie to this forum. I hope to have a good time posting as I've decided to quite posting at the name-brand sites. I've played guitar for about 15 years, off and on so I'm no real professional. I have a Dixon acoustic, Squier Strat and Crate Gfx-15. I play mostly, Alternative, Classic Rock music as I listen to most Alternative and Classic Rock.
I am currently in between jobs, so I have a little time to do some postings.
As with many people I started out playing the piano, then the viola, trombone and now the guitar. Right now I re-learning the bass clef, along with the treble clef which I already know. I might add that I've also sung in the church choir when I was little.
Well, that's it on me I'm interested in learning about you all in the future. Thanks, Jim

Names Scott, self taught and very poor axe hacker, even though my playing is less than critically acclaimed my opinions are always available.I began playing sort of accidently about 8 or 9 years ago, my wife at the time took it into her pointy little head that she wanted to learn to play acoustic guitar, we were both involved with a church worship group. So she (without informing me prior) goes out and buys a Seagull acoustic (parlor) sized. Well that lasted about 2 or three months till she tired of it, so here I am, witha nice solid top acoustic going unplayed. The rest you can guess, I picked it up and well here we are. Now I have 8 guitars and three amps, have moved to rural texas and don't have any mates to play with, I still play the Seagull, along with 2 electric/acoustics ( again the second one of those came by way of the same wife, again abandoning it). My main guitars are my PRS SE single cut and (prepare to send me the grief) a Stagg LP, my practice amp is a Hughes and Kettner 30R blue, and I have a Fender Accousonic30 and my main gig amp is a Peavey VK212,anyways be happy to discuss gear and other stuff with anybody who's around , maybe we can re-enliven this forum.

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