TAMA TK-50 Acoustic Guitar

I am in possession of a TAMA TK-50 acoustic guitar. I was interested in the value and rarity of this guitar. If anyone has information on the subject, their replies will be appreciated.

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Hello to you too.

Be fair Lee, it must be urgent, why else would you want this font size?

Must need to get it on Ebay soon!

Can't say i can find anything on a TK-50

You should be able to get info on Tama acoustic guitars by going to ibanezcollectors.com and putting a message up on the acoustics forum. It's quite likely that someone on there owns one. There is another forum you'll find useful;


Thanks 1bassleft, I'll check it out. Thanks to Michael too, but the other two can bite me.

:lol: , Lee often does. TBF to him, we get quite a number of "can you value my acoustic?" posts and originators never even have the courtesy to acknowledge replies. Unlike your good self. You're very welcome to have a look around here and add to anything that interests you.

Thanks very much, I'll take a look.

I checked out that site you gave me, but my internet explorer said it may be a phishing site. Its not that I don't trust you, but the last time I went ahead with something like that my computer got technologically raped. It wasn't fun and I don't really feel like taking any chances. I appreciate it anyway. So, if anyone has any other information, I would welcome their replies. Thanks.

OK, Chaz - I bravely ventured in :) . The Ken Lawton thing looks like a one-man forum with just a few people chiming in (it is a bit of a small market, after all). Here's a piece he wrote about Tama guitars that I hope he doesn't mind me reproducing:

Way back in the 1970's, the venerable Ibanez Company briefly imported a guitar with a Tama Brand on it. The name Tama is more well known on the Hoshino Company drum sets. But that's another story. Today you cannot find any guitar from any manufacturer anywhere in the world with the name "Tama" at retail.
Tama produuced at least two series of acoustic guitars in a couple of years, perhaps 1975 to 1979. They were built on the general "D-45" style, and were of excellent quality. It is generally felt that the first models were not quite the same quality as the second models, however *that* is a matter for opinion and conjecture because both series are excellent guitars. The guitars have series numbers and serial numbers ink-stamped into the inside neck support, and the Tama name and city woodburned into a back-support visible through the sound hole. It is felt that the solid tops return better sound than the laminated tops, but again that is a matter of opinion... and player skill.
Some believe all the first series had a laminated top, and indeed some did have, but some apparently used solid tops. In general, the second series did have solid tops. Both series were blessed with the very best quality components, woods, inlays and workmanship.
Those who own Tama guitars are generally extremely concerned about what is to happen if they wear it out, or it gets damaged. Shopping for another guitar of the same quality, materials and workmanship today can easily choke a man when he sees the retail price of todays offerings.

The site looks safe to me but perhaps you'd prefer to try a look from a cybercafe or library to be sure. The vintageibanez site should be OK with your PC.

Thanks, I'll check out the site then.

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