Acoustic Electric guitars

I'm looking to buy an acoustic electric guitar, and i'm after specs to look for in a quality guitar and what to avoid. Any information is appreciated.

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Anybody, Please give me an idea of an asking price for an older Emperador Acoustic Electric Guitar my dad left me that was made in Korea. I posted ealier that the electric board is under the strings on the guitar and the markings on the back are beautiful. I have an E-Bay account and I want to list it, but I'm not sure what I should ask for it. I know it may not be worth much, but I am stuck on the beginning price for bids on E-Bay. . I also have an Alvarez Regent 6-string Acoustic Guitar Model 5205, sr#7808171 made in Korea and it too is very beautiful on the back. It looks like a Cherry wood on the back of the guitar. Can someone please give me a range that I can start with and your honesty is greatly appreciated. I have several guitars, electric and acoustic, banjos, mandelin, fiddles and I want to start out with the guitars on E-Bay first. I feel any local dealer would not be fair with me on pricing. I am almost 50 years old and remember my father playing these instruments when I was only 7 or 8 years old. He was very musically talented and I want to find someone that would appreciate the instruments. Thank you so much, if anyone can help. I have all pictures on my computer, but I can't post the pics here.
A Daughter that Misses Her Father and Needs Some Guidance in This Matter!

Hello Cindy,

Emperadors were discussed quite extensively a coupla years ago here on Guitarsite. Here's a link to the original thread and you can read the follow-ups from there:

Thanks for the link regarding the Emperador. I read a lot of the discussions on the guitar and it seems that there are a few that got there Emperador handed down to them from relatives too. I have really checked the guitar out and it is in extremely good shape, just beautiful and I know it's at least 30 years old. I have decided to keep it and give it to my daughter. She plays electric guitar, but she seems to really like this acoustic electric. It's almost spotless. She doesn't think my dad even played it, but he did. I will probably sell some of the other ones...Silverstone, Holiday and maybe a few fiddles. Thanks again!

If it sounds nice, keep it for your daughter. Although, I do have a minor hoarding problem.

Brilliant, Mike. We get a nice request (and a much-appreciated TY reply) from Cindy and you go and mention your problem about hoarding minors.

I'd better clarify that Mike's long stopped hearing those "voices" since his Iron Maiden record collection was taken from him.

:lol: nice spotting.

Hi i hav a Original Crafter electic Acustic witch i hav had some time ... its in rather fair condition. cuple of chips on outer. in sun burst red i think..... its hand made .... and id lov some one to giv me a price on whats it worth .. thank you

My mate swears by his Crafter always brings it instead of his Les Paul Studio (much to my annoyance :wink: ) need more info and preferably pics tho, to be off much use.

Tim wrote:
My mate swears by his Crafter always brings it instead of his Les Paul Studio (much to my annoyance :wink: ) need more info and preferably pics tho, to be off much use.

Ive always associated Crafter with acoustics, your not suggesting he replace a Les Paul with an acoustic?? don't the Crafter electric guitars go under the banner of 'Cruiser' ? I'm probably wrong, but Crafter guitars are very very good, I've got a Crafter parlour acoustic guitar, solid top, mahogany back and sides and a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and it plays a dream, even after my wife Julie knocked it over and broke the headstock off of it!!, i glued it back on with some Evostick PVA and its as good as new.
I always recommend Crafter, top value guitar.

Yup, this being a thread on electro-acoustics :wink: He brings along the Crafter and plugs it in in favour of the Gibson, weird.

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