Trivia: Guitarist/Band Who Am I

Lee's thread was a lot of fun, so here is another little game.

We are an English band who despite having 18 albums, only had 1 top 10 hit (UK/US). We changed our name not too long after being formed. We have been around for over 30 years.

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:lol: Just don't google image search cock rock.

Yes you are correct 1b. Climax Blues Band it was.

Why not start a new Trivia question/thread yourself now?

Go ahead Bass, set the next one up, make it a bit easier, Noel was a great great guy, and of course i knew Herbie played the Keyboard, and Manfred mans earth band..... and i know that nobody ever walked on the moon, and Elvis is actually still alive in a secret underground bunker in Nevada, Hitler was a Jew, Bill Gates is the real anti-christ and that is a real picture of Mike. :shock:

OK, move onto the 1970s now. A trademark striped shirt (from an early age, see pic), a superlative (later dropped) and now - Taggart-like, the band play eponymously in his absence. Should be easy enough if you think about it:

Is it the band or the lad we are guessing?

One leads to the other and vice-versa.


I'd like to say you were close, but you weren't, so I can't

Alex Harvey

New order, Manics?


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