Acoustic Electric guitars

I'm looking to buy an acoustic electric guitar, and i'm after specs to look for in a quality guitar and what to avoid. Any information is appreciated.

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Make sure it isn't ply wood. What's your price range? That'll help us.

I'm looking for something under $550. I've been looking at some Cort acoustic electric guitars, are they a quality brand?

Cort is a good brand, but as with any maker there are duds. What models were you looking at?

In that price range also check out Takamine or Epiphone.

I dunno what Ovations are like at that price.

test, test, test until you get the sound you want.

I was looking at the Cort MR series, specifically MR710 and MF730. I had a look at a few Takamine models on the net, any opinions on a good series?

Worth considering the Washburn D10S, a best seller and Acoustic magazine's best guitar in the price range. I did a search and it can be heavily discounted from its typical $500 price. Your money could also bring you into the territory of Martin DX1 guitars. Although the idea of laminated sides and weird neck materials isn't appealing, I did read a lot of reviewers reckon it sounds like a Martin should. Might be worth giving one a play.

OK, thanks for help

I have an Ibanez and it has so far treated me very well. I got a new Acoustic/Electric 4 years ago for 240ish and its held up since.

Which model Ibanez did you purchase? I haven't played that many Ibanez's before, how are they rated against other brands?

My father left me an older Emperador Acoustic Electric Guitar. It has the electric hookup under the guitar strings. I looked inside and it has the trademark "Emperador" and under that it has Model W-16 A. It has the Emperador mark at the top of the neck and the light color, almost tan or yellow on the front with the markings around the outside and the markings around the opening. The back is beautiful, I guess Mahogany (dark) with two lines down the back that have almost similar markings that look like an Indian pattern on both lines and in between those the guitar back is a lighter brown wood than the rest. I'm sorry I'm not good at explaining. I do have a picture of it and I'm just looking for any information regarding this guitar my dad has left me. It is absolutley beautiful and I would appreciate any "Education" regarding the guitar that anyone may be able to share with me.

Doesn't seem to be a lot on the websites about Emperador, they were made in either Japan or Korea, they don't seem to be around today, and had their heyday in the 70's like so many Jap guitar producers, ive read a few reveiws on other models, and they seem to go for $70-$300, but all reviews really rate them as guitars.

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