How much is your guitar worth -- Find date and value.

N.B: This is a work in progress. I'd like everyone to contribute. Your help adding to this thread will help many players and guitar enthusiasts.
Last updated: July 17 2007.

Okay, you've just found a junk pile acoustic in your basement. It has a mark on it which is either wet damp setting in or Bo Diddley's signature. Your pretty sure it's Bo's signature though, so you turn to the net to confirm. Which brings us to you being here. Is your guitar worth 44 cents or 44 thousand?

Chances are it's not even worth 44 cents or his signature, but rather a good sign the foundations of your house are about to cave in. Nevertheless, if you like turning a blind eye to reality (and who doesn't), here's how to find out:

Visit eBay

Search for your guitar on eBay. This will give you an idea of what the market is willing to pay.

Blue Books

Comprehensive information and up-to-date pricing on plenty of guitars.


Multitudes of guitar catalogs.

Online Appraisal

50 bucks for an appraisal from Gruhn Guitars out of Nashville, TN.

Dating your guitar

If all else fails

Ask us here in the forum. But please remember to provide pictures and as much information as possible. It takes us a fair bit of time to research the guitars people ask us about, so we can't check everyone.

Users who post often to the forums and make such requests are more likely to be helped out.

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Aria Les Paul

Aria Les Paul serial number 764853
I came upon an Aria led Paul copy in great condition, burgundy finish , DiMarzio pickups, from what I researched it could be made around 1976 , rumours around guitarist friends of mine says that big lawsuit was pushed due to infringement of the copies of big named guitars back in the 70s /80s. Rumours don't tell me what I have or what it is worth. Thank you Julian H.


So, my guitar looks exactly like the JT-301 guitar. Except, when you scan every image of them, mine has one thing different. Under the Jay Turser signature it says Vintage Series.. I looked it up and nothing came up. I bought it at a music shop for a $1000, the guy didn't mention anything about it. Really need help finding out what it's worth!

1960 fender telecaster,blonde

my dad passed away and gave me his guitar my mom bought in early 60sits all original no new parts,has case and guitar cable .it says fender telecaster in neck on plate on back neck says 47407,it has very small dents on say on a 1-10 scale the condition is a 8.i know nil about guitars and how to sell it ,and a fair price,anything would help,thanks ..disabled veteran

Value on guitar

Hi I'm looking for a valuation on my TanglewoodTSJ -5X registration no 02113076 .with FISHMAN pick up.
It's in very good condition.

Any help very much appreciated.


Need an appraisal asap

What does my guitar worth?
Here is a link.
I bought it new on ebay for around $800 but the last time i checked someone was selling with the price of a grand. But now theres none out there for sale because they only made 20 world wide.

Epiphone acoustic value/info

Hello guys/gals. I traded for a guitar and was wondering if you folks could give me some insight on where it was made, what it's worth as well as any other info you may have on it.
Serial number is NC8040436
Epiphone AJ-200S Deluxe Limited Edition Custom Shop

If it is a bolt on neck,

If it is a bolt on neck, take the neck off and look in the neck pocket. If not, take off a pickup and look for the pickup number.

ku sig

I am trying to price my Keith Urban Signature light the Fuse LP style electric. It's in great condition, newer gib american 57 pickups and Dunlop straplocks. Please help me.

how much is my guitars worth

I have 11 guitars amongst them is a legacy a smack both acoustic and an electric gibson les Paul epiphone sun burst with humbug pick ups she is quite old but in good nick would never sell any just wanted to know if I should be looking after them better lol

age and value of guitar

please can you help me i am trying to find out the age and value of my guitar , i own a harmony marquis model number H570 DLX acoustic hoping you can help many thanks kind regards anthony ringrow

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